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  1. Private Dancer - The game you can play one handed
  2. Anyone else seen this yet? Absolutely brilliant, first cop thriller I've enjoyed in ages. The story opens with a gang boss with six of his latest recruits and he tells them he's sending them to the cadet academy to infiltrate the police. Around the same time the most promising cadet at the academy is chosen to go undercover and infiltrate the triads. Most of the action takes place around six years later, with both characters effectively charged with uncovering the mole in each others organisations. Keeps going all the way to the end and doesn't pan off like some other Asian movies.
  3. This the same Rodriguez of Spy Kids fame?
  4. Hate ton spoil it for you but HHH, a WWE wrestler is set to appear, I have my doubts about this movie. Good mindless fun but nothing special I would expect
  5. Rented it from the local video store and switched it off about half an hour after returning home...smells like, looks like, yes it is bull$hit
  6. For all OZ fans series 3 has just been released, found somewhere that'll do it cheaper than playusa, www.dvdsoon.com are nice and cheap, slightly slower but well worth it for HBO's finest TV series.
  7. Monster - Charlize Theron was brialliant, mvie was good enough but its worth going to see just for Theron's transformation Aileen - Life and Death of a serial killer - If you see Monster, then make sure you see this. Cheaper by the Dozen - Why do they still let Martin make movies? This film sux, you'll leave and wan to book yourself in for a vasectomy straight afterwards
  8. I'm just scabby and love my VHS bargains. Can't beat the 1 and 99p Ebay bargains. If its a movie I've never seen I'm more inclined to buy on VHS if its dirt cheap cause its cheaper than the rental. If I really like it then I'll go out and get the DVD.
  9. smiaras


    Rambo 3 = funniest movie ever. The finla scene when Rambo takes on and defeats an entire russian division is hilarious. Its gas to see that the US are back in Afgahnistan again, shame Stallone couldn't get the go-ahead for a new flick set there again
  10. Actually this is not true Game in Ireland did not start selling it until after the new year, and this was in direct repsonse to a competitor breaking the street date.
  11. A consumer survey has shown that typical console owners own about 7 games whereas handheld owners own only three. IMO it is due to the cost the big N charge for their titles, this sitauion will have to be rectified along with a reasonable entry price for the DS for it to succeed.
  12. Bad news for Nintendo already with news that EA have yet to make a decision on the DS and they've commited 12 titles to the PSP
  13. Doubt they can pass your info about from the refund and exchanges book due to data protection act. Seems to depend on the store attitude regarding the state of the item and if the person bringing it back is a serial refunder.
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