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  1. Sung Villain: Turtles - Shredders Revenge 


    I just didn’t really enjoy this very much. It’s a decent enough game but the mechanics in this one are not what I want from a game in this genre. The lack of stun lock and the combo system just broke this for me. Glad others enjoyed it, but I won’t be going back to this one in a hurry.


    Unsung Hero:


    This will have to wait a little longer, I need a few more hours on Evil West first.

  2. I’d say start with DDP on Novice mode using strong style or ESP Ra De playing on Super Easy Mode if you’ve not spent much time with bullet hell games before.

  3. 10 minutes ago, acidbearboy said:

    How are they compared to a CRT cab?

    To be honest, they don’t age as well as CRT cabs. The stock monitors in a lot of them are not very good, and being in smokey arcades has left a lot of the monitors quite yellowed. 

    There’s still new stock of them coming out, or at least Chinese versions which are fairly well priced. The monitors in them are often not as low latency as you might want though. Quite a few end up with consumer panels in that have just been decased. I personally wouldn’t want one for 15/31khz games, but for 720p games they’re great. If you’re into Taito Type X ownwards releases then a Vewlix is a good choice. The other good thing about a Vewlix is it’s very easy to stick a console inside it. Rigging a Mega Drive up to a CRT cab can be a bit of a bastard, but sticking a PS4 in a Vewlix is a doddle.

  4. I don’t think there’s any cabs left in Japan to ship out anymore, not in bulk anyway. The candy filled arcades are mostly long since closed and those left are probably here to stay for the medium term. These cabs are 20-30 years old now, even the newest CRT cabs are mid-late 2000’s.


    Sadly I think the ship has now sailed on bargain cabs. You’re going to have to hit up a collector if you want one unless you get very lucky.

  5. A kid down the road from me got it and came over to tell me he had “the best game ever”. He must have gotten suckered into the hype, but I hadn’t heard of it. I was only 9 and didn’t have regular access to magazines. I went over and remember asking how it’s the best game ever. He said he didn’t know why it was, but all the magazines were saying it was. No idea what he read, but he had it on the Mega Drive so I assume it was mags covering Sega in some form that he’d seen it in. 

    I do remember thinking it was fucking shite. I think a few days after he got it he also realised it was shite and was really disappointed. It’s all I really remember about the game from back in the day.

  6. 1 hour ago, englishbob said:


    That's a shame - I've never played DS2 as the 360 one was region locked IIRC

    Yea the 360 version is region locked. I’d definitely recommend playing it though. The IIX mode is my favourite arrange mode of any of the CAVE releases. It’s what DSII should have been. The PS4 version is perfectly playable, just the colours are off and the slowdown is heavily reduced compared to what came before.

  7. Default config for Astro and New Astro is JAMMA, default for Astro City 2 (which is really rare) is Sega Model 2.


    Astro’s and New Astro’s are two of the most common candies, so are reasonably priced comparatively and there’s plenty of spares around. They also come as standard with a Nanao MS8 (most Astro’s) or MS9 (late Astro’s and New Astro’s) which are superb 15khz monitors.

  8. Yea they pretty much always had a join. Even the newer 2 LCD screen Darius game has a visible line down the middle. Most arcade monitors are decased so there’s not usually a bezel between the monitors so less obvious than TX-1, but definitely there. 

    CRT’s were all still curved screens as well back when Ninja Warriors etc. came out so it’s even more obvious because the curvature stands out a mile. It’s still super cool though!

  9. 1 hour ago, Nutcasey said:

    @phillv85 I'd be happy to take the Blast City off of you in maybe a years time or so if you still have it? I'm desperate to get one once I move. 


    Where did you get one? Know of any good places?



    I’ll try to bear you in mind if it’s still kicking around and I decide to sell.


    I got this one from Rklok, a guy in Holland who imports them from Japan and ships them worldwide. He’s a reliable seller, but I don’t know how many CRT cabs he gets these days as even Japan is running dry now.


    There’s a couple of forums worth signing up to, Arcade Otaku and UKVAC. Blast’s come up every so often on both forums and there’s a wealth of knowledge on them both.

  10. I say tayte in my head as well (I suppose it's actually 'tate). I reckon if tate (tartay) wasn't so close to rotate nobody would say it, like nobody outside of Japan calls horizontal monitors yoko. Whenever I'm around arcade guys the monitors are either in tayte or hori(zontal).

  11. 3 hours ago, Tomdominer said:


    That's interesting. I think I already discussed with the colonel that I maybe start an arcade cabinet cab thread, because information like this is useful. I think, if I did it, it would have to go in the garage, so size isn't really a big issue.

    By all means start one, I’ll happily contribute to it. I’ve had arcade cabinets for a decade now and have tinkered with them no end so can answer quite a lot on them.

  12. There’s a guy on Arcade Otaku been offering close to €2K for an Aero for a while with little being offered close to home. They seem to all be with very content owners these days and there’ll be very few leaving Japanese arcades these days. RKlok had a big batch of them about 5 years ago from an arcade that had closed down in the early 2000’s and was due to be pulled down but they’ve all disappeared across the world.


    If you wanted a different Sega cab, like an Astro, New Astro or Blast City they’re far more common and cheaper, but also a little bigger since they have 29” monitors. They’re also much easier to get spare parts for.

  13. M2 work wonders with whatever they get. If they can give Truxton 2 a Super Easy mode which can actually be finished by a normal human I'll be over the moon. 

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