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  1. Erik

    WRC Generations

    Oh yeah DR2 is weird in its own way, its almost as if rear suspension doesnt matter or do anything. Its like its glued to the ground. And not that much content and stages are relatively short.
  2. Erik

    WRC Generations

    Im on PC and Im looking for rally sim, not controller rally game. Some of those things, such as not having true RWD or FWD cars, are unacceptable.
  3. Erik

    WRC Generations

    Im passing this until they start fixing the bugs. Maaaybe once its in discount which will be within half a year. I believe this publisher and dev lost the license to Codies(who are renaming Dirt Rally folder as we speak) so Im not expecting them to do anything though.
  4. McLaren and/or Lando have marketing partnership with Logitech. Logitech DD ads with Lando keep popping up for me everywhere
  5. Erik

    WRC Generations

    I watched Jimmy Broadbent play this yesterday. He thinks the driving is very good and fun even if tarmac physics are Scheisse(similar to Dirt Rally and previous WRC games). But theres too much copy-paste content and the menus, mp, leagues etc are bad. For example there is no timing between stages in multiplayer, only at the end of rally, so nobody knows the situation until at the end. Thats unacceptable as RBR did multiplayer events and UI right 20 years ago already and it cannot be lot of work for a big developer.
  6. Heres some shots of mine from this year. Start of 24 hours of Spa: Trucks at Las Vegas, 3 wide you're in the middle! 50 teams start the endurance season at Nürburgring: Trucks at Homestead, mad finish for P4(Im just ahead of them). 6 hours of (very wet) Paul Ricard. We did a final lap overtake too: https://streamable.com/4ybukl ARCA action at Bristol: And finally unrestricted NASCAR 1987 monsters at Michigan and tonight at Darlington:
  7. If you dont hit the box but pitcrew has to move the car thats 2-3 seconds lost right away. So practice boxing so you know which line in the virtual or real lollipop to use as reference. For whatever reason the virtual lollipop's position relative to box seems to vary a bit so you need to make sure you use the correct position every time you go to a new track. I just let the engine stall when I stop in the box. Engine can be started when theres 1 second to go and that will often win at least that much if nobody else does it.
  8. I believe NR2003 is still the 2nd best oval racing game/sim and its abandonware. 20 years old but active community and they keep making tracks and cars(with physics) and liveries for every season.
  9. Day is ok to me, better than Friday or Sunday, but start is a bit too late. Timezones are annoying. Also as I hate Donington theres a high chance I'd have skipped this race anyway. My yesterday's racing fix was ~1 hour NASCAR 1987 at old bumpy Michigan. It went green all the way to chequered! Im the brown number 5 Schlitz Buick, finished where I started at p5.
  10. Rennsport is a bit weird to me. German name for something I assume is a "very serious esports sim" game with international target audience. UE engine and looks like ACC but so far very little content and cars seem to wobble worse than BeamNG Reliant Robin. They are trying to build hype I guess.
  11. Try to make it safer, Porsche is like 5-6 tenths faster than all other cars in Laguna and even faster with high fuel.
  12. I will miss this as I dont have AMS2. Next endurance for me will be LFM 24 hours of WATKINS GLEN on 29 and 30th. We'll be the sole Bentley.
  13. No cross play Im afraid. PC has had about dozen smaller updates after that and console physics are still somewhat different.
  14. Myself Im a bit too busy with work and other matters and these races are too late as they end just before midnight.
  15. Only one rim and its not a particularly good one. No go - for now.
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