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  1. I’ve only played the first 30 minutes and I’m already hooked - the banter is brilliant.
  2. I do wonder why the parents disappeared for so long, nothing happened to the house at first - all very off.
  3. AlexM

    Xbox museum

    Stacks up, I purchased a 360 for Gears and that’s the game I played every day. PGR, Forza & COD:MW were the other games I played a lot, 90% of my playtime was online MP. I had two Crystal Xbox’s but never took them online. Strangely enough I received an Xbox 360 in the post today, wonder what I should install first..
  4. I purchased a PS5 first, loved Astro's Playroom, enjoyed faster loading times on PS4 games, tried a few exclusives (none grabbed me). The console itself is.. okay. It's a big ugly bit of plastic and the OS is lacking a lot of polish, but it's fast and quiet. I 'upgraded' due to already owning a wheel & PS VR and hating the slow loading times on the PS4, for this it's fine but I haven't had much opportunity to use them. I rather wish I hadn't bought it, I got caught up in the launch hype. The Xbox Series S came later, this time I got caught up in the 'Game Pass' hype. As a console, it's much more of a complete package than the PS5. Small, fast, quiet, stable, it really feels well thought out and developed. Quick Resume is brilliant and I wish it was everywhere. I've used it far more than the PS5 but few games have really sucked me in, if anything I've used it more for XBone & 360 games. Happy with the device itself and Game Pass is a fantastic offer, but it's made me question my 'compatibility' with the latest games. I also have a Switch (since 2017) and I still don't feel I've played it enough to justify the expense. Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are the only titles that I can say were worth owning the device for, and even then I had BotW on the Wii U. As consoles the Series S is definitely in the top spot, but as a 'gamer'.. I wonder if I still am one. It just doesn't feel that much fun anymore.
  5. How can anyone forgive the unforgivable?
  6. I'm waiting for the price drop, it's tough as I absolutely love the two films (I've never read the comics) and this is the only game I'm excited for this year. If it wasn't for the poorly optimised Xbox Series S version I would likely cash in my rewards points and purchase it now, instead I'm waiting for a PS5 digital price reduction. I presume this plays nicely on gamepad, rather than KB/Mouse?
  7. I haven’t heard back from Microsoft since the 9th, despite chasing for an update. Poor show.
  8. I got the same response.
  9. No not really. Forza, maybe, but I’ll get that with Game pass.
  10. Thank you. I just spent 2 hours doing Act 1 of B4B for this reward, didn’t realise all the achievements would pop at the end! Then the reward didn’t work..
  11. Just the right amount of cheese.
  12. Just updated my post, considering my intention I've spent way too much. No idea what I was thinking in June! Game Pass / PS Plus / Epic Freebies are giving me everything I need now, aiming to keep it under control from here on out.
  13. I cancelled my 64GB/512GB preorders. It looks great, nice toy, but I rarely use the 'gaming' devices I do have and I want less choice rather than more.
  14. I feel it's excessive as it's given me more choice paralysis, rather wishing I hadn't picked up all the platforms (I got caught up in 'next gen' and 'game pass' hype), on the other hand I bought the Xbox Series S last and I use it more than the PS5 / Laptop (for gaming). However I've got one rather demanding child, and whenever I sit down to play a game he'll see that as 'Daddy's free!' and expect me to play Minecraft / Garry's Mod with him or run around. Simple and short games win for me, I don't have time for complex mechanics, and I'm not sure I'm interested enough for 'epic tales' - I'd rather read a book. I don't think I've ever been that interested in long or complex games though, even when I had the time. I've just got caught up in great reviews and hype too many times and tried to play games that don't work for me.
  15. Are these different per person? I haven’t received that one.
  16. I had a little play of this, 15 minutes completely satisfied my curiosity and I no longer feel the need to buy it. It's Tony Hawk, exactly as I remember it. Ticked off the nostalgia box, but didn't feel the need to play it through again. Nicely done though.
  17. They can be charged individually or while connected to the Switch. Amazon takes care of all the fees upfront.
  18. Yes I use them, they transformed the switch for me - I no longer have hand cramp playing in handheld mode. You can adjust the rumble strength, colour, recalibrate the joysticks (had to do this once), there's a back button on each controller you can remap as you wish (for another button on the same controller), they work connected and wirelessly, charge from the Switch, and they're comfortable. They're not perfect, I've had the occasional disconnection and rumble on the left controller is slightly rattly, but by far the best solution I've found. I purchased them from Amazon US. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094CX4K9F?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details
  19. Are you me? I paid £100 for R&C & Returnal, and I have the same criticisms. Loved Astrobot, completed it twice. ~£90 for 3 years of Game Pass, I've had much more enjoyment out of it than the PS5, and I don't see that changing.
  20. I turned off about half way through the first episode, so dull. Does it improve?
  21. You'll be able to reinstate CBHC on the new firmware, unforunately I haven't touched my Wii U for some time (that sounds somewhat wrong) so I can't recall the steps needed. I presume as you've bought the console pre-modded you're stuck on the previous users account, as the hack is reliant on the game they have purchased from the eShop.
  22. The CPU on the original Xbox One / S / X is very slow, unfortunately it's nowhere near the Series S performance wise. As @dumpster said you're looking at 16-bit emulation and not much more. You could join the 'whitelist' club and enjoy the apps in retail mode, and just use the Series X for everything.
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