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  1. They probably don't mind if they kill it. Slack is apparently second fiddle to Teams, and owning Discord removes it as a competitor
  2. > Imagine if Disney said that Toy Story (1995) was too old to bother putting on Disney+. Companies aren't trying to help the consumer, they are trying to extract cash from them https://www.vulture.com/2019/10/disney-is-quietly-placing-classic-fox-movies-into-its-vault.html > ... the company’s long-standing “Disney Vault” strategy of artificially creating excitement for a repertory title by keeping film prints out of theaters for years or decades, and periodically manufacturing a limited number of physical media copies (on VHS, then DVD, and eventually Blu-ray). Thank
  3. I've just ripped through "There Is No Antimemetics Division", which is sort of like Xcom meets Memento. It's short and only a couple of quid and really recommend it.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/dec/08/rugby-union-dark-news-dementia-presents-sport-with-reality-dared-not-face
  5. Anyone know where you can order SV ready food?
  6. Lilt always had 17g of sugar instead of 33g, maybe it's still good
  7. That last episode was pretty weak compared to the rest of the series, ran through the motions of what was set up before, without any grand surprises. It felt like a stage play at times.
  8. Well that was a very good final season.
  9. Fanfic from https://archiveofourown.org/works/649448/chapters/1181375 You can download it and send it to your kindle. It's pretty fun, if you are familiar with both 40k and IMB! For a bit anyway, it's long and rambling.
  10. Looking through my kindle history, I've been reading: Childhoods End - surprisingly bleak for The Quantum Thief - high concept derring do, was fine The Three Body trilogy - the first one is a bit odd, but the second and third books were pretty mind blowing, persevere Old Mans War - awful cheese Fifth Head Of Cerberus - really enjoyed it, but would have liked more A Fire Upon The Deep - I was reading it hoping for lots of AI takes over universe stuff, got singing dog aliens instead, very interesting setting House Of Suns - really enjoyed it, helped fill an Iain
  11. Reading about Last and First Men reminds me of "Man After Man":
  12. Anyone watching the new series? I just wanted to check that soneone else is finding it as ludicrous as I am.
  13. Ep six a bit full of cliché - conveniently timed 'dont trust' phone calls, the intro of the girl from the board was like a character introduction from The OC. And those technicians are not doing realistic things. Really messed with suspension of disbelief.
  14. hungry joe


    Not a bad first ever trip to the Emirates
  15. I want a Flight of Dragons remake before James Earl Jones dies.
  16. hungry joe


    It's my birthday today, and my wife claims to have sourced tickets for the Leicester match as my present, which is doubly nice as I live next to the Emirates and have never been in. Hooray!
  17. I still play SMK...
  18. Hi, I haven't really been following this, could someone sum it up for me? Thanks!
  19. Cras, I'd appreciate a few recipe suggestions. Mine is getting pretty irregular use at the moment.
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