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  1. You forgot about Tahir as surplus - shitty tame legspin outside the right-handers' leg stump... Seriously though, SA played some marvellous cricket, as they did in 2008. The batters' temperament was wonderful, but the verve of the bowlers was the biggest difference, for me. Broad should not be in a side where Finn is picked right now, and the way they negated Swann was impressive. I think we rested on our laurels, in the end.
  2. If Pietersen's texts turn out to be what the papers say, it might very well be the end of his England career.
  3. Onions for Bresnan maybe? You have to wonder about his place after his poor performances - made more pointed after he suggested England may be better off without Pietersen...
  4. Tahir's figures of 3 for 92 flatter to deceive - he really was completely useless, coming round the wicket and constantly bowling outside leg stump and offering an easy one to mid on every ball. Going for four an over... what's the point? Was there on Friday, was a pretty good atmosphere and England bowled well with no reward. Shame they called it off pretty early after the rain - I wonder if other Test match grounds with better drainage would have been able to get the players back out...
  5. Thanks to The Bag (good show, old bean), my details are confirmed in the leak. However, I'd say that the hash that represents the password field is not a straight encryption using MD5, so to some extent (unless they've pilfered the salt and algorithm too) the passwords are safe from a dictionary attack. That plus the lack of widespread prevalence of the file itself makes me a little bit more confident, although of course I've changed passwords on the few sites which shared that one. The ecommerce software videogamesplus.ca use seems to be OsCommerce, which is one of the shittiest ecommmerce packages you could imagine. This could sink VGP, frankly.
  6. Game of the Year Zelda: Skyward Sword Dear God, I didn't expect it to be *that* good. Astonishing. Deus Ex: HR Slightly hoary tale, but as good as could have been hoped for Guardian Heroes Just because a great old game was even more fun with skilled players dropping in via XBL and showing me how to really play Super Stickman Golf Bloody awesome multiplayer fun Bastion Kid loved the narrator to bits
  7. Indeed - I'm totally on board and expect something Halo at E3 - but they fished out the evidence from a sticker, and you believed it
  8. That's Destructoid for you in a nutshell - a press pass with stickers on it = new Halo game! Utter nonsense. There may be a new Halo game at E3 but there's nothing that indicates that from the pass. By their logic, Portal 3 is going to be shown too. Sorry, I hate Destructoid.
  9. New Matchmaking update, and this is a cracker: http://www.bungie.net/News/Blog.aspx?mode=news#cid31423 Action Sack has been hilarious for me so I'm chuffed to see it get even dafter. Team Classic expanded to more modes of play is also cool, and the Armor Lock haters' favourite, Squad Slayer, fixes Team Slayer.
  10. I could spend all day on this and not be done. And then I'd struggle to order them, so here's a rough list that will have to be my final list, for my sanity: Arrested Development 30 Rock The Larry Sanders Show Father Ted South Park It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Screenwipe I'm Alan Partridge The Thick Of It Archer Have I Got News For You Spaced Smell Of Reeves & Mortimer Phoenix Nights The Two Ronnies Peep Show The Day Today Blackadder The Simpsons Brass Eye So many others could've gone in, including more influential shows and cult favourites, but these are the ones that delight me the most. EDIT. I've fucking missed Frasier, haven't I? Jesus Christ
  11. I prefer Arcade, mostly because you don't have to worry about idiots barrelling in and losing all the lives. Waiting for the Phantoms is annoying too. I've played a silly amount of FF though, it must be said. I got my Field Marshall rank today and I had a regretful moment of "what have you wasted your time doing?" for a while after. And then played some more
  12. Odd - I've played 20 or so games on Unearthed through FF Matchmaking, and it comes up often enough for me to think it's quite common.
  13. I'm no hider but there are a couple of camping spots on Firefight maps I've seen people idle in, to pick up the big cR boosts you get from Firefight Arcade when everyone is spamming the FRG and cleaning up in minutes. I've taken to deliberately not ending a wave so they can't get the full boost they're after, but it does mean giving some Grunts the runaround for 10 minutes. A pyrrhic victory.
  14. Seems there might initially have been a problem with the new Firefight map in Matchmaking, not coming up in rotation. From the Weekly Update: Personally I'm a bit disappointed in the new FF map, but then I'm probably biased since I've played the others so much. It's coming up pretty often in Arcade though, so I guess it'll grow on me.
  15. If you quickly hit Start after dying, and then save and quit, you can restore your game from the last checkpoint when you resume - crucially, without recording a death. I'll admit I've used it a couple of times on LASO when I got too angry
  16. Additionally, one of the Daily Challenges today is half a LASO challenge, for 5000cR: "Complete Tip of the Spear, without dying, on Legendary with Mythic, Thunderstorm, Tilt, and Tough Luck on." Pretty tough, if you don't use the save/quit glitch. Might have to use it to distract me from buying the new map pack
  17. And pathetically, I want that new Firefight map
  18. New Weekly Challenge: Kill 1500 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week, 17500cR lol! That's 12 or so credits per kill... no thanks, Bungie.
  19. If you're as good as this on the sniper then you're pretty much a master of the game. Personally I can't hit a fat cow at 10 paces in MP with the sniper, which is why I lurk on Team SWAT. I'm not much better with the DMR, mind - I just like to think I am. The jump precision to get on the 'roof' on The Cage is daunting too. I don't think I could achieve that even with a mouse and keyboard
  20. It's clearly a new helmet, but either it's an internal '343i employees only' helmet, or it's part of a build that didn't get released to retail. Bungie have been cagey by saying it's not their baby, and to read what 343i say, so whilst it's been acknowledged kinda I think a proper answer will appear at some point... and that maybe Bungie are hinting that 343i fucked up and didn't realise Halo fans are mental On another note, it's quite pleasing that matchmade people willing to play on Co-Op Campaign are almost always not dicks. Even 5-6 months in, people still play properly and spawn you back in, and are happy to work as a team. Enjoying it.
  21. No, apparently: *shrug* Guess that told us.
  22. Nice spot - certainly seems so. I wonder how they solve that, technically - surely disc hackers have found all the armour permutations by now, even those 'dormant'? If it was to be new armour, it'd (theoretically) need to be downloaded every time if it's not already on the disc. I think there was some reasoning that this is why Arbiter armour permutations were missing from Halo 3 DLC...
  23. wo0t, done it! Turns out if you rush them the General seems to bugger off, and after immediately backing off then gently peppering one of the Ultras with the plasma pistol until his shields popped, then sneaking behind the other for an assassination it only left the Phantom, which is easy. I do love these challenges
  24. That said, I'm really struggling with the last bit - I'm on the top floor of Sword Base and got 2 Ultras and the fscknig General with the FRG. Given how much damage they need and that the rest of Noble won't help except a few measly shots from Jorge, I've no idea how to prise them out. I'm doing solo and reverting to checkpoint once my ammo/grenades are wasted, so I've basically tried all the tactics I know. Can't even kill one of them
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