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  1. Looks like you have to have registered interest for it.
  2. A fun, competitive game to me is way more important than winning to me. I take no joy from stomping an opponent or being stomped. I don't play a lot of online multiplayer, but if I'm playing a game on local multiplayer I only want to play games where everyone has some sort of shot of winning. Nintendo games tend to be pretty good for that, I've played a fair chunk of Mario Party on the Switch, it also helps that my wife is marginally better than me at Tetris, so we have some good close games on that. I can't think of anything worse than playing Fifa online, getting steamrolled by some pubeless wonder who then calls my mum something they don't know the meaning of.
  3. I bet there's as many of these unopened in cupboards as there are ones that have been used. I'm currently on 3 owned, 1 used, 2 sat brand new waiting and, if the thread from over on bordersdown is anything to go by, I'm definitely not alone.
  4. That episode was dire. I wonder if I would have enjoyed the older content if it was released now or if it was just the time and place for it?
  5. Doesn’t look like that fella is a scalper. Reckons it’s his mate who works for a major click and collect retailer who will be restocking tomorrow.
  6. I never had issues with my PS1, it's still working now. It's a mid-lifecycle one though, one of the ones where they removed the expansion port so I couldn't stick a gameshark in for easy running of bootleg games. My launch model PS2 however had a dead laser/disc read errors after a few years. The PS1 almost exclusively played "backed up" discs, whereas the PS2 was all official releases, it was devastating to me because I was only about 19 at the time it died and the £250 or whatever it cost to replace was far more than I was earning each week back then. At least the PS2 prepared me for what was to come with the Xbox 360
  7. I don't think they had a bad generation at all with their game releases. They definitely had their worst press in any generation though, which has definitely lost them at least one customer (me). I'm still pissed off to this day about the lack on content in Battlefront 1's core game. Glad I never got into BF2, I think I might have lost my mind.
  8. Japanese hands down for me. I could live with the output of just Sega, Nintendo and Cave if I had to.
  9. Yup, can confirm my magazine looks like the postman has skateboarded here on it. Another one like this and I’m going to have to cancel my sub and just pick issues up in Tesco.
  10. That does make sense. If it's only a disc drive missing, it won't be costing Sony the difference in cost between the two consoles, so they will likely be making a bigger initial loss. In the long term they'll probably turn out to be more profitable, but Sony aren't exactly a company swimming in cash, so I guess they don't want to put all their eggs into the long term basket.
  11. The only numbers I've seen were the Japanese week one sales of PS5, where only 12% of PS5's sold in Japan were Digital Editions. I don't know if this speaks for the rest of the world, or if they decided there's little appetite in Japan for consoles that don't take physical media and sent fuck all there comparatively. https://www.famitsu.com/news/202011/18209693.html
  12. There's always been some unsavoury characters around that whole scene. A bloke from the Chasing Ghosts documentary ended up locked up for "it". I know I shouldn't judge folks from how they look and come across, but there's a few others present in some of the scenes in that and King of Kong I don't think parents would want their kids near.
  13. That was a pretty weak episode. It feels like he’s bored of doing the nerd now, but every so often he pulls a great one out of the bag which makes me reconsider.
  14. I won this chap the other week in Alton Towers on the grabber machines.
  15. I started this fairly recently as well. Like DC said, it’s janky as fuck. It’s good fun in parts, but I really like HnK, if you didn’t the shit parts might put you off.
  16. Ah that makes sense, lots of operators changed the coin door locks so there weren’t thousands of keys out there that could empty their coin boxes. Personally I’d have been more concerned about the PCB’s!
  17. @Colonel Panic I’ve got Sega 5380’s and 5575’s. I’m not sure what latches you need for an Aero City, but you might have them if you had locks you had to pick. I think it was 5380’s that went on the Aero, and the 5575’s for Blasts and the Naomi range. They’ll still be there for ages if you don’t want them right away. I’ve got a couple of spare sets I imported from Japan years ago.
  18. KoF 11 is my favourite KOF game of the lot, including 12-14. It has the usual bullshit boss at the end however. Graphics wise the Atomiswave is capable of effortlessly passing the MVS. Metal Slug 6 is great, better in my opinion than the late releases on the MVS. Sam Sho 6 is stupidly expensive on the Atomiswave, I ended up with a bootleg. I’m not a huge fan of the series, and I personally still think Sam Sho 2 is the best of the bunch. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum is pretty good if you like fighters.
  19. @Colonel Panic did you ever get a set of locks? I’ve got some spare ones in the loft.
  20. The only way is for manufacturers to have enough supply to meet demand. Retailers can do things like only 1 item per person/account/household or whatever, but the mega-scalpers all seem to have a way around that. If retailers were more reliable with their stock and not selling stock they'hope' they can fulfil then a lot of the unintentional scalpers are no longer there, but those out to make money will do so if there's not enough from manufacturers.
  21. I'd say they were at their lowest ever at the moment except for a very small number of titles which are on their way up.
  22. Yeah, the original DOJ was released as a standalone board on IGS PGM hardware but there’s since been bootlegs made out of PGM carts. There’s also DOJ Tamashii on the PGM2 which just adds an easy mode.
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