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  1. That's a pass then, shame.
  2. An hour or so??? Really?
  3. From what I've read there is extra stuff. Good to hear what was there is great though. This review says it's double in length. https://metro.co.uk/2021/06/23/lego-builders-journey-pc-review-puzzling-photorealism-14817828/
  4. Anyone tried Lego Builders Journey? Seems like it's an expanded version of the Apple Arcade release previously.
  5. Knock the difficulty down and enjoy the game rather than getting frustrated and binning it off. After completing it on normal a few years back I started a new play through the other week on easy just for fun. Games are meant to be fun.
  6. Yeah Facebook is a shitshow no doubt about that. Might be worth at least giving that group another go though, been a tremendous change in just a few days, hopefully it can be sustained.
  7. To follow up on the above it's almost magically changed so much in even just the last few days, lots more beers being posted and discussed, busiest I've seen it in a long time. The Supermarket version looks to have been closed off though, not sure if that's a permanent thing.
  8. Tagged you in the thread in Off Topic. Have downloaded and will give it a go.
  9. Is this getting a physical release on Switch? No sign of a listing on Amazon yet.
  10. Anyone else here a member of the big UKCBF Facebook group? Been quite a weekend by all accounts. The guy Paul McDermott who started it has outed himself as a racist in some private messages to the guy who runs Rock Leopard brewing and it's all kicked off. He tried a piss poor apology and was called out for that too. He's finally stepped down, left and handed the thing over to others thankfully. Loads of folk posting about how they finally feel safe to post now he's gone. Total shit show but hopefully it comes out the other side a better place to be.
  11. I don't think you will be disappointed. Fables is one of the best things I've read and possibly my all time favourite read. I hope this new series can continue that.
  12. Any Fables fans still here? It's coming back... https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/fables-comic-return-dc-black-label/amp/
  13. Is there talk of them dropping the Brewdog contract? Would likely be a legal minefield I would think.
  14. Yeah I think that's the most disappointing thing isn't it. What a shit show.
  15. Yeah seems to be a wave of it recently, can only be a good thing. The calling out not the abuse that is.
  16. Seems like Cloudwater probably knew about this and did nothing as well...
  17. Brewdog taking a hammering today... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57428258
  18. Didn't he get jacked up for the Hulk Hogan bio thing? Guess he carried that over to Thor.
  19. Speaking of BBNo they have. 33% off code at the moment that runs out tomorrow night. MAY33
  20. How are the joycons wasteful? Don't you take them off to play? Then that leave the docked centre part/screen connected to the telly. You call almost call that a little Nintendo box that only works on the telly.
  21. memories


    Watched the Disney episode last night. Disappointing. Enjoyed the trailers and thought this looked fun but not sure will bother with the rest.
  22. This is just boring. FFS, not even worth it as no brainer watch.
  23. Got a note coming round tomorrow afternoon for some beers, got nice little stash in. Might have to go easy on the dipas, meeting another mate for food early evening and want to actually make it out. Will be the first time in a bar in over a year, got a 2 hour slot for food, feeling a bit anxious about it really.
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