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  1. Gears of War Ultimate Edition (PC Co-op) I played countless hours of the Xbox 360 original, and after talking to my friend about playing some co-op games I found he'd never played this one. The grizzly chunky graphics, heavy weapons, solid gameplay, all still there. The original parts were fantastic. The new bits.. overlong and not a convincing addon. We got hit by a multitude of bugs. Issues joining each other's games, unexplainable performance drops, cut scenes mid-firefight, bugged character animations (arms stuck to sides, can't shoot/pickup items), the game skipping to the next scene before we've had a moment to pick up ammo.. it was really frustrating. We ended up dropping the difficulty at times just to get past them. Overall a great co-op experience, the game still has it, but what a mess. My friend now wants to run through the rest of the GoW games in co-op, so I need to get another Xbox.
  2. The dock has 'clicked' for me. Set it up on the bedroom TV while I'm feeling unwell, steam controller connected, Plex-HTPC installed + created custom controller map, effortlessly switching between gaming & watching. 3D games running at 720P on a 4K screen look fine, older games run well at 1080P and 2D titles can run up to 4K (although I struggle to tell the difference between that and 1080P, honestly). I've been running Quantum Break at 720P High with a 30FPS lock and it hasn't affected my enjoyment. I've also setup a Hades Canyon NUC in the lounge with ChimeraOS, a very similar experience - I have Steam setup on 4 devices and my saves follow me around, love it (Deck, NUC, Desktop, Laptop). Now I just need to find a neat way to sync saves for non-Steam games.
  3. An update popped up today, customisation menu now present and correct.
  4. I bought some boot videos from the points store but I don’t have the customisation menu in settings - anyone else had this and managed to resolve?
  5. I hoped someone would explain is this thread, disappointed. What was it, why did it exist, what was it doing?
  6. I finally have my replacement Steam Deck, it appears to be a brand new one. I can't remember ever missing any piece of technology so much!
  7. Yes, that is the dude.
  8. I've got most of the pieces on the way for my first 'rig' now (I had a Playseat and T150 before, and a G29 and Wheelstand Pro before that, but had limited opportunity to use either of them). I still don't know what seat to go for, any opinions? Arrived: Si Turnbull Sim Rig On the way: Logitech G920 (A gift from a friend, I'll upgrade it later) AOC 34" Ultrawide (same resolution as my desktop monitor so I can mirror the displays) Coming later: Si Turnbull monitor stand Need to buy: VESA mount to attach the monitor to the rig (no idea what, Si said 'a standard one' - help!) Seat
  9. Does DSX allow game controller profile sharing, like Steam controller profiles? It sounds great, but I don't personally fancy configuring a profile for every game myself.
  10. Autobiography ordered after reading this thread, looking forward to it!
  11. I picked up 15 Pratchett books in a community bookstore last weekend, chuffed to bits - physical collection started! I've just finished re-reading The Colour of Magic and enjoyed it just as much as the first time.
  12. Thanks for the advice! I have quite a few racing games already, although only AC / DR2 from your list. If I buy ACC to play with mukkers, do I need all the DLC packs too?
  13. I'm hoping to join in with this club soon, doing it somewhat on a budget for now but I'll get there. I've ordered a Si Turnbull Sim Rig, I have a G923 on the way (mates rates), my PC is plenty capable, and I have a 42" Panasonic LCD to get me started. I need to find a seat / mounts / rails, scouring the classifieds hoping to find something. Is there anything else I need (other than ACC on Steam)?
  14. I'll admit to being slightly puzzled by the advice, but.. thanks?
  15. RMA now open for an Exchange, no questions asked by Steam Support. They requested the power supply this time, which has left me in a bind - I use it for all USB-C related charging. Any recommendations for a charger that'll effectively charge the Steam Deck & has multiple outputs? I might as well get something decent.
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