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  1. Dropped through the letterbox about half and hour ago. Lovely cover
  2. Just got a chance to look at this. Now have that check box ticked and added the 3 games I put on to the Steam library where they show up under the non steam tab. Strangely though they have some random image used at the display pic rather than the image that is used in the Heroic side. I also found that one of the games, Adios, would crash and drop back to the Steam page when starting it this way rather than going into Heroic. Guess just the quirks of the system I guess.
  3. Metroidvania Humble Bundle on the go. I've been looking at both Blasphemous and Bloodstained and have them on my wishlist so this seems the perfect way to get them. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/must-play-metroidvania?utm_campaign=mvmay23_ann&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=humble&utm_medium=link Not bought a Humble Bundle in years, do they just email a steam code?
  4. Cheers will do. Don't think I will be back on tonight but hopefully some time tomorrow and I can check.
  5. Yeah I go to the "non-steam" tab and in there I launch Heroic and then I launch the game from there. So can you make them appear in the "non-steam" so I don't have to go into Heroic? It's not the end of the world or anything but would be good to have them just on my main library page and run them from there.
  6. I've taken my first delve into running some Epic games via the Heroic launcher. A bit of jumping between desktop mode and looking into Proton stuff but I've got the 3 installed and all working. My question now though is can you get the Heroic games to show up in the main library part of the Steam deck or do I have to go into Heroic and choose them from there each time?
  7. Fallout New Vegas Ultimate edition is on epic today.
  8. I finished Knight yesterday and was mulling over a post in here as about a month ago I posted about having issues get Asylum to run. After getting Asylum up and running and in those few weeks I have completed Asylum, City and now Knight. If anyone was mulling it over all 3 run fantastic on the SD. I had Asylum and City up at full wack running 60fps but like @Gotters I dropped Knight down to 40 for battery issues. All 3 games look fantastic on the SD with the setting ramped up. Across the 3 games I reckon I completed 90% of the first 2 and for Knight I was wrapped at 96% I think it was because fuck all that Joker shit. My main point I'm getting to is that the Steam Deck is something else quite frankly, so great to just pick up and wake from sleep and be in the game in seconds for a quick blast when you only have 5 mins. As much as these Batman games are older Knight looks stunning I though and it throws abouts so much shit on the screen without seemingly breaking sweat. Im still a relatively new SD owner but looking forward to what else I get out of this machine. My Switch and PS4 aren't going to get a look in for a while I suspect. Started Figment today as a palette cleanser from the Batman stuff and that looks and plays fantastic as well. What a machine. Edit: sorted typo, "plate cleanser" 😂
  9. Death Stranding is this week's todays game from Epic. Edit: apparently for today only.
  10. Do you have Tesco Clubcard points? This doesn't seem too bad... https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/vouchers/disney-3-month-subscription/UK-010043.prd
  11. Any tips for maximising battery? I've been playing the Batman Arkham games and Asylum and City ran great with everything up at high and 60fps, would get about 4 hours. Started Knight the other day and it's powering through the battery, maybe 1.5 - 2 hours and the fans really kicking in. I've dropped the refresh frame rate down to 45 and the game still looks great so that should hopefully help a little. Any other little tweeks that a PC noob can look into?
  12. The screenshots showed it at 20fps. Likely just a matter of time before that's improved though.
  13. Seeing posts on Facebook of folk playing the new Zelda game on the Deck. That's mental😂
  14. A reinstall and using Proton 7-37 seems to have done the trick here.
  15. Going to take another look tonight, see what I can find out in some more settings. Probably try an uninstall then reinstall again too.
  16. Will take a look at settings next time I'm on, battery is dead now so on charge.
  17. Anyone played Batman Arkham Asylum on the deck? ProtonDB seems to say it will run with various versions but I've now tried experimental, 8.01, 7-53, 7-37 & 7-29 with no joy. It loads up the front end and you hot play but then "failed to compile global shader" error appears each time.
  18. Yeah been looking at listings and no sign of it showing up.
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