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  1. Aliens is in my top five favourite films. It’s so perfect I was really offended when I was watching it with a friend one time, when Ripley opens the airlock in the climactic battle with the alien queen. The moment (about 1:07 in this clip) when half-a-Bishop gets sucked across the hangar made my friend guffaw really loudly. I threw her daggers for being so irreverent, but now I laugh every time I see it.
  2. It has always been around in English but it seems to be more prevalent these days as a 're-import' from the US. It's an excruciatingly infantile euphemism. Just say 'died', FFS.
  3. Looks like lots of recent Disney films that are meant to have DA soundtracks are now active - eg Lion King remake, The Force Awakens etc. The original Star Wars Trilogy still doesn't have Atmos yet, though. maybe it's a staggered process through the day or week.
  4. Yeah - I get it on Netflix and on Apple's TV shows so I know it's working, and I can see that it's supposed to be Atmos supported in the show's details. I wonder if Disney have enabled it for the LG app but that simply doesn't work for me, while they've yet to enable it in their Apple TV app.
  5. LG OLED (2017). I’m trying the LG Disney+ app and also the Disney+ app on myApple TV. I know when Atmos is working because i get a blue light and some text on my Samsung Atmos soundbar but I’m not getting it with any Disney content.
  6. What a great series. And that last episode was really moving. The actor playing Cole was great and the episode definitely had a Spielberg vibe about it.
  7. Behind the scenes docu-series launching on May 4th! https://www.starwars.com/news/disney-gallery-the-mandalorian-announce
  8. You can even skip the ‘introduction’ on the Clone Wars which is literally just the title and ‘Da Daaaa!’ before the narrator starts his voice over. That’s got to be the shortest one.
  9. If the title sequence changes from episode to episode it can be quite interesting to see what's changed. And I find it sets my mood and anticipation if it's something I really enjoy - like Westworld or GoT
  10. Something occurred to me today. Is it possible that:
  11. With the arrival of Disney+ I've decided to go right back to the beginning of Clone Wars and watch it through properly after getting out of sync and missing some episodes over the years. Weirdly, I'm really struggling with the voice portrayal of Obi Wan. The American actor is clearly trying to impersonate Ewan McGregor but is pronouncing words like "can't" as "kant" instead of with a long, southern English "ah" sound, ie "cahn't", "cahstle", etc. I suppose I'll get used to it but it seems odd that the actor didn't nail this small but crucial detail.
  12. Kind of ironic we’ll be swapping one dystopian nightmare for another. VR’s meant to be an escape, right?
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