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  1. Jim Starlin has also complained for getting hardly anything from Marvel for creating Thanos, basically both Marvel and DC are both terrible companies and that’s the reason why most big name comic writers and artists mainly do independent work these days.
  2. SaintAnselm

    NFL 2020!

    Hope he’s better for you than he was for us last season.
  3. Straight out of Compton is overrated so much, the production is cheesy as hell and apart from Ice Cube, the rapping is average too.
  4. The entire Batman run by Grant Morrison One of the most epic runs in comics there has ever been, the story is told in 3 distinct acts which are all absolutely awesome, at times a little bit confusing but the more I read it - and I try to read it once a year, the better it gets and for me, no other super-hero comic comes close. Gotham Central - By Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka. Possibly my favourite comic of all-time, the premise seems a little mundane, but when its being written by two the greatest comic book writers around, every issue is just so readable and
  5. I would subscribe to Marvel unlimited if their comics interest you,
  6. Good choice, I then get to see Thora Birch in Ghost World as well, which is a nice little bonus.
  7. Good choice, I then get to see Thora Birch in Ghost World as well, which is a nice little bonus.
  8. I would highly recommend those comics too, I am a huge fan of Skottie Young’s art.
  9. The comics that were published before the movie were great, especially the ones Abnett and Lanning wrote, the ones that came out after the movie were not so good. You may prefer the newer ones though as the characters are now written in the same way they are portrayed in the movies, Drax and Gamora, are very different for example in the earlier comics.
  10. Jimmy Olsen is still awesome, the recent Matt Fraction written comics were incredibly good fun.
  11. SaintAnselm

    NFL 2020!

    If he’s found guilty there’s no way he should play again, but then the NFL let murderers keep playing and even induct them into the Hall of Fame.
  12. Huck was a lovely comic and not edgy at all. Millar also gets a lot of love from me for how, after the top rate of tax was cut from 50 to 45%, he now gives 5% of his income to charity to make up for his reduction in taxes.
  13. I can only assume he pays really well as he pretty much gets all the top artists, sadly Frank Quitely doesn’t seem to work with anyone else lately, so I end up buying Millar’s comics just too see the formers beautiful art.
  14. He comes across as a really nice guy on Twitter, but yeah most of his comics are pretty terrible.
  15. The first two seasons of Arrested Development are probably the greatest seasons of any sitcom ever, and even the third is still very good, just a little silly at times.
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