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  1. On Hungaroring I think its very important to maintain speed through the many long corners and use all of the track and kerbs. I see I did 1:53.6 here in a Porsche some months ago but that can surely be improved. I remember I had trouble braking and turning in the most, car sliding every corner
  2. I will be unavailable tonight, but might be able to race next week. I will see. @MeersI'm from Finland. I have played racing and rally games every now and then for years, but two years ago I decided to give iRacing a proper try. I liked it, but when my subscription time ran out I didnt renew it. I felt it was too difficult, a little odd or unrealistic in some areas, not rewarding enough and way, way too expensive. Then came ACC, I started improving quickly, having more fun and now I'm addicted. In ACC I am currently mainly focused on endurance racing and RCI World Tour
  3. I think managed a 2:13.7 in the Porsche, 2:13.5 or so best sectors. I dont know if my changes made it faster or slower, but I lowered rear wing to minimum, rear toe-in to zero and reduced front toe. First laps on cold and low pressure tyres it behaves interestingly, but understeer is mostly gone and it can do the Quarry turn flat out. Keep the foot down, turn in early and close your eyes
  4. Always brake pad 2 for GT4s! This is something I only recently learned from developers Aris and Panky. Pad 1 is apparently heat too much too easily for most GT4s because the cars are soft and have loads of weight transfer. Exceptions can be the lightest cars like Alpine and maybe rear brakes.
  5. If you can use 5th gear on Mountain Straight and 6th on Conrod, acceleration and top speed should be fine. Compared to GT3, GT4s are slightly less about smashing power down on apex and late braking, and a bit more about maintaining speed through corners.
  6. @Meers, I too have CPU bottleneck. I can max out everything but the CPU will scream at 100 % if there are many cars on track, regardless of if they are AI or players. Only thing that reduces CPU use and especially the microfreezes to me is lowering framerate cap, which is to me now 35. Lowering resolution might also work but I dont want to do that. You could try a cap of say 50 and see if the freezes become less frequent.
  7. I think I have hit all the walls without invalidating a lap. Sometimes if you hit the right part invalidates, sometimes not. I tend to hit the outside wall of turn 5, the final right before the long left handers on the mountain.
  8. So am I, especially slow corners seem to take forever compared to GT3s. I should be able to shave away that 0.581 when I dont carry damage or have a wall contact
  9. Imola and GT4s sounds like a good combination. I dont think I have driven GT4s outside of Hungaroring and Spa... Those kerbs are much less deadly to GT4s compared to GT3s, but the track is still fun, very technical and requires smooth and precise driving. And not as lethal as Oulton Park. I cant make the race next week, but I did turn 20 or so laps for fun today. Heres the best one of them, as you can see there is still some to improve. 1:50.775, aggressive setup without changing anything except tyre pressures. https://streamable.com/smuj7c
  10. Hello, Due to real life committments, duties and partial conflicts with two RCI Endurance team championship events I will be unavailable in Thursday races until May 20th and then again until June 17th or even 27th. But I will try to join a race every now and then.
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