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  1. Wise words, gives me something to think about, thank you.
  2. Cheers for the advice, good luck with it all, not that you need it as the KS looks to be doing great.
  3. @therearerules found this thread from your post on the "Start up" thread. This looks a cool game but can I ask, what sort of age range would be suitable for? I'm thinking it could be fun with the kids but they might be too young at 9 and 10. Also would it be suitable for someone with little to no experience of board games other that the off the shelf stuff like Game of Life or kids monopoly. Edit: just watched the Chit video on the KS page, think they might be a bit young for this one.
  4. The old doc about the British computer scene in the 80s was great, def give it a viewing of you can.
  5. Good advice cheers but yeah after reading the Vita thread I've gone down that route instead of the PSP. Dug them out for the kids to have a play with but they are more interested in the DS and Switch.
  6. Revival has been banned. Another soldier taken in the never ending war.
  7. So a little bit more reading and I'm thinking that instead of faffing about with the PSP I'm better modding the Vita.
  8. Just dug out my classic fat PSP to check the battery, thankfully it's fine. I've got a custom firmware version "3.90 M33-2" on it but I can't for the life of me remember what to do with it . Any pointers? Dug out the Vita as well for a dust off, time to find that thread too.
  9. Watched the first episode and enjoyed it, a bit of fluff really. For those that have watched it all why is it rated 15? I'm watching with younger kids 9 & 10 and there was nothing in the first episode.
  10. What's the cost of something like that?
  11. Anyone playing with the recent modifiers? I'm playing new game+ and I've turned on infinite crafting and ammo then slo-mo when aiming as well plus auto pick up. It's a totally different ball game not really caring about ammo or supplies. Just going steaming in with explosive arrows and shotguns left right and centre. Only played as Ellie so far and she's a goddamn tank. It's so much fun. The slo-mo is great, deliberately letting enemies get close up and then blasting them with a shotgun and the slowly go flying. Like a John Woo movie.
  12. Ahh, stupid question, how do you get it? My PS says I have the latest version and can't find any updates. Edit: scratch that, checked again and it there this time, did it get released in the last 10 mins or somerhing?
  13. Isn't the update supposed to be out today?
  14. Probably a bit of gaming fluff but will watch it with the kids, need to start their education somewhere.
  15. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Luigi mansion? Again not cheap.
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