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  1. I'm trying to curate a list of 'short session games' to bring back that 'fun factor' to gaming - while I somewhat enjoy the latest and greatest the majority are far too long and complex. If I dip into a game once every few months, quite often I've forgotten the commands for the various moves / actions or some required game mechanic which makes me feel I have to start over. These are the memorable games I've played, either in the arcades or on older consoles - but what other similar games have I missed? Something with simple mechanics that provide fun in a 10-15 minute gaming sessi
  2. AlexM

    Nintendo Switch

    I haven’t tried Stadia personally, but yes.
  3. AlexM

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes it does, I used it to try out xCloud. You need to enable gesture navigation and disable gesture hints to make the game streaming fullscreen, otherwise it works fine.
  4. AlexM

    Nintendo Switch

    @dumpster take a look at 'Mr.Rabbit GameTv' on Youtube, I followed his videos (once I got past the initial 'why the heck is he using a computer generated voice' reaction) - he has a complete guide for quad boot, everything needed is there. I used to have a separate SD card for emuMMC and one for Android 8, and never bothered moving between them, now I just 'reboot to bootloader' and change OS. 128GB SD minimum, I used 200GB which is plenty for me.
  5. AlexM

    Nintendo Switch

    Looking at eBay sold listings, £250-300. I've just configured 'quad boot' on mine, Horizon, emuMMC, Ubuntu and Android 10, which is both satisfying my 'tinkering' itch and giving me a very flexible streaming and emulation device. Granted it could have a better screen and it's a little underpowered, but amongst other things I can now stream my PS5 to the TV upstairs (which my damned AppleTV can't!).
  6. I didn't receieve one, but I've managed to send you a FR today.
  7. I played this extensively on Wii U, but never finished it - playing it again now and it's still good fun, but the earlier levels are imprinted upon my memory and I'm just 'ticking the boxes' to get to the later levels. The faster run speed seems to make some areas easier, especially where there are moving platforms which you need to run across quickly.
  8. @Junker could you send me a FR? Tag is ‘Spinke’. I tried to send you one but I always receive an error, I don’t seem to have that problem with anyone else.
  9. You'll learn the tracks and have a load of fun, absolutely play the single player as well.
  10. I didn't upgrade my cars when playing singleplayer, but I did buy every car I could afford and switched around - there's a basic rating system (A/B/C followed by numbers) which should help judge if your car is suitable. I'm enjoying the convenience of having the game on console, but the frame rate is really noticable - everything crossed for a 60fps update!
  11. I never buy games at full price, it's rare I play them enough to get the value out of them. However I do think twice about games on sale which I've read good reviews about, and may or may not play. I tend to check if they've already been released on PS+ or not before considering purchasing, then if I do pick them up I generally don't play them for years (really, years) by which time they're either cheaper or have been given away on another platform. I should learn my lesson by now and wait until I'm bored of what I already have. Racing games are somewhat different, my
  12. The menu is confusing at first, I found it hard to work out what cars are needed for certain events. However it's so much fun it won me over. I'm attempting to do all events in the PS4 version with the hardest AI, assists off and realistic damage, going better than expected so far but I am somewhat reliant on the occasional AI pile-up or a naughty nudge - they're FAST. I am NOT looking forward to doing that damn sofa race again.
  13. Is there some sort of group Time Trial, if that's a thing? Something I can dip in and out of, as I can rarely (if ever) make 8pm.
  14. I'm happy with FFVII alone, I enjoyed the demo but I can't see me ever putting 40 hours into the game. Excellent.
  15. Damnit, I thought I'm not on too late on a Monday - I can join in! It's flipping Tuesday.
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