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  1. The use of real-world locations is excellent. Also the interior of
  2. I love this new track. It’s like a futuristic ABBA song or something (likewise Oh, Lover from Profound Mysteries II)
  3. I’m as bored of the detractors as they are with the MCU. This has been great fun so far. The fourth wall breaking gag about
  4. Profound Mysteries III will be out on November 18th! If Royksopp can just continue to release a new album every 4 months for ever, I will be very happy.
  5. Yeah, a similar dynamic to the Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg situation on Poltergeist I suppose.
  6. Irvin Kershner and Richard Marquand have almost been erased from history in this documentary. You could argue that Lucas gave the direction of actors stuff over to other people in order to direct the effects stuff that he cared more about, but this doc suggests the nominal directors had literally nothing to do with anything that wasn’t directing actors on set.
  7. There are now four tracks available from Profound Mysteries II.
  8. I’ve just downloaded it. I went straight to the Leia chase and it’s basically: Leia asks the mysterious man in the woods why he is there. He says “I’m waiting for you Princess” and bam - a black bag is put over her head, cut to Obi-Wan getting a call from Bail Organa. basically exactly how it should’ve been!
  9. There’s a remix EP out today. I’m not usually a fan of people remixing Royksopp as they tend to remix out all the Royksoppy goodness, but Henry Saiz’s remixes of This Time, This Place are absolutely fantastic. The downtempo remix especially, which adds great big dollops of 303 on top of the building chords, is ace.
  10. superfunk


    Oh no! Karma strikes!
  11. superfunk


    Yeah - after Kyrgios has been acting like a complete arsehole for two sets. That’s my point.
  12. superfunk


    Kyrgios has been a total dick and Tsitsipas has risen to it and the crowd are angry at Tsitsipas? This country seems to love entitled little toddler men.
  13. Yeah - I was kind of exaggerating for dramatic effect, but from Leia’s point of view Vader kills him. Thing is, now that we know Leia not only knew Kenobi but had a grandfatherly relationship with him, she seems more concerned about comforting Luke in the Falcon afterwards than expressing much grief herself. Perhaps she was just being stoic.
  14. Has anyone mentioned… I also thought it was sad when
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