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  1. Title says it all really - managed to get some time off so thinking of heading there tomorrow.
  2. Well I used to have the PC connected via Ethernet, but since moving I've just been using some old WiFi usb dongle for the PC (the thing is like 15 years old lol) and everything is wireless through BT Smart Hub Router. I hadn't heard of Moonlight, is have a look at that!
  3. So I want to play my PC games/emulators on the TV. In my old gaff that was fine as they were in the same room - long HDMI cable and job done. But anyway my desk is in another room now. I thought about streaming. I have an Amazon Fire Stick and installed Geforce Now, but that has so few games I own on it yet I'm not using it. I tried to sideload Steamlink app, but crappy WiFi dongle used on the PC transmitting wirelessly to a Dongle on the Tele was choppy as hell. (Also I really want to play my retro games, I had the Wii U homebrewed which is a great emulsion machine, but lent it out and now missing a wealth of my gaming collection - because screw sitting at a desk which I do enough of during the day!) What do people suggest?
  4. I on the other hand will fucking revel in it
  5. Yeah for sure lol I totally know what you mean. I watched the first series and liked it well enough, it upgraded itself from 'background TV' to 'proper sit down to watch TV' about half way through the series. I heard it broke a ton of box office sales or something but that it was more to do with timing/pandemic etc than quality of the film
  6. You know I didn't even think it hasn't been released yet lol.. Apparently it will be in Funimation (which I've actually never used) soon, but I couldn't find it and was super confused Any good/worth a watch?
  7. I went to a recording of this a couple months ago actually. It was the ep with Guz Khan (from Man Like Mobeen) and a couple others I'd never heard of. Never actually watched it before or after lol but it's a decent concept if you get the right guests. There was one guest that was almost insufferable at the recording I went to - really cringe worthy. Can't remember her name tbh but yeah. Overall the other guests were great and I like Alan Davies, but a shame that the conversations were really stilted at times. Could see though that with the right guests it could 'click' a bit more. Maybe comes across better in the edit Edit: Oh and they had this 'host' comedian/mc-esque type person to keep everyone warmed up and entertained whilst waiting for it to start and she was plain awful - she kept asking what people did for a living, but was pretty uninformed as she didn't know what any of the jobs were, so flapped a lot trying to speech it. Like basic shit - e.g. one guy said he was a solicitor or something and you could tell she had no clue what that was - so just waffled loudly and resorted to penis jokes. But yeah, free tickets to TV recordings with a site called Applause Store. Worked out well enough, but they oversubscribe tickets so first-come = first-through-the-door; turn up late or just last and you won't get in. Edit 2: Lol and there was a couple audience guests that were getting absolutely smashed even before it's started. Alan says something at the beginning like 'hi everyone - you're all looking so stylish tonight', and this person just shouts 'that 'cause they're not English!' in a poor attempt at self deprecating British humour. Of course the pure drunken mistimed nature of it meant that all anyone really heard was the drunk bellow of 'THEY'RE NOT ENGLISH!!'. They were asked to leave
  8. Does anyone know where to watch Demon Slayer: Mugen Train?
  9. Anyone using this at all? I managed to sideloaded it only l on to my Amazon Fire TV stick, however there aren't many games that I own on Steam/Epic on the service so haven't got around to trying it out yet.
  10. You know what I watched the first season ages ago. Almost forgot about it!
  11. What anime do people recommend for something a bit mindless watching at the minute? I'm still going through the most recent season of SnK but it's just too intense to have on in the background or on in the morning for example (also I'm watching it with my partner, which inevitably means it will take about 3 years to get through because we rarely have enough time together as it is with work/family lool). I recently ran through all of Demon Slayer - half decent show, great animation, and a banging theme tune, and Castlevania but now at a bit of a loss of what to watch.
  12. I'm interested in jumping in to this soon. How is it playing without a dedicated set up (e.g. just keyboard/mouse)? (Also on a completely unrelated note, I remember back around 95 Stepdad had a PC Gaming wheel that bolted to the desk and you connected the mouse - - the was using the mouse ball to track the wheels movement. One of those odd bits of gaming peripherals lost to the ages!)
  13. You know what, I love the Lynx, I love the Wii U. Damn it you fool, I'm in! Small print: I will in fact not be in. But if I got one for free or cheap I would probably love it as well.
  14. Funnily enough, after moving house I wanted to get a steamlink because I don't keep my pc on the living room anymore only to find Valve stopped selling them (after clearing stock at selling them off for £5!) There are currently less new than 5 on eBay - the cheapest is £70. Edit: thinking about it, they stopped the steam link because the software then became available for other devices (I actually sideloaded the app to my Amazon Fire TV in the end - no it doesn't work well... But it does work!). It seems that with this is probably a software demonstration for SteamOS, somewhat like the Steambox was. An advertising campaign really for their operating system.
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