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  1. Heres a 1:43.3 lap. Theres still 2-3 tenths to gain early in the lap and 1-2 tenths in the slow chicane. I hope it helps someone find the racing line and where to brake and turn. Hot track makes things difficult, so slidey. https://streamable.com/zul5fb
  2. @davejm server conditions dont seem to be static. First time when I joined it was 6 o clock or so and 28/28 degrees, and the second time it started where it should have at 2 pm, but there was slight change in track temperature over 2 hours.
  3. The RCI multiclass enduro tracks left are Misano, Bathurst and Monza. I was asking Dave if he was interested in case more drivers are needed. Besides those, theres also gt3 only 4 h Hungaroring on Nov 20, and after multiclass races starts a new slighly more serious 6-race enduro world tour which will have 12 and 24 h races. We will be there of course. There are of course also many other communities that arrange quality stewarded endurances, but 1 or 2 big races per month is what most seem to prefer over busier schedule.
  4. An idea from the Circuit Superstars thread. Could we have AC or ACC hotlap server, with car(s) and/or tracks changing every couple of weeks? I wonder if something like that would be interesting and have lower entry bar or be otherwise more accessible than these weekly races.
  5. I dont think they do really, except maybe for T1 and maybe the last bit of the very long right hander in Paul Ricard. On British tracks you need to have 2 tyres fully inside white lines. Everywhere else if you touch the black stuff inside white lines its valid, and sometimes you can go wider or cut more and be fully off the track(I'm thinking about Spa mostly) and the actual limit may be a cone or a kerb or another line that cant be touched. If you want practice company, ping me on discord next time you drive Misano or whatever we have coming up here. Even if I'm offline.
  6. Yeah, you just throw the car into the first chicane and hope it sticks. Every lap its slightly different but somehow it works. Something that also works is touching only the first or the second kerb, and using some throttle when touching them to stabilize the car a bit. I used same setup as in Oulton Park, so my car was very soft and raised, though I feel I should have raised it by couple of mm more or used stiffer front wheelrates because it still bottomed out a lot on those red anti-cut kerbs as you could see in the video in my previous post. I was 8-9 tenths off the pace I know I can do in Bentley but game performance was pretty good, I only had a handful of freezes. Did anyone else have trouble seeing braking and turn in points in the dark? First laps in race 1 were the worst
  7. Dont crash in the chicane, dont crash in the chicane, dont crash in the chicane https://streamable.com/vwhu0l
  8. Brake ducts and pads have by far the greatest effect. Then toe and camber. Everything else very minor. Sometimes you just cant get them within optimal temperature range.
  9. Is it properly grounded? The DD. Remember its not just for safety but also to make sure its in the same potential with everything else
  10. Yeah tbh I get tons of stuttering and screen freezes in Zolder so running no practice may be the least frustrating way to do a Zolder race week
  11. Right, does that mean we get 2 weeks of qualifying for Imola? Ill have to practice for Imola and Misano at the same time
  12. Is the Zolder race this week? I though it'd be next week. I should be able to race but I likely wont be able to turn a single practice lap
  13. I watched most of the race on Yannik's stream until signal strength finally got too bad and it was stuck in buffering. I tried VR for the first time today, in Il-2. I think I may need to get a VR set and see if I can make ACC run smoothly.
  14. Last weekend I followed a enduro race where Tortellini was lapping 2:17s in Spa, in the Porsche. In traffic, with full fuel and 10 kg of ballast. He barely turns the wheel in most corners. His stint starting here:
  15. Yeah they are quite different. In the preset front is very damped, sits on bumpstops and doesnt pitch or roll much at all. For me that results in very understeery feel and sliding front tyres a lot. I find the car also does not like touching kerbs. Increasing bumpstop range and reducing damping improves all that. I found that to compensate for front changes rear also needs some changes to stop low speed entry oversteer. Front wheelrate doesnt necessarily need to be softer though, my mistake there. Its not necessarily any faster than the preset, just different. For me car becomes more predictable and stable with more grip, but responds slower. Can anyone stream tonight's race?
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