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  1. 18 hours ago, milko said:

    Enjoyed that. Gutted I tossed away a second place in race 1 with that rookie error of not checking my fuel! Of all the damn tracks to have to stop for fuel in a sprint race. Congrats to @texlex45 and his consistently alien pace. 


    Thanks @milko 😄 Think we need @Erik to join us for a race again to show us what the real alien pace looks like. Shame about your fuel as you were staying within striking distance really well in that first race. 

    18 hours ago, mrben09 said:

    I need to change car or game . So far off the pace since up I came back. Stacked it early doors race 2 and that was enough for me. I just seem to be sliding everywhere but I’ve had those setups forever. Most frustrating. Or can we get some worse drivers back! I prefer the practice to the racing these days…..  

    Frustration can always hit hard @mrben09. I am sure you will be able to make a strong return 💪 

    Maybe a good way to get back on track could be to just stick to the default aggressive setups? Because at our skill level (including mine), 90% of the time lost and instability in cars is caused by our own driving rather than suboptimal setups. And the aliens can manage far better times than any of us on the default aggressives so it's mostly driving technique. 

  2. 22 hours ago, milko said:

    2'19 is tantalisingly in reach for me now but @texlex45 I have no clue how you get so fast through sector 2!

    Haha thanks Milko, tbh I was a bit surprised myself at the time because my previous bests with the Audi on patch 1.8 were hovering around 2:20s and high 2:19s. So likely a combo of Mclaren being slightly overpowered and a good setup for that sector. 

    With the BMW and Mclaren nerf, will be interesting to see how the times are affected come Thursday

  3. @davejm I can imagine that transition to be very difficult especially since VR is far more natural for our brain to process.

    My tip for Eau Rouge in pancake mode (can't do VR due to slight motion sickness) is that you have to look ahead in the corner to nail it. So once I turn in left for the first part of the corner, I am already looking at the spot on the right hand side curb that I want to get close to on the right hand turn. This gets me on a good line for the exit almost all the time. Hope this maybe helps a bit 

  4. 14 hours ago, Valver said:

    This appeared on the AC Facebook page.  I wonder if there's more content planned for ACC?  I hope so!


    Maybe it's AC2 news (and a side order of AC mobile)?



    A nice dose of Nordschleife or the Le Mans Circuit would be the dream but very unlikely given license restrictions. I know Circuit Magny-Cours was supposed to be added in a DLC at some point as well but COVID-19 didn't allow for the laser scanning anymore. 


    My gut feeling does sense a big dose of AC mobile though, which does not excite me one bit... 

  5. Was some fun racing indeed! Enjoyed the one-off difficult experience with the car but definitely not a car you want to deal with every week 😅 


    Race 1 was pretty smooth sailing until I entered the Schumacher-S a bit too quickly and spun it around, dropping me back to P3. Managed to regain back to P2 after @SharkyOB 's Porsche also decided to misbehave. Congrats again to @Valver for a great race win! Only one to show the consistency in that first race and deservedly taking advantage of it. 


    Race 2 the car felt much more stable and planted and I learned my lesson from the first race to not race against the clock too hard. I was eventually able to build a solid gap to @davejm and got the win I threw away in the first race. And the transition from late afternoon to dark evening also made the scenery very enjoyable.


    For set ups, I also took the baseline aggressive setup and: 

    1. Increased the negative camber on all four tyres 
    2. added some negative front toe 
    3. rear ride height at 109 and front ride height at 77 
    4. rear wing up to 9 
    5. stiffened the front ARB to 3 for some extra turn in 


    Overall a great race session but glad to have some traction control back again soon 😄

  6. 5 hours ago, Erik said:


    Yeah well they didnt. We were taken out multiple times by gt3s and spent minutes doing repairs. 10 hours of dodge the GT3 or be in the wall. In final 30 min I stopped evading dive bombers and had 6 more contacts and 3 overtake me on the grass on the outside. Dirty even by the Nurb 24 h champion, again.


    P5 still but it could have been worse. 3 cars were DQ'd, 2 before race even started, and I dont want to know how much worse it would have been with them.


    Yikes that sounds rough... 

  7. 4 minutes ago, davejm said:

    Morning guys.  Phenomenal night in Assetto Corsa last night :)


    Next week will be a Porsche Cup event at the Nurburgring.



    This will feature a 15 minute qualifying session with 2 x 30 minute races.


    The practice server is live! :)


    More dancing along a track with a difficult car... sign me up after yesterday's epic racing 💯

  8. 1 hour ago, davejm said:

    I'm buzzing for later :)  Gotta hope the dog doesn't interrupt me.  She was fine during last week's endurance, but it was her first day with me so was more shy.  She's a bit braver now and when I did a bit of practice the other day she was a bit more keen to stick her nose in.  We'll see what happens.  Will take her for a long walk first.


