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  1. I've signed up only missing Snetterton. l'm also changing car this season. Long live the Boatley!
  2. Yeah I need to try write up later today what happened, was an interesting race a lot can happen in 24 hours. It's such a different experience driving endurance, you need a different skill set of driving techniques to get through it, couple crashes out of my control and we got through the full thing with only 3 track cut warnings.
  3. Ha I never noticed that before Can we add @Erik motto somewhere to the site. Max wing! High rake! cut every apex!
  4. Just did my first laps in this car, its interesting to say the least, no TC is tricky coming down the mountain. I won't be very competitive with my lack of practice ut hoping I can get up to speed and have some fun battles tonight.
  5. This is good to hear, I'm not racing this week (flying out for my brothers stag in Ireland) and thought I was missing out on bathurst, it might be my favourite track do was a bit bummed I'd miss it.
  6. That's sounds interesting alright, I assume like the other challenge/cup cars there is very little you can do with the setup.
  7. I've not been in the rig at all this week, hopefully I can squeeze in an hour practice before the races. Car sounds interesting, let's see if I can tame the slide and understeer.
  8. Not sure I'll be able to make it yet, have to see if I'm home from work and had dinner before race start.
  9. Just got this downloaded again last night, took hours on my horribly slow internet but excited to try the F1 cars. This looks great!
  10. Defending hard down the long straight on multiple occasions in race 2 against @SneakyNinja and @SANtoOos until I ended up going wide. I'm not sure, there is a few guys with the ps5 in here who can probably answer.
  11. That was great fun again tonight, I'm really enjoying these challenge/Cup cars. The first two have made some great and close racing, looking forward to what the others bring. Can't wait for bathurst, it's one of my favourite tracks as challenging as the mountains section is.
  12. That was some really fun racing tonight, laguna seca is always a difficult track and conditions were tough as the race progressed with the temperatures dropping and tyres completely dying. Went off at the corkscrew twice, once hitting the barrier and the second time down through the gravel and which let sneaky through into the lead. Changed onto a set set of tyres on the second round of pitstops, topped up the pressures a bit and chased down sneaky on very battered tyres to retake the lead a few laps before the end. @mrben09 no worries on my end either, we made a bit of contact in the last sector, I got away with very little damage. I wasn't expecting you where you had slowed down, I had just watched @davejm I believe going through the gravel so I was distracted coming around the bend. Congratulations to @SneakyNinja well deserved season win! I'll be sure to give your a good fight next season.
  13. I'm sure there will be plenty of chances in the race to take the position back I was cutting it close on time alright
  14. Ah that's really shit luck, hope to see you on Thursday if the rig is accessible. I'm really excited for the Ferrari challenge, first track I'll try is Paul Ricard to take advantage of the straight line speed. I think the new lambo looks great as well.
  15. Was a fun race tonight, conditions were tricky as tires were going off the last 15 minutes of the race. The extra week of racing last Thursday really helped my pace tonight, felt very confident in the car. Going to be very difficult to overcome the 12 point difference to @SneakyNinja in one race, I will have to have a perfect race and hope to have as many positions between us as possible, even then a lot of luck will have to go my way.
  16. It's so easy to invalidate the lap on the first apex or go a bit to far over the curb on the second apex and completely unsettle the car, even getting on throttle just a little too late looses a lot of time up to the hairpin. I'm going to try get on for an hour tonight and really focus on the chicane and overall the last sector. I'm very happy with my lap overall just need to beat Dave's time in the final sector
  17. Repeating it tomorrow will be the real challenge, I still struggle with the chicane on a lot of laps.
  18. Tonight's racing was good for only the 4 of us, had a good first race trying to chase down @Meers after @SneakyNinja unfortunately underfueled. In the second race I got Meers on the start and then on lap 2 pulled of a bit of a dive bomb on sneaky for first. Both races were dry and no change in conditions over the 25 minutes.
  19. Yeah could run Donington and manually change the points after so there's no change to the overall standings.
  20. I've no objection to this either, would we still race Donington or set up an AC race?
  21. You've got the upper hand so far this week on the timesheets but I won't go down without a fight. I see the target I need to reach and that's my motivation
  22. Ah hopefully whatever it is it doesn't keep you down for too long. Another .4 damn, I'm going have to have to practice hard and pray to some deities. I find 2nd gear is better than 3rd in the Ferrari as well, It's getting back on throttle is kicking out the rear, I'll make some setup changes as well to see if it helps. I'll watch for the tyre mark this evening when practicing. I thought I didn't do too bad in the last sector but you have 6 tenths on me in that sector alone so you must be doing something right!
  23. I'm finding Donington to be a difficult circuit, I just couldn't find any flow around the lap. That uphill braking into coppice I just can get through with any real speed. Hoping another hour of practice tonight will bring better lap times. @Meers you're only 6 points behind me in the standings and almost a second faster, this could be a really close fight for 2nd in the league over the next two races.
  24. I've never driven Donington in ACC, I've done a couple races in AC against AI. I will need to get a lot of practice in this week!
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