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  1. Apologies, I had a chat with GamesGamesGames but missed the notification that you'd replied, Pockets. I do wish I could do something with what's been happening, certainly. The fact that the surface details are infuriatingly banal is part of what makes it useless, though there is the option, which I've hoped to approach, of writing something more universally 'enjoyable' which still deals with the same themes and allows me to process 'what I've learned'. That sounds the way to go but maybe half the problem is what you describe. True enough, I had a five year break from writing in my
  2. I wouldn't myself have the gall to have published this at this point in time, and having had the life of freedom she has that most people can't conceive of. I was briefly in classes run by Deborah Levy, and once teased her a wee bit when getting her to sign a book at a prize-giving, by saying I'd bought it in a charity shop. I decided to tell her this because I thought the existence of the books should be what matters, and a few of her colleagues seemed very far from aware of their privilege, having been to good universities and teaching struggling people at a former poly fourth from the botto
  3. I've deliberately not done that here and this is largely because in spite of myself as far as goes something to share in a forum it's more of abstract interest, it seems to me, in relation to other issues and news stories - conduct of people in TV. The pinched idea revolves around a whisky flask of baked beans though. As an aside, I never saw League of Gentlemen when it was on, and two of the three series I know from a hardback of scripts. I think that work was much stronger than these sub-potboiler-like thrillers they've done recently, and I make this remark because where the thin
  4. Very saddened that this should happen but Sheersmith and Pemberton are not averse to plagiarism, and don't have much of a conscience about it. They made about six seconds of television on the second series of Psychoville from about ten words of detail that one of them saw most likely in a comment of mine on the Guardian's site under an interview, if not indirectly through Cookd & Bombd. The snippet of material, in combination with the timing of when it appeared is too specific/ distinctive for it to have been lateral thinking. I waited a few years before deciding to write to th
  5. Spare a thought for my tits, Sir. I'm inclined to go with Zoom 909 on the grounds of the unreliability of memory, the subtler colours and the lack of Buck Rogers branding that would have helped lodge the memory in my case. I greatly look forward to anticipate reopening this matter in 2027, 2035 and 2043 on other forums. In the meantime I'll soon be making some attempts to find a version of it that will run on a Linux-based laptop, so that I can be underwhelmed and thrown into a fresh depression as a result. Hurrah!
  6. Abbey Crunch are discontinued aren't they? It doesn't make a lot of sense that we have the Hobnob and no Abbey Crunch, except in the way that we have Line of Duty instead of an accurate TV series about the systemic corruption of the police. The Hobnob is too sugary, it's sickly. Abbey Crunch was almost a meal in itself, it was the subtle precursor to the Hobnob. Does anyone make something nearer the Abbey Crunch than it is to the Hobnob? I think I've had some kind of supermarket own brand biscuit that is like a slightly above half-hearted attempt at an Abbey Crunch tribute, possibl
  7. It feels like those hopping tripod things seem familiar also.
  8. H'mm, well I've watched videos of three different versions of a game called Zoom 909 and one of them is quite near and possibly near enough that it might - might - pierce any idea I had that I wasn't romanticising what I remembered. Two of the versions seem still too crude, with the trench being in that solid colour form. I really don't know. This is a bit like that film Memento for me. No, it really is. The bit where Guy Pierce is told by the cop, the untrustworthy 'authority', that he's already avenged his wife's (?) death, or whatever. Has he? Have I? What if Zoom 909 is the gam
  9. In some ways Astro Belt, Star Rider and Galaxy Ranger look more advanced than the one I played - all lazer disc at a guess? This game I played didn't have that film-like background though. Foreground and background were all of the same source. Continued thanks for your efforts. Keep cool.
