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  1. Ahhh not this shit again. Nintendo is so flipping backwards this gen and refuse to change course at every turn. Coming from the amazing social aspects of Wii U I can't help but despair lol
  2. Honestly just had a lot going on at the time. I mean I've been waiting for almost 20 years - what's one more?
  3. I still have not played Shenmue 3. Considering how vehemently I campaigned for it, considering how much I backed it financially, considering how much I still absolutely adore the series, I just haven't started it. I think I'll play it later this year. I thought that playing it right away would have set my expectations too high and was all just s bit too much pressure for what should be an enjoyable pass time, and I didn't want that. Then I had a chilg and it was just too much to squeeze in much of any gaming at all! I think, now, my expectations are set accurately,
  4. There is a lot of great stuff coming out, so u think there will be less 'big news' (at least from Sony/Nintendo) and more updates on stuff we already know about like FF16 and Metroid Prime .
  5. Yeah I echo a lot of people already that I rarely buy games full price (or ever - given the wealth of free games available!). But there are a few times when I will absolutely buy the game day one regardless. FF7r is a recent example, if it was £100 I still would have bought it. But they are so few and far between that I really don't mind. I wait so long to play games that before I get around to buying them they end up on my system already, or are cheap enough.
  6. I know what you mean, but I think review outlets feel pressured to review the biggest (read: most marketed) games because they will gain them more views. Then of course it's the issue that *technically* those types of games are often pretty good. They generally run well and have a good quality polish about them so they review well enough. Of course that doesn't always indicate if that game is fun or not (hence EZA obsessing about 'swimming in 7s', because fun games aren't always the best reviewed games). But yeah I get that feeling - I don't read reviews anymore to tell
  7. Also, man I forgot how cool upcoming games really are - I wish I had more time to play them!
  8. Take a break and play smaller games. I felt like that for a while. I think it was Life is Strange that hooked me back into really enjoying games (especially single player games) again. Remember that the games industry has grown tremendously as well. Whilst that means there are big blockbuster games, there are also a ton of smaller creative titles that I'm glad are available. Pick something completely out of left field and see if it clicks, or tackle your backlog. I posted in games I completed in 2020 thread about it, but although I haven't got around to the big PS
  9. So are we all old enough that I can make a joke about the quality of Mission Impossible on the N64?
  10. Disney Mega Drive games probably, but that's going back a fair bit now! Of course there is the Batman Arkham games for something more modern
  11. I actually bought Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii U (Wii mode Shop channel). Anyway my nunchuck stopped working and I never played them. Do they run well on dolphin at all? I defo don't fancy posting again for them.
  12. Hang On - obviously as a kid I was pretty crap, but I came back to it a lot through Shenmue's You Arcade & Yakuza Club Sega Arcade. Still can't win :/
  13. It's argue that it isn't standard practice. Shenmue was sold as this news type of open world game (or FREE if you go by Yu Suzuki's definition), but after GTA open world games seemed to define themselves by larger and larger spaces, and less by the intricate details. I always argue Shenmue has more in common with Life is Strange than modern open world games. Keeping with the theme of the thread I think open world games keep growing with technological advancements, but instead could have focused on more detail in a smaller area. Mostly feels spread too thin.
  14. I was going to suggest this, but you articulated it so well. I think it's not that those games have disappeared (as you said, the indie scene is more than able to fill that gap to some extent), but that the big cinematic (and specifically open world) games have become the defacto if what is considered a 'proper' game by both media and publishers, getting all of the budget, all of the 'noise'. It's almost like any other type of game has to fight that narrative of being 'good for a non-AAA game'. Maybe it's the whole concept of AAA games at all - there is a certain expect
  15. Finished Yakuza 5 this evening (I say finished, I have a 'completion rate' of under 30% lol). Without getting into spoilers, that last section gives you no space to breath does it? From the moment you leave new Serena it's 2 hours of cut scenes and Epic fights, but no save point! Others in the house wanted to watch TV, but I wasn't about to give up an hour's worth of play time hahaha. Ahh well, great game, though I'm a little burnt out on them and might give it a while before I jump into 6.
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