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  1. Yeah it's a real frustrating one, since I upgraded my phone about 6 months ago I've had random connection drops, and still no fiber internet yet in my house. Need to find my old mobile, was able to use that consistently.
  2. I've had continued internet issues since last week, I'm not going to be able to race tonight, I keep getting kicked off servers after 10 minutes regardless if I'm on my WiFi or mobile hotspot. Really hope I can find a reliable solution for next week.
  3. Just did a handful of laps to try out the M2, it has some interesting brakes alright, really doesnt like to downshift until you really drop the revs. I can see it producing some really chaotic but fun racing.
  4. Can't make the race tonight, kicking myself a bit, we haven't raced bathurst in a while and it's one of my favourite tracks as difficult as the mountain section is. Probably a good thing though, I got practically no practice done this week and after last weeks races where I hit the same barrier both races miles from the track, I think the mountain would chew me up and spit me out in a lap or two 😅 Getting my two drop race results out of the way, so I gotta drive the next 3 in each series perfectly, nothing like a bit of pressure to help.
  5. Getting the power down through turn 6 without understeering across those big curbs on the exit can be so tricky, I've never been able to be consistent on that corner in previous races. Braking into turn 9&10 catches me out as well, constantly have to remind myself not to turn in too early and end up understeering off while braking, so easy to loose positions there.
  6. Yes that was me, you will see me normally in a pink livery, I need to make a new one for the upcoming season. I was curious who was the new name on the server, nice to see you joining us. I watched two laps on board with you before I jumped off the server, I would recommend breaking about 5-10 meters earlier than you do at the moment and drop into 1st gear for the slower stuff.
  7. Did another 30 minutes of practice tonight, turned the FFB down to 15%. No pain at all and no strain after the practice. I was amazed at just how much detail I was still able to get from such a low gain and I really enjoyed how easy it was to put a lot of steering lock in with very little resistance, especially at misano.
  8. Got back into the rig this evening for half an hour practice, first time in a while. I really like Misano, it's tricky but I just really like the layout. I turned the FFB down to 25% gain, didn't notice any real strain on my arm/wrist, sitting on the couch now I can notice a little dull pain, it's barely noticeable but I'm going to turn the FFB down to 15% for the next couple weeks just to be on the safe side. 12th is perfect for me to kick off the new season. Itching to get back into the groove of it.
  9. Good shout actually, I need to dial it right back to the minimum I can feel it at and get decent information from the FFB.
  10. Life has been good, my wrist and arm is still a bit stiff after falling on it, but no fracture lucikly. I've been getting settled a bit with the new job, it's half freelance for myself and a couple hours at an office a week so trying to find a good balance. Barely touched the rig apart from some American truck sim, itching to get back to racing. I was a bit worried about the sustained FFB on my wrist over an hour race, really need to get on the practice server and see how it feels after a bit.
  11. Yeah got a doctors appointment on Monday just to be safe. I can still move everything without too much pain but sustained force from driving for an hour will be too much.
  12. I won't be able to race tonight guys. I fell on my wrist yesterday and I think I sprained it. It wasn't too bad yesterday after putting ice on it but it has swollen up overnight 🙃
  13. I love and I hate laguna seca, such a fun track to drive but god damn is it difficult to be consistent. The slightest dip into gravel while coming out of a corner and the car has spun. Hoping to get another bit of practice tomorrow afternoon to clean up my lines and fingers crossed I have a better race than the last couple.
  14. Two crashes In the first 12 minutes, 2 laps down and almost 3 minutes of repairs between them, didn't help I heard my cat puking in the room beside me as I was coming out of the pits after the second repair job and spun again going on paddock Hill, queue an early exit from me. As I said on the Discord I was woefully unprepared only got about 30 minutes of practice, before the race, life is starting to settle again for me so hoping I have more practice time before next week. I've been really missing getting into the sim, I even picked up a second hand clubsport BMW wheel I've been itching to try out.
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