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  1. my favorite character is sid, i'm curious to know how he's going nowadays. everthing i know is that he is a theater teacher.
  2. this movie its so great! choi woo shik is a good actor, since the last movie called the witch: subversion 1, i'm obsessed with him.
  3. i recently watched a serial called sweet home, it's full of visual effects, but we're used to hp, so we shoudn't julge. the story is good, but the ending didn't have a good outcome.
  4. well, send me funny videos.
  5. I've been listening to a really good song by yoñlu, it's called '' Estrela, estrela ''. I will leave the link and the translation below. star, star how to be like this so lonely, so lonely and never suffer shine, shine almost unintentionally leave, leave be what you are on the naked body constellation you are in one hand and you come and go, like a lamp in the cold wind from somewhere good to know that you are part of me just like you are part of the mornings better, better is to be able to enjoy peace, the peace
  6. don't worry about it, i liked russian music, i think the duo is called '' IC3PEAK '', it's cool.
  7. thank you for the recommendation! a friend of mine decided to help me on this short walk, he has been playing the guitar for five years, I think it will be useful.
  8. hi, i have new news! i just got a guitar from my dad, but i feel like i won't be able to play, i don't know what to do.
  9. listen and leave your opinions below, I hope you like it! until another day. bye!
  10. to be honest, I never heard, or I don't remember hearing. but it's a great song, any frank sinatra songs are good, plus one for my playlist!
  11. wow, so many people! i can't believe that! i'm very happy, thank all. recently i've been listening to a lot of old american songs. like grandaddy, mogwai, radiohead, tom waits and The Flamings Lips, I admit that my musical taste is very varied. I am delighted with so many people answering my post, really. As I said earlier, I'm from Brazil, and our schedules don't match much and I forget to check here, but after so many answers, I will appear a lot more! oh, and i'm about to get a guitar, what do you think about me posting my covers just for you? I have some scribbles of lyrics, but
  12. omg, anybody notice me! lmao. this song is a classic here in brazil, i think all young people should know it, it's really great! the Brazilian music of that time is rich in talent, totally unlike today. have you ever experienced legião urbana or tim maia? should hear.
  13. hey'all, my name is lucky, well, you can call like that. i'm from brazil, and you? i like several musical styles, i don't have preference, i really listen to everything. lately i´ve been listening a lot to Yoñlu, he doesn't my ears. Do you like a music a lot like me? i have a dream to compose and record like Yoñlu, he is a great inspiration for me, and you? Probably nobody will read this topic, but, what does it cost to try? stay well and don't leave the house, always wear a mask. until another day there!!!!!
  14. estamos sentindo sua falta, pipoca! se você soubesse o quanto que as pessoas amam suas músicas hoje em dia, fizeram até um filme sobre você! espero que de onde você estiver, esteja orgulhoso de toda sua passagem por aqui, meu espírito de luz! você fez história, Vinicius.

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