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  1. 11 hours ago, The Bag said:

    I was sure they were about to put them all through to the final.

    I said the same when we were watching it last night, was so tough to call that one.


    Should be a good final.

  2. 7 minutes ago, p1nseeker said:

    Did you get one @memories?

    Na didn't bother, nothing on the PS5 that interests me at the moment. 


    I did go through it and sure enough it took me to the official playstation store and it was there for me to buy.


    Also as I say I've recently started playing Skyrim VR so I'm leaving this world pretty soon to live in there.

  3. Wonder what the metrics might be. I've not played anything new on the PS4 since Last of Us 2 in summer last year. I have recently gone back and replayed things like God of War, Spider-Man and the Uncharted series and I picked up Skyrim VR and have been playing that.


    Are they looking at who's playing old games and trying to push new hardware to them.

  4. 3 hours ago, Hitcher said:


    We're sorry...

    The page you are looking for cannot be found.

    Sorry, it says that because Ive deleted a bundle of stuff as the full link is pretty big, left that initial part above just to give an idea of where it's going 


    Will pass anyway, not 100% sure it's legit.

  5. On 24/10/2021 at 10:11, Steven said:

    If you're playing as an archer, get the Moves as they transform the experience - taking out multiple attackers will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

    So true.


    I'm one of the lucky ones and have never suffered fro VR motion sickness and managed to play through the likes of RE7 in VR with full direct control.


    With that being the case and after a few smaller sessions to test Skyrim VR and how I felt, I spent roughly 8 hours fully immersed in Skyrim VR yesterday with the direct control on.


    Despite the controls taking a bit of getting used too and understanding that it's never going to be a graphical powerhouse running on the PS4 the sense of immersion is fucking incredible.


    Little things like looking up at the night sky and checking out the stars, stealthily creeping through a dungeon and literally getting up and looking round a corner to see if anyone is there. Just brilliant.


    It's not perfect of course. I still fuck up the controls at times, hitting the wrong button and dropping weapons at the wrong time, pilfering bodies and accidentally equipping the victims armour for example.


    Some of the menus are flaky as fuck with the Moves, can be a bit of a pain when scrolling through them. The perk upgrade pages where it uses the star constellation is an utter shit show too.


    I did play this originally back in the day on the 360 and played as a sneaky archer (doesn't everyone?) and had planned a different style but I guess you can't beat the classics eh, here I am creeping through dungeons and picking folk off with deadly arrows. The Moves make that such good fun.


    My bloody arms are sore today though.


    Wonder how many hours I will sink into this one. Goodbye family Skyrim beckons.

  6. Finally picked up a cheap second Move controllers the other day, mainly as I've had the itch to play Skyrim VR for some reason. Grabbed that from CEX for £12 and hoping to get stuck in soon.


    What have I missed out on that needs the Move controllers?


    Top of my list are Blood & Truth and Beat Saber.

  7. Thinking about it I might have a single one tucked away some place, a mate have me the PS3 Move starter pack years ago that was a single move and a camera.


    Would that one work? My local cex also has a V1 move in for £25 that I could grab to make a pair.

  8. Yeah that all makes sense really, test the water with the digital and then see about physical.


    But what about my selfish entitlement as I'm looking for something to play on Friday??? Did they think of that???


    I may be a bit drunk, I'm on holiday so it's allowed.

  9. 5 hours ago, Strafe said:


    Standard Switch physical coming early next year, as well as the $250 collectors edition which is on sale now (though I don't think it's shipped yet)

    I'm waiting for the switch physical.

    Early next year fuck sake. What am I doing on Friday then???


    £33 digital on PS, hmm, not sure it's worth the risk, was looking at physical as I'm not sure about this one and looking at resale if I didn't enjoy.


    What is the logic with the delayed physical release?

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