  10. I've played guitar for 35 years and written songs on and off for all that time, over a thousand and nearly all of them rubbish. I moved from electric to acoustic guitar in 1995 and have continued to make slow progress. A double-edged sword but I've not been motivated to learn others' guitar parts and songs all that much, and as a result I have my own style and voice but in a not overly fluid fashion. I can see I have an understanding of songwriting, a strong chordal vocabulary and frequent flashes of decent and non-annoying melody. There is something fundamental that is off or missing though.
  11. Similar again, certainly. Still looks too blocky to me and there was definitely, for most of the game or level that I saw, a trench where I'd call Thunder Ceptor's thing more of a tunnel. A few of these are not far off though. I am a bit scared I dreamt this, above all else because it means I dreamt once of being on holiday in the Isle of Wight playing an arcade game, which seems like misuse of the subconscious. But no, it was real. How can such a flashy and advanced game be so obscure, it is dead weird. Surely people were also in awe of it like me? Could it be that most here are y
  12. The nearest so far is probably Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom, which I watched a bit of on YouTube, but in all honesty that looks quite crude compared to what I remember. On the one hand our memory is deceptive, and grim middle age can make us romanticise anything. But on the other this awed memory feels vivid, and I had embarked on learning programming myself, writing two modest games on the ZX81 and then the Dragon 32, so I feel I have some kind of kernel of impartiality/ distance. You know like when you're learning any kind of skill a bit of your brain is looking coldly to learn. I
  13. The spaceship that you're controlling is pretty big in this game, must take up about a quarter or a third of the width of the bottom of the screen. I do remember it feeling very big. And the 3D-ness of it, it was more 'straight ahead' than some of these, not so scroll-y. The Peter's Cornish pasties I've seen in Morrisson's are quite close to the Bowyer's, I suppose I could wean myself back onto them. There's no oven here. Microwave for a minute then crisp them up by applying an oven lighter for a couple of minutes. If it's that and Tube Panic - nice though it looks - then my Bucket
  14. In pie news, by the way, I read now that Bowyers stopped making pasties in 2007 but still make pork pies and sausage rrolls. WTAF.
  15. Pretty close but there was no quasi-photo-real background (never seen that before, interesting). The trench aspect was pretty constant I think. Put yourself in my shoes - a 14 year old boy saw this game and was thinking, "What?!? WHAT?!?!!?!? How are they doing this?!?! This is amazing, Richard's Dragon 32 would literally melt and cause a house fire if it tried to run this." That's how advanced it was.
  16. I think it looked so swish that it wouldn't even have run on a home computer from that period - it must have been very memory-intensive indeed for 1984. There was nothing miniaturised or compromised about it, within the limitations of the tech of the time, I'd say. I definitely didn't dream this. Although holidaying with my particular parents in the mid-1980s would definitely cause vivid dreaming involving shooting things. I feel we're getting warmer. Don't let your dinners get cold, I will be hoovering, ironing, buying spuds and all sorts of stuff in the coming days. B
  17. Sprites. It looked like a more elaborate version of that Buck Rogers game there. More graphics detail, subtler colours. Thanks so far for springing into action, team.
  18. I've made a few attempts in the past to find out what arcade game this was, and it's not a biggie really as I would have no means to obtain and play it again and if i did I'd probably be bored with it in the middle of the first attempt. But it still bugs me. I played this on the Isle of Wight in 1984 or 1985 in the Whitecliff Bay holiday camp's canteen area. It was impressively 3D to me though it'd probably make my nephew laugh himself to death if he saw it. It kind of seemed like the end scenes from Star Wars IV, in the Death Star trenches. It wasn't a Star Wars tie-in though, it
  19. I'm not a young man but have kept on with my creative efforts into middle age, having had a few years' very minor and materially dire success in my mid-30s, with a minority interest literary form. At the point where I was succeeding I could already feel the impetus slipping, and I think part of that was to do with a 'mystery' being solved, through meeting very long lost family. I mean that I think the encounters fed into my sense of my nature at the point where I was on the cusp of becoming a more competent and confident person due to my minor successes, and slipping back into self-loathing.
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