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  1. great! Thank you. I’ll look into the Retroid 3! I had presumed all of the devices outside of the steam deck would really struggle to do Dreamcast at a decent performance
  2. I thought that might be the case! Sadly a Steam Deck is out of my price range for the foreseeable future. Have you tried it on there? I did have an RG351m too but as you said, it didn’t run well
  3. Are there any devices that can run the Virtua Tennis games? I don’t have a device at the moment or a pc to download roms but would love to try that game as a huge tennis fan
  4. Ftsthe

    The Boxing Thread

    I was planning to buy the pay per view, but I don’t have sky or Now Tv and it appears the only way I can watch it is by buying it on my laptop or tablet. But I want to watch it on my tv Does anyone have any other suggestions? I have an Nvidia Shield but I can’t get it on that either, cheers. also, predictions?
  5. Ftsthe

    The Boxing Thread

    thank you. Really looking forward to this. Only thing that’s a shame is the location but at least it’s not a Vegas fight at 4am
  6. I’ve enjoyed playing previous generation games on the Switch. As an older gamer with less spare time to game, I prefer their simplicity and how they are more geared towards pick up and play. I find modern games have a steep learning curve or require too much commitment. Mario All Stars has been perfect
  7. that’s a fantastic haul! Congrats. Where did you pick it up? I’ve never heard of the bad boys game, I’ll look up some reviews right now!
  8. I’m pleased some of the people on here got some! I remember at the start that I thought I’d wait for them to release more colours and now that seems very foolish!
  9. I’ve been trying to get one of the Switch N64 controllers for such a long time and they’re never in stock. Has anyone managed to get one? They go for a fortune on eBay!
  10. this looks like a more boring and less cool Arkham Knight
  11. I really enjoy this thread, thank you to everyone that has contributed. It seems covid ruined the car boot sales a bit. does anyone know of any similar threads on other forums that are about finds like these?
  12. Thank you all! That’s very helpful
  13. I know the North has a couple of arcade places but are they any down South? In London or any of the big cities? Alternatively, does anyone know of any places where you can go with your mates and play some racing games with the full wheel setup etc?
  14. Thank you guys. It’s so overwhelming haha do the emulators work ok? I think buying one from a reputable retro seller is my best option
  15. I’d like to get myself a Dreamcast but am very new to retro gaming. What is my best option? A console from Ebay? Anything in particular to look out for? Or is there a machine that can emulate games for a reasonable price? I know this is a lot of questions but hoping someone can help. Thanks!
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