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  1. Now we're sucking diesel. Great episode.
  2. There are some great supermarket beers on the go. As Gaz says the NB Kveik is right up therem Northern Monk Faith in the Futures is a current highlight for me, I think it's fantastic and for me it's the best on the shelves. Other good ones from Tesco at the moment are the two Salt beers Huckabuck and Ikat. Morrisons also has some crackers with Salt Tram and Northern Monk Transient both being great beers. Room for both in my eyes, I had this Overtone last night form my local indie shop and it was incredible, just so juicy and tasty.
  3. Blog post from Vault City about going into Tesco. https://vaultcity.co.uk/blogs/news/the-tesco-conversation
  4. Is Oxenfree worth picking up?
  5. Looks like Vault City going into Tesco as well.
  6. Not seen the film version so can't comment I'm afraid.
  7. Superman: Red Son though, so good. Been years since I've read that, need to dig my copy out.
  8. Sale on multiplayer games has started today... https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/04/nintendo_announces_huge_multiplayer_switch_sale_over_190_games_discounted_europe
  9. What Remains of Edith Finch is down 60% to £7.19 until the 12th of April.
  10. If you use the PS app you can add them to your library without having to download, then you can just get them whenever you want them.
  11. Funstock are offering pre-ordered for this in the UK £130. https://funstock.co.uk/collections/sega-astro-city-mini I have a name cabinet already but still kinda fancy one of these
  12. Today's the day but I'm not seeing them on the App yet.
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