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  1. Must admit i've really enjoyed playing it. Just driving around. Great graphics. Overall good game imo.
  2. i got a MISTer to relive the amiga demo scene days (and c64 to a lesser extent). i haven't been disappointed with my purchase one bit. its the best emulation experience i have had so far.
  3. I've still got my original jaguar. also managed to pick up a cd add on for it years ago, from Telegames in Leicester. Loved Tempest 2000 and still do. The CD addon resembled a toilet when fitted on top of the jaguar. Someone from Atari must have had a great sense of humour when designing that.
  4. I've just got hold of a super retro-cade from amazon.com. so i am going to have a play through the games on that.
  5. im looking for electric brain fanzine scans (or electronic brain, my memory is fading lol). produced by nottingham based console fanatic onn lee.
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