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  1. This image looks absolutely stunning. Easily had no idea what direction they were going to take this film in but at least based on this poster it looks great
  2. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth - Winter 2023 - PS5 Love FF7. Loved the Remake and I'm super interested in where the series is heading Hogwarts Legacy - Winter 2022 - Everything (ex. Mobile) Dude, it's freaking Hogwarts. Looks cool and a showed off a good sense of free roaming/exploration - and on top of that it looks like an actual game and not a by the books tie in. I had one of the Wii games and it was: mix potions, spell cast, Quidditch. All implemented in a fairly mundane way. This looks so much better and I'm pretty stoked to play it. Stray - 19/07/2022 - PlayStation/PC Cats. And exploration. Breath of the Wild sequel - 'The first half of 2022' - Switch I think the theme of games I like is definitely exploration. The only thing was that the first game, as great as it was, lacked in the story aspect, so I'm not frothing at the mouth for the sequel - placing it a little lower on the list Saying that, I'm for sure going to enjoy the hell out of it when it does drop.
  3. I completely forgot how bad the PSP game looked. My memories are influenced by the cool as hell Cutscenes. I thought Cissnei was a great addition and the scenes towards the end with her are so bitterweet. I'm excited to see it get a release, and despite there are aspects of the game that are absolutely amazing, I've found my tastes changing over the years and I have increasingly less time to play games nowadays so I'm not sure if I will pick it up. Oh and the soundtrack was cool. The Price of Freedom fit the game so well. https://youtu.be/mfeMOY9ifjI EDIT: I Still have my damn GAME preorder/promo poster from the original release. (It's been sat in a drawer for a decade and a half ).
  4. I have a problem with save files. When I use emulators (as opposed to VC injects) they are run through Retroarch, but when I try to save it just says 0% and doesn't do anything. Does anyone know what location on the SD Card the Save folder shoud be? Edit: The save directory that Retroarch was trying to save to didn't exist (Oprions> Directories > save files) I popped the SD card into my pc, created the folder in the same location on the SD card and sorted the problem
  5. Aiiit fuck it, I'm tired so stupid logic prevails. Old firmware = old version of Hackmii right? v0.8 was the first i could find. Works flawlessly.
  6. Thanks, I've spent the evening trying to install mods via bannerbomb on SD card. The issue is now that it freezes on the Scam warning message and doesn't let me progress by asking me to press 1 as it usually would. I'll try tinkering with the WAD. I was having some problems with NUS downloader because (apparently) Wii servers aren't on anymore, but the files are uploaded to certain places such as here https://mariocube.xyz/ (link copied from a Reddit post so no idea of the validity of it). I'll get this thing working one way or antother! Edit: ok, so this is where I'm at. Started trying to softmod from ver. 3.1 via bannerbomb because my Wii wouldn't update (probably IOS stuff - I'm not that technical). Bannerbomb works but Hackmii freezes - again probably down to IOS issues from a previous unknown mod. I'm now following this guide to remedy the HackMii freeze: https://www.reddit.com/r/WiiHacks/comments/gcm94u/hackmii_installer_frozen_on_scam_screen_no_ios/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share So I've loaded IOS58 (v6175) into to the SD card (direct download from internet as NUS downloader doesn't work anymore). Now, here is where I'm stuck again The WAD manager booted up but it only goes up to IOS37 (though I was told to edit IOS58). I select ISO36 or whatever, but when I load the v6175 like I'm directed to I get the 2011 error. I'm using YAWMM.
  7. I picked up a cheap Wii at a Car boot I want to softmodit, but getting Error 32004 which won't let me update the firmware (stuck on 3.1e). Reading around it seems this may be because it was previously modded, but I don't know. Can I still mod it without updating?
  8. My wife recently picked me up some Cornish whiskey which I really have been enjoying. Hicks & Healey's Single Malt. https://healeyscyder.co.uk/shop/product/hicks-healey-cornish-single-malt-whiskey-70cl/ It's quite a mellow and smooth whiskey. Worth a look.
  9. Hell yeah! Shenmue is by far my favourite game, and I've no qualms in arguing why it's the best over and over again. Not everyone likes it, but it does something that few other games do and with such clear direction. Edit: and don't none of you go comparing it to Yakuza now!
  10. I always wanted to go to E3. Reading about the expo in all of the various gaming magazines I read growing up (most, if not all of which have ceased being in print) presented the show with such an allure. One thing I can say is that it's definitely lost that edge.
  11. You know what it is, the 3DS came out around the time I grew up and stopped hanging around friends all the time - I moved in the with partner and got a 9-5, so as much as I liked gaming, it stopped being a communal thing to play. I remember picking up Smash Bros for 3DS and Pokémon (black 2 I think, which although was a DS game was released after 3DS launch), both of which I quickly sold on because I just didn't really have people to play with. I kind of ignored the 3DS and gave it away in the end. I just looked at IGNs top 25 3DS games - I've only played 2 (Super Mario 3D Land and OoT remastered). Maybe I'll hold on to it for a little bit then...
  12. Oh not particularly much - I think I paid about £40 boxed (og aqua) so seemed like a good impulse buy. I'm definitely able to get by without the cash. just I find I'm able to emulate most other consoles fairly well so I wouldn't bother with the hardware just to play a game here or there, but the 3DS is quite unique and not really aware of some of the more interesting games were ever ported? (E.g. the Wii U's best games are largely on Switch, and GameCube games can be played on the Wii).
  13. I've picked up a cheap 3DS recently - I had the intention to sell it on, but now wondering if people feel it's worthwhile keeping hold of. I had one at launch (or near enough) and gave it to a family member a few years ago as I wasn't really playing it. What are your thoughts?
  14. But most games (especially big budget games which like to play things safe) are lool. But I think that the world itself is looking interesting enough that it is exciting. I am just waiting until I can get that full immersion in VR - even if it's 30 years from now and I am an old man, I am going to Hogwarts damn it!
  15. Haven't watched Episode 7 yet, but overall I really enjoyed ep6. They are abridging things in a pretty good way. The only thing I will say (especially about the earlier episodes) is that they do not let scenes have enough time to breath. You would think that with covering the two games in 13 episodes that would be necessary, but they added some excessive things at times which I feel cover the same purpose but don't hit as well. e.g. they show Shenhua a lot in the show - but removing those scenes would have allowed them to include scenes like Russiya China SHop lady or Antique guy explaining about the mirror to Ryo - it links the mystical aspect of the show directly with he fate of the mirror and all learning *alongside* Ryo, as opposed to something alluded to away from the main character. That is a small example, but I think that the show just doesn't have as great direction and it looses the 'epic' (in the classic sense of the word) feel. Or this Just space for letting the show breeeeeeeeaath. Or this classic scene (notwithstanding how much better Nozomi is in the show - this should have been a unique End Credit's scene) But I digress! I agree with @BennyThe martial arts aspect of the 6th Episode really was cool to see, and interesting how they addressedthe 'nw country but everyone is still able to communicate' thing lol.
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