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  1. That makes sense to me. I would prefer a GT3 race but GT4s are of course also a great time on that track.
  2. @davejm @daifuco Wishing you both a very speedy recovery! I won't be able to join tonight as the girlfriend is visiting but looking forward to practicing some Suzuka next week! Will be highly motivated as I am also going to my first ever F1 GP in Spielberg this weekend If anyone has any tips / must bring items from their own experiences, please let me know!
  3. Yea I definitely think this is the case. Just given my own experience finding the time to practice for races is becoming more and more difficult... unless you wanna tell your friends and family that virtual racing is more important than them
  4. Unfortunate one for me tonight. Bumped @Erik at the start and when wanting to give the place back, I thought he had spun towards the back so I gave myself a last to first challenge by accident recovered well up to P3 but then the internet disconnected, putting me dead last again so I ragequit. Sorry for not saying goodbye to all but just a bit too frustrated at that. Second race in a row now as well where it disconnects from the server even though I have solid ethernet and no other internet issues... oh well it is what is. Congrats to the podium guys and see ya next week
  5. ahhh thanks for the info @Erik and @davejm . In that case I will put in some more effort in the "DIY" livery section of the game
  6. Just downloaded a few nice custom liveries for thursday And here is my quickest lap I've ever set at Kyalami from todays practice session. Maybe it can help one or two of you:
  7. Yep the pesky left knee has always been my issue on longer stints. Anything over an hour it can start to feel quite weird / uncomfortable. What do you / others do during the race? Stretch, lean it against something?
  8. I did the Driver61 simracing coaching program like I described in a previous post. Since I'm of a fairly competitive nature and had lots of time on hand during lockdowns, I thought it would be a worthwhile investment. I definitely felt it payed off over time in terms of accelerating progress and quicker lap times but to each their own of course. @davejm The "looking ahead" topic is the first thing they teach in the Driver61 course. Takes a lot of practice to reteach your brain and I still don't do it 100% consistently either. Their youtube channel also has a decent free video explaining what they mean by it.
  9. Had a great first race with @Erik. Tight and close racing throughout, just a shame it ended with a clumsy bonk with my chunky chevy front end Not used to those huge front engines after mainly using Audi. 2nd Race I got "pirelli'ed" by my internet connection after a good start and getting back into P2. Hope I wasn't too rowdy on the overtake @SANtoOos since I felt you gave me a lot of space? Now I am very excited for next week Favorite track and car combination for me so hoping to really challenge for P1
  10. Love the enthusiasm to learn I am quite flexible this weekend so feel free to shoot me a message @davejm Looks really nice. Seems to look a lot easier for an organizer. I think the only downside is that simracing.gp currently don't offer the practice server option which is really nice to have. I am signed up in an RCI league on simracing.gp and they currently can't host practice servers on there yet. So not sure if that would mean double payment to have race and practice servers
  11. I can definitely understand that frustration @mrben09. Some of the best tips I've received for practice is to generally focus a practice session on one aspect you would like to improve. For example, you could do a practice session with a focus solely on trailbraking or on using as much of the track as possible and ignoring the other aspects at that time. Trying to focus on everything at once will likely just lead to an overload of the brain and frustration at the lack of improvement. Some of the best resources on the fundamentals are the Driver 61 articles and videos (https://driver61.com/uni/) which explain the most important concepts in depth. If anyone wants to invest some hard-earned cash, I can also recommend their Pure Pace Masterclass online course (cost around 100 USD when I did it). You get 4 modules which unlock progressively each week and every week you get a 5-on-1 group coaching session with an instructor as well (unfortunately all the training was in iracing but its still helpful). It gave me some important feedback on driving habits and can make you aware of mistakes you don't even know about. Lastly, I also extend @Erik 's offer to you and anyone else to practice together and get someone else's view on the driving. I am by no means an alien but I think an objective outside view can always help
  12. One thing to add for some of the more experienced drivers out there as well is that it can save quite some time in the pitstop to map your ignition and your starter to buttons on your wheel / keyboard (as long as its easily reachable). It will allow you to cut the engine while you roll into the pitbox and to restart it after the pitstop much more quickly. The basic process goes as follows: 1. While getting close to your designated pitbox, cut the engine by hitting the ignition button and just use the momentum to roll you into your final position. 2. During the pitstop, make sure to re-activate the ignition by hitting the button once (the ignition sign should then light up green) 3. With a few seconds to go in the pitstop, floor the throttle and keep the starter button pushed in. As soon as the pit crew lets you down, you will immediately restart the engine and keep rolling (again make sure ignition button is green, otherwise your engine will do nada). I would recommend practicing this quite a few times beforehand, otherwise it might royally screw up your race but it can save you some valuable time in those close battles
  13. Here's an opportunity for some extra race practice for Thursday's league race. The Simgrid daily racing is having night races at Barcelona. Can highly recommend these races in comparison to public lobbies https://daily.thesimgrid.com/
  14. Unfortunately we're missing our resident alien @Erik this week so have to prolly reduce the real #1 time by another sec at least
  15. Sorry to hear that Dave but certainly the smarter option. Better to miss 1-2 races giving it a rest rather than the whole league and of course missing out on all the other daily stuff happening in "real life". Get well soon!
  16. Wouldn't remember any either off the top of my head. But it was a brilliant and quite evenly matched league. Certainly learnt a lot in the first few races about avoiding the hotlapping mindset and just going for somewhat safe and consistent laptimes in those 1 hour races.
  17. glad to be here love the mixed league format and seems like a fun group of guys to race with! ahhhh yes I did, I am Daniel Witschi from that league and finished just a few points behind you
  18. Sad I had to miss the last race but this should be a spicy opening to the league!
  19. Great immersion for sure but my brain is not too fond yet of it. Might have to get used to it for a little while.
  20. Looking like a close race! Set my time in my first ever VR session so quite happy with that
  21. Can also recommend the Camaro for that raunchy American sound It reminds me a bit of how you have to drive the Mazda in iRacing. All about maintaining momentum and keeping speed up. Definitely a nice change of pace from the GT3 cars. On Monday I will also be giving VR a try for the first time so hopefully my experiences will be as vivid as @SANtoOos's Thanks for having me yesterday and looking forward to the league soon!
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