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  1. As good as that sounds PS5 is a way off for me even if they were in stock. I think the loading stuff is really impacting the game for me sadly. Been mainly playing Switch stuff which is pretty quick and the last PS4 game I played was LoU2 which was doing some voodoo magic with its loading.
  2. Started this on a base PS4 yesterday after getting it at xmas. Didn't realise the game was all about loading, loading and more fucking loading. I love the Fallouts and Elder Scrolls but this is all a bit dull in between the all the loading. No overly memorable characters and I've actually forgotten why the guy woke me up and what the point of my main mission is. Side quests are a bit simple too. Played about 10-11 hours so far, will give it a bit more and see how it goes.
  3. Cool, one to watch after homeschooling is done.
  4. What time are the new episode released on Disney+ today?
  5. Only the second cuntiest forum on the internet.
  6. Sorry to hear that. I'm guessing so and that's also why those that are getting are finding different selections.
  7. Take my photo as an example of what you will get, seeing some others and I guess BBNo had stock issues as some folk have had a slightly different selection than me. I got 4 x 6 different beers but have seen other with 8 of one of the selection etc. See the below pic...
  8. Yeah it arrived last Thursday, was sent on a 48 hour delivery from BBNo. I'm up in Aberdeen and seen some others up here getting there's too. Might be worth contacting them.
  9. Just came to post the same thing. Certainly more variety in that one and another great deal. My IPA box is with the courier at the moment, hopefully arrive before the weekend.
  10. Didnt realise that but that's actually got me looking forward to them more, that's the style that I enjoy. Agree with what you and others are saying about folk thinking a hazy IPA is an IPA. I had a couple of bottles of Duvel triple hop Citra over Xmas and it was my first in a while I could see through.
  11. I must have totally missed that
  12. Yeah forgot to say it was free shipping too, makes it even better. Been a while since I've had BBNo as well, only ever really saw them a few time in M&S in Aberdeen but that was a while back.
  13. Anyone looking to stock up? Great deal from BBNo, 24 440ml tins for £60, use code Fresh10 for another 10% off so down to £54 https://bbno.co/collections/frontpage/products/hop-selection-lockdown-box All IPA variations no dark beers.
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