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  1. I went to CEX today while the car was being cleaned and walked out with 9 Xbox 360 games for £16.50. It’s a great time to fill gaps in your library if you’re collecting for the console.
  2. My first PS4 games were Call of Duty Ghosts I think it was on release, and Battlefield 3. No idea what my last will be, but there’s still Cyberpunk, Yakuza 7 and Deathsmiles set to be released. Saying that, no console ever gets truly retired in my house, just put away until I get the urge to play on it again. The 360 and Wii U have both been played in the last couple of months.
  3. The stick on the Hori EX2 isn't as mushy as a lot of Japanese sticks either (assuming it's in good condition).
  4. The only stick I have with less than 8 buttons is the Hori Real Arcade VF for the Saturn. You could try one of them if you’re willing to buy converters or mod it.
  5. If you’re looking for reasonably priced stick, I think the Hori EX2 is extremely good value. I used one for the entire lifetime of the Xbox 360, also used it for MAME on my PC. There’s also the Hori Real Arcade Pro sticks, I use a HRAP4 on my PS4, although that range is a little pricier. If you want to have a go at making your own stick, Arcade World sell empty cases https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/categories/fight-stick-cases.html If you want to source old school knackered buttons and sticks for it ask around on UKVAC, most of us members on there have a box of old buttons and sticks, it may work out cheaper than all new Japanese parts as well.
  6. Also, that's definitely a PC Engine announcement with the little 2 at the end. NEC called their CD-ROM games CD-ROM2 and Super CD-ROM2
  7. What's the deal with this stuff? Why are people willing to spend so much money on these products?
  8. What is it that makes these Analogue products so good?
  9. I need to buy another, the disc drive is on the blink on mine. I'll try taking it out and cleaning inside it, but it's one of the fat white models so it's properly old. Fortunately my Japanese one is still like new and my US 360 never got opened, it's sat there for about 8 years awaiting the day I feel the need to play Otomedius in English rather than Japanese.
  10. It sounds like the buttons and sticks you are after are similar to the old 80's UK arcade ones. From your description I'm picturing the old moulded joysticks and some concave Happ buttons or maybe even leaf switch buttons. Is that what you're after or are you happy with the current Japanese alternatives? If the latter I can recommend a few sticks depending on budget, if you want the former, I don't know of any fightsticks that have that setup.
  11. For me it’s the 4th generation. I got a Mega Drive when I was 7, and it got me hooked into gaming. There’s such a wealth of creativity from that generation especially across the MD, SNES, PC Engine and Neo Geo. The only generation that comes close is 7th gen because the Xbox 360 is such a monumental console to me. It brought me back to console gaming in a big way. It’s also the generation with the best shooters since 4th gen (honourable mention to the Saturn though).
  12. Another shout for the Yakuza series. Odin Sphere is one of my favourite games of all time, it looks and sounds so beautiful. I can however see how people can get bored of it. I find the combat highly addictive, but if you don’t, it’s not the game for you.
  13. Hands down PS4 for me. Yakuza 0 and 6 Judgment Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Nobunaga’s Ambition Esp Ra De Sai Game Tengoku Battle Garegga Odin Sphere I realise a lot of the games are re-releases or remakes, but they are so good.
  14. Do you want an original cabinet or a new one. LCD or CRT? If you want an original cabinet with CRT there's a few arcade forums out there where they change hands fairly regularly. There's also well made MAME setups that can be bought. All in you could probably get it all for a little over £1000 (less if you want a wooden cab rather than a Japanese sit down). The problem with that is there's a fair bit more leg work involved, and the danger of the CRT failing and needed the chassis sent off for repair etc.
  15. The Hugo games got redone on PS1, no idea if they were just compilations of the old games or new ones though.
  16. The ROM's on Mega Drive carts are an easy replacement. They can be replaced with stock EPROM's without the need for an adaptor in most cases (well, every case I've ever come across). I fixed my original Sonic the Hedgehog cart with a replacement ROM.
  17. I believe so, but it was actually the lack of content in the first game that pissed me off and turned me away from EA. It's a shame as I fuckin' love Star Wars, and I'd love to play a good version of 2, but I'm too stubborn to go back on it now.
  18. I'm more conscious these days of working practices, but I'm lucky in that a lot of the problematic development studios make games I don't have a great deal of interest in. The only one I've had to truly restrain myself from supporting is EA after Star Wars Battlefront. They've only gotten worst since then as well with even more predatory loot boxes etc.
  19. Jesus Christ, do these people start up as broken people or does YouTube just have a habit of chewing people up and spitting them out? It seems too many get a bit of a following, then feel compelled to push it further and further until they either have a full on breakdown, end up in trouble with the law, or both.
  20. Even if every game ever made magically got released on modern consoles at a very fair price, I'd still go and hunt down 2nd hand, original copies. I doubt I'd buy a single one on modern consoles. I don't know if I'm an outside case on this, or if there's a lot more like me.
  21. These guys must have a serious disconnect from reality. How can they behave like this is normal? I understand they have fairly extreme jobs in trying to make money from being "entertaining" without a network paying them a regular salary, but if this is now considered entertainment, I no longer want to be entertained.
  22. Wait, this guy literally has a channel about him being horrible to people to the extent he claims people are paedophiles?
  23. phillv85


    https://www.siliconera.com/deathsmiles-i-and-ii-switch-ps4-and-xbox-one-versions-announced/ Deathsmiles I and II coming the the Switch, PS4 and XBone next year
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