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  1. SaintAnselm

    NFL 2021!

    They found another way to lose last night - taking two consecutive time-outs in a row.
  2. John Cleese is an utter cunt these days anyway so it’s pretty easy to avoid his output now.
  3. You forgot to mention his baffling decision to play Son as a left wing-back in the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea which ended up costing us the game.
  4. That’s fine, we have super Andy Carroll now to get us the goals to stay up.
  5. He’s a terrible actor and there’s something about him just gives me the creeps.
  6. Spurs may be shit but Kane has barely broke into a sprint this season so far and quite frankly has been terrible.
  7. Playing this used to be the highlight of my gaming week and I was lucky enough to win it a couple of times as well.
  8. Raiders is obviously the best one but I would still choose to watch Last Crusade as it’s just so much fun. It’s similar to how Empire is clearly the best Star Wars movie but given a choice to watch one of them, I would choose to watch A New Hope every time.
  9. I forgot to add to even see the damn game, I had to turn brightness all the way up and contrast all the way down.
  10. San Andreas on the Series X is a fucking joke, how this console can’t even maintain 30 FPS in fidelity mode tells you all you need to know just how much effort was put into this port. The fact they are charging 55 quid for this is massive piss take.
  11. I actually thought this was the first episode since the start of the first season that was merely just good and not the usual excellent standard it has been since the middle of season one. Outside of the bits with Greg and Tom, I thought the rest was just rather dull and I ended up nodding off towards the end.
  12. Jesus Christ you all sound like a bunch of whinging old men sitting in a pub, drinking bitter and complaining about those ‘young people’ and how things were better back in the good old days. And what a shock to see a certain member of the forum complaining about being given the choice of what pronouns you would like to use in the game.
  13. It’s one of the better current Shonen titles but that’s not hard these days as there’s an awful lot of generic shit being published right now.
  14. Can I join the club please -SaintAnslem
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