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  1. Only Windows 10 edition officially supports Ray Tracing, but there are unofficial shader packs for Java edition.
  2. I'm very happy with my PS5, I see it as an 'upgrade' rather than a 'new generation' - the PS4 graphics were mostly impressive enough for me, but the fast loading and smooth frame rates are great. I have a lot of PS4 games that I haven't played as I found the old console (PS4 Slim) so slow and clunky that I rarely bothered to play it, and I'm happy with the PS+ freebies so far (Control & Wreckfest especially). I do keep looking at the Series S as there are some Xbox 360 games I'd like to revist and Game Pass is very tempting, however I really don't have enough time to play it a
  3. I can’t hear mine, the only noise I can hear is from the hard drive in the Sky Q box next to it. I guess I got lucky, if it was noisy I would have sent it back (I can’t stand noisy kit - the occasional fan noise from my PS4 slim was bothersome enough).
  4. I haven’t noticed that in particular, but I’m finding the haptic setup rather numb so far - hopefully it’ll be tweaked. THQ have posted this on Twitter regarding saves and cross-play:
  5. I'm not keen on the sound effects coming out of the DualSense, is there any way to switch it back to the main output? I played online with a friend yesterday and I kept hearing a knocking sound - I thought he had his pad on a table, turns out this is the 'backfire' noise coming through the controller (it sounds nothing like a backfire). There's also a very occasional 'hitch' on the PS5 version, the game will freeze for a frame or two, then carry on running smootly. It's rare, but noticable. It didn't happen on the PS4 version, and doesn't happen on the PC, hopefully it'll be irone
  6. I just tried to find Geometry Wars 3 on the PS5 Marketplace and for some reason it's not there. I added it to my wishlist via the web store so it's still available, but it doesn't show up on the wishlist on the PS5 either. What's going on here?
  7. They haven't announced one, but it makes sense for them to do so - how many people are going to splash out on a full copy of FFVII for PS5 when they have the PS4 edition? A paid upgrade option at some point seems like a no brainer to me.
  8. Is there a way to upgrade the PS+ version of the game yet? I don’t making a small payment, but I’m not paying the full £70 for extra shinies.
  9. I’d be insisting they sent me a new one, they tried and failed to repair it.
  10. Load times are fine for the PS4 version on PS5, I expect this one to be even faster. I hope there’s some element of cross play with this new version otherwise there will be a very fragmented player base.
  11. Wreckfest for PS5 is excellent. I recently bought the PS4 version and I was waiting for a 60fps update before playing, I’ll settle for this.
  12. I've never seen games or games consoles in Charity Shops, are they out the front or do you need to ask?
  13. I have Android & Linux installed on my Switch, I don't know if it's on Horizon - sorry if that's given you the wrong impression!
  14. I'd heard about this emulators existence, but until I watched those videos I had no idea what it was capable of. I'll give it a spin on my Switch!
  15. I would like to play this, but not enough to re-subscribe to Apple Arcade. Is there no way to actually buy it outright?
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