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  1. I tried spraying WD40 contact cleaner into the sides of the joystick on mine but it made no difference, I’ll try opening it up at some point.
  2. The Blue Series controller I purchased over the Black Friday weekend is faulty already right trigger is being blocked by something and pressing it seems to cause random button presses. Excellent.
  3. I was looking forward to it, but the requirements are ridiculous - I don’t have anything that can run it. My son is really looking forward to it, he’s going to be really upset when he finds his 6700XT manages 1-2 fps. https://www.pcgamer.com/portal-with-rtx-needs-plenty-of-nvidia-gpu-power-but-what-about-amd-gamers/
  4. Only via a USB adapter which has very poor range. I bought a PCI-E Wi-Fi & Bluetooth card but it just fouled one of the GPU fans. If the Xbox adapter doesn’t work well I’ll have to consider the 8bitdo Ultimate (although I wasn’t impressed with the USB Receiver) or go the whole hog and upgrade to a motherboard with built-in Wi-Fi & BT.
  5. I tried a DualSense with my laptop, worked well enough with DS4Windows but I’m sitting close to it so no issues with range/interference. I’ve gone for another Microsoft Xbox dongle & controller on the PC under the TV after trying an 8bitdo USB adapter, I’m not happy about it but there seems to be a lack of good alternatives (although I had a dropout on the Xbox adapter yesterday and I’m only 2m away). The 8bitdo Ultimate controller is annoying in itself as only the more expensive Bluetooth version has hall sticks (no drift) but it’s aimed at the Switch with that layout of buttons, and you can’t even use Bluetooth mode with a PC as it’s locked into ‘switch mode’ with digital triggers. It all feels unnecessarily difficult.
  6. That won’t work wirelessly with the Xbox. I bought two XSX pads this year due to stick drift, I don’t even use them very often!
  7. I wouldn't go quite that far, but I do wish for a dedicated space!
  8. I feel it's rare to be able to use VR so much with kids about, perhaps because yours is so young you've still got a chance. I put my VR headset away a while back after hitting my son in the face with it - he knew I couldn't see him, I told him to stand back, he still stood too close and got beat saber'd. It is a nice experience but being completely cut off from your surroundings is impractical unless you have dedicated child-free (and animal-free) time with someone else looking after them. The Deck is now my go-to gaming device, it's brought me back into the fold and I've even replaced the Xbox with a PC as a result. You can tinker with it as much as you like but I tend to find when I'm using it I'm not looking for or engaging in any distractions - I turn it on and play a game. Same with the PC under the TV actually, no extra apps, controller based, turn on and play (the gaming laptop at my desk is a different story). I don't see how many can go wrong with a Deck when they have children, whereas VR really requires that dedicated space and time - I don't get that.
  9. They’re only inanimate when you look directly at them (Or is that only in Toy Story?)..
  10. Every time I read the thread title I imagine the 3 doing battle in the ring. I can’t imagine anything other than the toilet winning, the Deck and Quest will bounce off and not do any damage, whereas the Toilet can crush the other two. Toilet is the obvious answer, surely?
  11. Epic give away 1-2 games every week, some of them really good. I have over 100 free games from their store.
  12. I completed a game! Completed! The credits rolled! I rarely ever complete games, yet this year I’ve finished 4 and there’s a month left! (The 20+ lists earlier in this thread are hard for me to contemplate). 1. Half-Life 2. I started this on release, had a save spanning years.. lost it, started again. Completed it this year, with a ‘new’ save that spanned over 8 years. I started playing this game before my son was born and he completed it before me! I can’t even remember the start. It was always a gateway game to CS/TF2/L4D2 to play with my friends. I enjoyed the bits I remember, may even start it again one day. 2. God of War. I was sceptical about starting this, given my record. I played almost the entire game on my iPad mini while my son had trouble sleeping. It completely sucked me in, loved it, loved the gameplay, mythology, everything. I hope to play it again on the TV one day. 3. Half-Life 2: Episode 1. Feeling confident after my first two completions, I started and completed this in the same year. I kid you not. The shorter length suited me and while it still took more sessions than I’d like to admit, I finished it on the TV using a Steam controller and really enjoyed it. 4. Stray. I signed up to PS+ Extra a few days ago for the remainder of my subscription (4 months for £9) as I wanted to play a few games on the service. Obviously I like being a cat as I completed this in record time. The side quests were a little wearing, I stopped doing those and focused on exploring and the main story - enjoyable little romp and just about the right length. I expected more graphical ‘wow’ after reading ‘cyberpunk with cats’ elsewhere on the forum, but it was nice enough (if anything the most disappointing part was the cat). Not sure I’ll play it again but who knows. Next, maybe - Miles Morales.
