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  1. The Wholesome Games showcase was pretty cool. I think I'm just bored of mainstream big budget games; I rarely play them, and they're often so long that even if I do I never finish them. Indies are where it's at. Nintendo defo had the best out of the main presentations - was actually exactly what the Switch needs. But it wasn't big or surprising - nothing really drew my interest that much personally.
  2. I finally played through ABZU this week. Amazing little title
  3. They could likely show one of the 2 remaining characters from the current fighter's pass.
  4. During the Square-Enix presentation they said something along the lines of "and now something from our Japanese studio".... Then the trailer begun with the words: 'With the memory of their struggle buried deep within their hearts' and I just thought, "oh, it's going to be one of those types of games". Why can't Square Enix just be normal
  5. You know I get that this is supposed to be a big deal, but I can't get posted how uninspiring the trailer was. Boring voice over and a bunch of close ups of objects.
  6. As much as I am interested in their big headline games, in really interested in smaller suprise titles. The thing is, there is so much that they have already announced that we have not seen, that it's not unrealistic for some of the following to show up: Pikmin 4 Bayonetta 3 Splatoon 3 New Retro Games title BOTW2 Whatever Monolith Soft is working on. But Nintendo never show all their cards, so I'll really only expect one or two of these. Oh and smash character reveals.
  7. I wish I had the patience to get into FromSoftware/Souls-like games because they look so damn interesting. I'm just terrible at them
  8. This looks like a £19.99 Xmas present idea that even then I would look past because it's too expensive.
  9. Do you also get the female Link DLC for BotW as well? I hear that's included.
  10. To be honest I never saw this at a conference but u lived the Shenmue Dreamcast Magazine trailer:
  11. That's probably the best one of recent times. (The E3 presentation had the Japanese VO & Eng subs which I can't find anywhere apart from reaction videos). So epic - in the truest sense of the word.
  12. I think with the podcast Jones doesn't really have direction when it comes to topics. Kyle would play devils advocate and try to take a conversation somewhere and draw out peoples opinions where Jones doesn't really do that. A poor, but recent example would be the Hall of Fame topic last week. Easy subject to play a bit of Devils Advocate - e.g 'does this game *really* need to be in there?, What did it really bring to the table?'*, 'They skipped 'X' game, obviously not a good game, right?'. World have been easy to name drop games they either submitted for hall of greats
  13. Ahhh not this shit again. Nintendo is so flipping backwards this gen and refuse to change course at every turn. Coming from the amazing social aspects of Wii U I can't help but despair lol
  14. Honestly just had a lot going on at the time. I mean I've been waiting for almost 20 years - what's one more?
  15. I still have not played Shenmue 3. Considering how vehemently I campaigned for it, considering how much I backed it financially, considering how much I still absolutely adore the series, I just haven't started it. I think I'll play it later this year. I thought that playing it right away would have set my expectations too high and was all just s bit too much pressure for what should be an enjoyable pass time, and I didn't want that. Then I had a chilg and it was just too much to squeeze in much of any gaming at all! I think, now, my expectations are set accurately,
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