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  1. The only genres I'm very unlikely to play these days are:


    MOBA/MMORPG - I don't have the time to commit to these and just dropping in and getting annihilated is no fun at all.

    Sports Sims - I still love footie games that aren't straight up sims but I've no time for the FIFA's and Pro Evo's of this world anymore (or EA FC and eFootball whatever shite they're called). Exceptions are made here for combat sports, although I prefer the old UFC games to the new ones with a million mechanics to learn.

    3D Platformers that aren't Mario - I just don't like them, I find them tedious and always have done. I'm not even that keen on the Mario ones, but I can get a little enjoyment from them. 

    Horror games - I don't want to need a spare pair of pants on hand when I'm trying to relax playing games.


    Genres that haven't had much attention aside from the above in the past few years:


    JRPG's - I love a game where I can constantly improve my stats etc. but I've not played much in the way of JRPG's recently due to time constraints and possibly the fear of starting one only to realise I think it's crap after I've sunk 50 hours into it.

    Racing Sims - I spend a little time on the Forza games now and again but I never got in to the GT series or other sims really. 

    FPS - I got tired of them probably 6-8 years ago and have only dipped in a little since. They can be fun but there's other genres I prefer to spend my time with.

  2. I used to subscribe, dipped in for a month when Turtles Shredders Revenge went on there but ultimately cancelled again. I always paid full price for it. I found there wasn’t all that much on there for me, and the lack of new releases meant it wasn’t worth it to me. I can certainly see the value for others, but I’m also a collector so end up buying stuff anyway.

  3. I always thought IIX was probably the best arrange mode on any of the CAVE 360 releases and there's some incredible arrange modes. I still think the base arcade game is a bit poo though 😅


    There's so many good shooters on the 360, even discounting the CAVE games. Wish I'd bought Sakura Flamingo Archives back in the day though, I think it's the only one that's eluded me and it's so bloody pricey now

  4. 39 minutes ago, DarhkFox said:

    Yeah pretty sure the  US/UK list is exactly the same - someone did tell me changing the region to japanese gets some other games though - haven't tried myself.


    Changing to Japanese changes the region of the games but not the games list. Useful for Bare Knuckle 3 of course because the western version is ludicrously difficult in comparison.

  5. My favourites are the Magical Drop series and Money Puzzle Exchanger. You can get them on PS1 if Neo Geo is a bit much price wise.

    If you like MPE then there’s a really obscure arcade game called Moudya you should be able to find in MAME.

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