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  1. It’s a good start to the transfer window and if rumours are correct we should be signing a couple of centre-backs soon and selling the same number.
  2. Well some good news at last, Sonny has signed a new 4 year contract.
  3. I could easily see Kane playing until his mid-late 30’s if his ankles hold up, elite sportsmen in general can keep playing for a lot longer these days and I am sure Kane keeps himself in top physical condition just like Ronaldo, Federer and Tom Brady do.
  4. And even in that limited time on the pitch, he still managed to have a shot that almost cleared the stadium.
  5. They came out about 3 or 4 years ago now, Covid has really made the price of paper go crazy, so Viz could be waiting until it’s all over until they start reprinting things again, as I have noticed an awful lot of manga is almost impossible to buy now.
  6. Yeah Winks is gone, we have enough midfielders as it is, especially if Dele is going to play as one of the 3 there now.
  7. Almost all of Monster is out of print now, as is Pluto, in fact I just sold my collection of them both for almost £400. I am sure they will be reprinted again eventually and then I can buy them again at the third of the price.
  8. Pluto is also incredible too.
  9. Noaki Urasawa is the greatest mangaka working today and it’s not even close.
  10. So basically there are no more decent single player football games being made now.
  11. As someone whose trying to get a Series X right now, sadly for me getting a PS5 is far easier at the moment.
  12. Lamela was great at shithousery and you could never fault his effort, but no professional footballer should be as one footed as he is, I am even surprised he manages to use his right foot to walk on, never mind kick a ball with it.
  13. Or even better, read some Marvel comics.
  14. I am so excited to play this, I just hope I can find a Series X by then.
  15. No, I know who Kang is and I also thought it was shite. I am looking forward to the Young Avengers series/film they are so obviously setting up though.
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