    Haha that means she will be like verstappen's cats 😄 



  9. @SharkyOB Thanks for some of those tips. also helped me out to cut my time a bit further :) 


    Key tomorrow, more so than in the ACC league, will be to not bin it... easier said than done over an entire 30 mins 😅

  10. 37 minutes ago, davejm said:


    No mate, the practice server only works for ACC.   I've got some PC parts to make a dedicated server (which I'm going to be able to use for AC and ACC) but haven't got around to building it yet.

    Ah ok no worries mate. Was just wondering how you knew about @SharkyOB 's time on Bremgarten and thought there might be a server to answer that :) 


    Did quite a few practice laps tonight to get the hang of the car and track and boy oh boy is it fun 🥳 The sliding, the turning the car with the throttle and managing the momentum is such a fun and different experience from the aero heavy GT3s. Managed a 2:38.6 as my fastest lap today but no idea whether thats any good or not... 

  11. 9 hours ago, davejm said:

    Anyone else interested in the Assetto Corsa 1950s Formula 1 @ Bremgarten races this Thursday?





    Hi Guys back from the vacation... seems like I missed an eventful race last thursday! Congrats @Erik for the championship win. Glad I was able to beat you in at least one race (even if it was your first time properly driving laguna 😅). And glad to see @Yannik joining as well from the powerQ crew 😄

    @davejm I would definitely be interested to race this car / track combo on Thursday! Would be a nice historic race through an old hometown track of mine 

  12. 10 hours ago, Valver said:

    Race 1 - sorry about the thumbnail @texlex45 😉


    Hahaha perfect timing 😉


    A tale of two races for me. First one obviously ruined by my own mistake (you're welcome for the gift @Erik 😄)  and then had severe damage on the rear, so I was playing ACC Tokyo Drift for a little while until I decided to call it quits and save my concentration and energy for the 2nd race.


    2nd race was a whole lot smoother and my pace was strong. Was quite surprised at the gap I was able to build but @SANtoOos and @Erik were battling behind so could take full advantage of that. 

    Overall a nice way to end the season for me since I'll be in sunny Sardinia next week ☀️ 😎 🍹. Just wanted to say thank you to @davejm for the invite to this great community and for organizing the servers / simracingGP! It's been brilliant practicing, racing and chatting with you all over the last weeks. Not sure how much I will be able to participate in the next season as I start a poor work-life balance internship in September. But will try to make as many races as possible 😄

  13. 44 minutes ago, Count Buffalos said:

    I’m sort of tempted to try Raceroom again - has anyone played it recently?


    Not yet but it sounds somewhat enticing. I've only heard good things about the new FFB but the old one wasn't so brilliant either. And a good ranked system with easy drop-in races without the cost of a kidney always gets my attention (💸 iRacing 💸). 


    18 minutes ago, SharkyOB said:

    Sorry for bringing a bit of negativity into the thread folks!  I know the racing will still be great tomorrow and I'll probably rediscover my motivation next week.  I think I'm just not feeling it because I don't particularly like Laguna Seca and I'm really enjoying driving older cars in Assetto Corsa at the moment.


    No worries man, I think we all feel similar things at various times during sim-racing. Laguna Seca is a bit of a crap track in this game even though I really like the layout. But the sliding and the extremely punishing off-tracks make it a pain to learn and practice. In my Chevy, traction off corner exit is such an issue, even more so compared to other tracks. 


    And some nice change of pace with different cars is always good after only driving GT3s for hours on hours



  14. 2 hours ago, SANtoOos said:

    Such a great track to be your first! My advice is get as close to the track as possible. I was at the 2013 British GP, got a place on the hill by Stowe, good visibility but it was just too far. Halfway through the race I walked down the hill and found a spot in the fence by the braking zone of the Hangar straight and that was unbelievable, just a few meters from the cars, these cars need to be experienced up close, very visceral experience, the sense of speed, obviously the sound, but that year was the last V8 year so that helped. 


    It's different for everyone though, if you're able to walk around the track, try a few different spots during practice or quali. (though it's probably numbered seats these days I imagine?) 


    sounds awesome! Unfortunately no corner hopping is allowed as you correctly guessed. Strictly limited to one spot for the race. But atleast we have a great view on one of the best overtaking zones and a tv screen to hopefully give some context with what else is going on during the sessions (see red mark below). And it looks like mixed conditions for Saturday and Sunday so could be a real spicy race 🌦️ 🔥


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