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  1. https://i.imgur.com/s5kXxgu.png https://i.imgur.com/1r8rSa0.png https://i.imgur.com/MVmPG2w.png https://i.imgur.com/GoLG3fj.png Some screenshots.
  2. 991 GT3 R is the one that wants its driver dead. 718 Cayman GT4 is much easier and usually doesnt oversteer. 991.2 GT3 R is somewhere in between the two in that regard
  3. It could be because some of the GT4s are pretty difficult or unique to drive. KTM, Alpine, Audi, Ginetta and especially the Maserati. That leaves only 6 others.
  4. Its allright. I have killed about third of the grid including some of the fastest competition in a race start so I'm not allowed to complain about others bonking me a bit this year. I couldnt afford to make a mistake there and I had to adjust TC and BB almost corner to corner, very exhausting. Arena section was especially difficult for me, I couldnt get the car turned and 3rd gear was too high, but if I shifted down to 2nd to get it turned it'd kick out the rear and engine brake would make it even slower. I was chasing setup all week and last minute guesswork changes and probably p
  5. For me and probably most of us simracing is a hobby. Practicing, learning a new track, developing setup, finding consistency, racing and many other things are all parts of it and I enjoy them. I feel if I used a coaching service now that I have learned the basics I would miss the part where I find out where and how to improve myself... even if I got faster and better, there would be slightly less hobby to enjoy. Probably. And I would have to pay for it. Some of the most efficient practicing I've had has been driving the same car together with someone who is at the same level. We ca
  6. Theres an error in series scoring on simracing.gp - P6 gets 7 instead of 9 points.
  7. Tex really made me sweat in the first race. BMW's traction out of corners saved me at least half a dozen times. I didnt realize my car was quite that bad in the wet. Horrible, horrible in turns and under brakes. I had made some last minute setup changes that quite clearly didnt work and I guessed tyre pressures wrong. You nearly got me in the arena and when we encountered lapped cars. Shame about the connection issues in race 2.
  8. Heres my setup. Flight pedals against the wall stop the thrustmasters from sliding
  9. IMHO it doesnt help if its too narrow. I see that your fov is 46 degrees. Thats plenty so it can work. If I used "correct" FoV I wouldnt be able to drive close to other cars at all and forget about trackside brake markers. I have a 24" 16:9 screen 85 cm away from eyes and I cant get it any closer as the base of the screen is already touching the wheelbase and I sit close to the wheel. My 50" TV screen just about fits on the desk, but if I use it there'd be very little space left and I dont know if its low latency or no.
  10. You'll get there. Grid has lots of talent and I suspect I'm - for the time being - ahead only thanks to all the time spent turning practice laps. I hope I can learn something from driving the BMW because its so different to Porsche and other cars I've driven before in ACC.
  11. I dont like the BMW. I just somehow ended up driving it. On this track I have trouble making it enter turns at all and I have to move brake bias 4 % more forward than what people use on youtube hotlaps or I lock the rears and around it goes. Understeers, slides and locks up rears, its a dog. I suspect my quali times are at least a second off aliens.
  12. I used to use the "correct" FoV but it restricts too much what I can see. For hairpins and battling with other cars I need to see more, so I went back from 43 degrees to 56. Its still very restrictive but better to have some fisheye effect than be blind... Many like look with turn, but as personal preference I have it turned off and have locked the camera. I can see small movements of the car better and that helps me to catch spins and drifts. Like with wheels, sitting position and FFB, many of these camera settings can be very personal and I think its more important to not constan
  13. @daifuco set steering lock to 900 in game and it should automatically change the lock from car to car to match. Make sure its maxed in the Thrustmaster software. I use cockpit view but I have disabled steering look and camera shake, and I usually move the camera a bit so that the in-game steering wheel is more behind physical wheel.
  14. So many Astons and Porsches! Guys, I heard the light cars Alpine, KTM and Ginetta are great in the wet
  15. Btw we are still looking for Porsche Cup, Super Trofeo and GT4 drivers for the RCI 10 hour Silverstone race on July 31. I will likely drive GT4 but I dont rule out GT3, ST or Porche Cup. Right now we have 6 people, but chances are that 1 or 2 cant make it. If we can have 3 or even 4 drivers in a car its okay if one drives just one stint.
  16. Could we consider extending qualifying time a bit for this track? Because if outlap and first lap are say 2 min 15 s, I fear only couple of cars can get 2 fast laps in and time will run out for others. Especially if it rains and the outlap, including loading setup and driving the pitlane, becomes like 2 min 40 and fast laps 2 min 20-25.
  17. Erik

    Assetto Corsa

    If we dont have player numbers or time to do proper races in AC, we could also do things like hotlap challenges around Nordschleife or something in various cars, or virtual car meets or something.
  18. I usually like driving in rain in ACC but I'm not very experienced in that. If the car is setup well and doesnt want to kill you, you need to brake a bit earlier than in dry and be careful when touching kerbs. Never brake on kerbs or paint. Lower all cambers by say half a degree, increase traction control if needed, and try to keep wet tyres between 29.5 and 30.5 PSI. If it starts to rain mid-race drive on the dirty parts to collect marbles until its fully wet and rubber has been washed away.
  19. Ill be on discord tonight if someone wants to practice together.
  20. I have no idea how to drive Club or Brooklands-Luffield combination either. I can lose or win 3 tenths in them and have no idea what I did differently
  21. All ACC DLCs are on sale right now. Get them if you still dont have them all!
  22. I dont know how exactly GTS works, but in ACC comparing laptimes is less useful because conditions, fuel and tyre wear all have very big effect. Between full tank and quali fuel there is usually more than a second, and another second or more between low temperature overcast(or night) and hot clear sky.
  23. I feel I cant make the BMW work here. Just understeers everywhere but snap oversteers in some medium speed corners. Weird. For people who use ACC Results Companion, it looks like it doesnt count laps driven on the server as mine because the server sets me a different name. Now I have 2 Eriks on the leaderboard and my laps didnt count as my own.
  24. As long as the brakes never go yellow or orange at any point you are good. Warm brakes wear quicker but pad 2 will still last 12 hours or close if it stays green and never turns blueish. If you have motec, see that brake temps after some laps never go above 750 or so degrees.
  25. @mrben09 lets drive some together after next week's Friday when I return. To gauge what are your biggest obstacles in improving and try to remedy them. I dont know what happened exactly, but Im sure everyone has been that guy who takes out a dozen cars in turn 1 of an important race... I know I have. One cant but learn the hard lesson, be more careful at the start and first lap and hopefully it never happens again.
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