  13. When I installed Blur, I mounted the ISO, created a non-steam game pointed at the installation .exe, enabled compatibility, and ran the installation. Once completed I re-pointed the same non-steam game at the installed game .exe and played. There's an extra step with Pure as you'll need to copy a no-cd .exe to the installation directory, but that should be it. If I get time tonight I'll run through the steps.
  14. I’ve been playing my ‘free’ PS+ copy and really enjoying it, treating it a little like Mario Kart and sliding/boosting at every opportunity.
  15. There are PC versions of both of these which should be significantly earlier for the Deck to run (Pure is on archive.org, JC2 is 99p https://store.steampowered.com/app/8190/Just_Cause_2/). Just in case you didn’t realise..
  16. Is that with the ‘VIP’ discount?
  17. I had the same problem with mine dying, unplugged it and put it in a drawer for a while.. and now it doesn't work anymore. Really frustrating when they're no longer available separately. I've replaced it with an 8bitdo Wireless USB Adapter 2 which so far is working well and widely available, and compatible with a wider range of controllers. EDIT: 8bitdo adapter is going back, keeps freezing and I have to unplug and re-plug the adapter to get my controller working again - both Xbox and PS5 controllers.
  18. I have one.. Aperture Desk Job.
  19. I'm not blown away by any sale prices on my Steam Wishlist so far, are more games likely to go on sale?
  20. I've successfully implemented a gaming PC connected to the TV, my son approves and is playing on it more than me. Nobara OS was good but eventually abandoned, I couldn't see any benefit for the extra effort it took and VRR/Freesync did not work over HDMI. Windows 11 now in place, with Playnite as the front end. There is some setup after initial install of new games, but once setup it's nice and slick. One hiccup - my Xbox Wireless Adapter has failed, it's not detected by Windows (no light, not visible in device manager at all) which is unfortunate as they now seem difficult to get hold of. The Bluetooth receiver I'm using isn't brilliant with occasional disconnects so I need a solution. Is anyone using the 8bitdo Wireless USB Adapter 2? I also have a Steam controller which is fine to use for some games, but my son isn't a fan 'what is this?!' . I'm contemplating clearing out some tat to fund upgrades, but for now the R5 3600 and RX580 are just about good enough, not sure how long that'll last for (I briefly ran F1 2020 at 4K60 on the TV using my RTX2060 equipped laptop, it was nice).
  21. What resolution do you run games at when using the glasses?
  22. After careful consideration I must admit that I am ... not excited about 2023 at all.
  23. I'm still holding out hope it'll be picked up for more seasons, but that hope is slowly fading..
  24. Shadow of War is still on my 'to play' list, I bought it on Xbox when it came out but it was too soon after Shadow of Mordor - I've now received it 'free' on PS+ and GOG as well so when I get around to it I can play it wherever I want (Steam Deck, obviously). God of War was my big 'late to the party' game this year, absolutely sucked me in and I will re-play it one day (unheard of for me). The weighty feeling to the combat is amazing, the story and mythology brilliant, and I was left disappointed when the story ended. The Last of Us Remastered is my current SP game, it's been sitting in my library since purchasing a PS5 and so far I'm really enjoying it. The tear jerking start really got to me!
  25. 5* for being thorough. I got as far as installing Win10 on an external SSD before I decided not to continue - Windows threw in a blue screen after resuming from sleep to confirm this decision.
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