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  1. Nice little collection there! Might be worth giving those FIFA games a try. Those early ones were really fun.
  2. phillv85


    It’s a very strange one, my Psikyo Shooting Collection vol 2 came with one. It’s not like I could use it in public with the woman from Sengoku Blade printed on there with max cleavage on display.
  3. phillv85


    Oh nice one they were on Amazon then, just I couldn’t find them 😅 The prices on Amazon are cheapest is regular edition, 6600 is special edition with art pop and cd. 8800 is regular edition with a canvas and most expensive is special edition + canvas. At least from what I can tell. Play-Asia are ok, still expensive but nothing like as bad as they used to be. Back in the 360 heyday their prices were borderline scandalous. These days you get free (but slow) postage over $100 and pay the tax up front to avoid having to pay clearance fees.
  4. phillv85


    Didn't even know that was coming. Shame it's City Connection, but I'll take it. That's my wallet taking another bashing. FWIW I couldn't see it on Amazon Japan, but it's on play-asia and they do free shipping if you spend over $100
  5. Starhawk was the spiritual successor. It was pretty hyped here around launch then turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Wasn't a bad game, just wasn't great.
  6. I always wish I’d picked ghostbusters up. I was always waiting to see one for under a tenner when I started collecting and they were always £12-15. Now it’s about £60 🙄
  7. I bought the PS3 shortly after release but never really got into it in the early days. I got that Genji: Days of the Blade which was fucking shite and Resistance: Fall of Man which was alright with it. I was convinced to buy a 360 by workmates and didn't look back for a good few years. It was only later on when Yakuza 4 was released I bought that on a whim and it started me on the road to the Yakuza series which I hammered. There were also a few later import releases I got like Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara and Initial D Extreme Stage. I'm not really into JRPG's so a lot of PS3 exclusives were lost on me. Other games I had a bit of fun with when I wasn't playing on the 360 were 3D Dot Game Heroes, that was an alright Zelda tribute. Twisted Metal which was a nice continuation of the series. Heavenly Sword was clunky as fuck but I enjoyed it. Starhawk was alright, but I seem to remember the hype being nuts around it then it dying off pretty quick after it was released. I still think of the PS3 as a bit of a misstep from Sony, but Microsoft ballsed it up even worse with the pre-launch Xbone bullshit which caused me to swap back over to Sony.
  8. Yeah Lemmings is pretty much perfect, adding many new skills would be detrimental in my opinion. Does anyone care about Duke Nukem anymore? I know we got Forever which was pretty poor, I feel that’s killed Duke off for a long while. Unless there’s something going on I’m not aware of.
  9. I’ve no idea what is going on here, but trying to watch that first video is an exercise in frustration. I jumped to 16 minutes to watch the bit about the claim and 5 minutes in she’s about 6 seconds into her video which he pauses every second or two to criticise what she’s said and now he’s just said “spastics” about half a dozen times and I’m done with it. Could anyone care to explain what is going on here? Sounds like this Lady Decade has used an image of someone else’s, been asked to pay for it and has started ebegging for the money, is that the crux of it?
  10. Wiz n Liz was a lot of fun. Not one I bothered with until a friend sold his Mega Drive to a kid down my street and I played a few of his games before I handed it over. It was one of the first games I hunted down when I started collecting.
  11. Last time I ordered from CEX they put the CEX stickers and receipt in but not the fucking games. I had to return the empty envelope to get a refund as well. Never again.
  12. Yeah they were two different codes, I always knew ABACABB as the “Ethics Gore Code” because of the screen you tapped it in on
  13. The main ones I remember using are all on the Mega Drive: Level select on Sonic 1 Infinite shurikens on Revenge of Shinobi The extra difficulties and level select on Streets of Rage 2 Gore code and DULLARD on Mortal Kombat Level skip on T2: The Arcade Game
  14. Yeah that is true, they even rereleased DDP Dai Ou Jou on PGM2 hardware around 2010 with an Easy Mode (that’s still fucking solid!)
  15. Ah cool, I never visited their place. Manchester used to have so many cool places to go but I feel like most of them are gone now. I’ll have to see if that guy does have a shop in Chinatown next time I’m in the city centre.
  16. Those guys didn’t end up in the basement of the coliseum did they? I remember visiting the Coliseum about 4 days before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in cinemas and they had a shite copy of it I bought on VCD. What a let down that was 😅 Later there were two fellas who used to sell knock off DVD’s near the top of Afflecks, don’t think they sold games though.
  17. Some PCB’s allow you to turn off continues in the settings or dip switches. Pretty sure my Donpachi PCB had that feature and the CAVE SH3 PCB’s I had.
  18. I find non-SNK fighting games are mostly doable quite easily. The ones that are bastard hard are a lot of the Neo Geo ones. Art of Fighting for instance has the most brutal AI I’ve ever come across. Then you have the SNK boss syndrome where the difficulty spikes on the last boss on a level that’s hard to believe.
  19. Some games definitely were, there’s loads that are done in 15-45 minutes. There’s some that are more or less impossible to do. I believe Double Dragon II for instance has such a severe time limit that it’s either impossible or ludicrously hard to do. There’s games I thought were impossible to do only to become proficient enough to do them, then there’s games like T2 Arcade where you’re feeding coins every couple of minutes no matter how much you play it.
  20. Sounds a little like the trick I used to do on Rome: Total War where you exploited the invisible walls at the edge of the map and just put rows of hoplites in a corner and let the enemy run into them. Unless the enemy smashed you with archers or artillery, or someone broke a line in your troops you’d always win killing thousands of enemies. If they broke your lines you were fucked though!
  21. I've pre-ordered with Japanzon.com. It works out over £80 but that *should* include tax and shipping.
  22. I played so many of those point and click adventures in the late 90's. The £5 white label releases were a godsend to a schoolkid like me.
  23. phillv85


    I'm going to end up double dipping on that one as well aren't I I pre-ordered the Japanese release a week or two back and I'm not cancelling it unless the Euro version comes out at roughly the same time (which I doubt it will).
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