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  1. Played two rounds on it yesterday evening to continue a series I had going. Won the first 80-100 then lost the second 100-80. It didn't seem like anyone had any clue what to do, tbh. Or maybe it was just a defensive masterclass in both. This is great to know! I hadn't clocked that there's any connection between the two. I will be able to figure out how to contribute better knowing that is the gameplan. I tried to bulldoze through with the reefslider but it seemed to make me drop my clams? Is it my imagination, or in the tower mode, does it not always start in the middle of the board? It felt like there was one where it was starting close to my spawning area and had no distance to come for a knockout defeat.
  2. I'm getting into anarchy now. Started getting some wins in open which brought my score above zero. Felt good. Now just finished a series that I started the other day and it boosted me from C- to C! Amazing. I'm not too sure what's going on in some of the modes but painting, fragging and following the others has been good enough for the moving tower and splatzones. Rainmaker, I don't know what the buttons are when you have the thing and clam blitz I haven't the foggiest what's going on. This game makes me feel like a grandad. I've stumped up the 20p to buy into another series. Good times!
  3. Resi noob here. I've played through Resi 1 twice on Switch this year and I'm now going through 5. I'd dabbled in 1 back in the day but didn't really get it between the unintuitive controls and (what I thought were) obtuse puzzles. It all clicked for me this year. Great game. 5 is a different kettle of fish entirely. Hard to believe it's the same series. I'd love for them to add Resi 2 to the N64 NSO or just get 2, 3 and Code Veronica on the eShop. I think there's a few getting a kick out of this thread. I've noticed an enemy type that doesn't melt away in 5 and that actually freaks me out. Does that mean those guys aren't infected? It's a weird one for me to get my head around. Made progress past where I was in the previous post. Turned out not engaging in gun to chainsaw combat worked in my favour.
  4. Here I've been waiting patiently for your Resi 5 write-up... because after finishing up that second playthrough of 1 with Chris, I was told in good faith to jump to five, so I've been playing it (too, I thought)! The Revelations games are on eShop as well, so I'm not going to complain about write-ups on them as you never know, I might fancy getting one or both eventually. Same applies to Resi 5 then. It's a pretty mental game and I've been enjoying it since I got used to the controls. Honestly, the only thing I'm not loving is the stronger bullet-sponge enemies you come across. I'm at a spot with multiple chainsaw enemies and it's taking forever--I'm not sure if I should replay previous levels (surprise! this game has levels unlike Resi 1!) to get more cash and upgrade my arsenal because getting one hit killed after emptying a ton of bullets into those guys is becoming a bit of a pain, imho.
  5. Did a decent bit of Salmon Run in Sept and Oct but only the one session on it this month to grind out a few of the prizes. Yeah, I do see this game as a grind. I'm hoping to get into it eventually but for now my goal is get in, get the temporary unlocks, and get out. Hmm. Oy. I push forward and paint as I go, get splatted back to the start area then go again. Rinse, wash, repeat for the 3 min bursts. More often than not I'm one of the top two on the team but my actual win-loss ratio is getting embarrassing. I just picked up where I left off in the Splatfest this evening-- now sitting on 17-27. It's pure pwnage but at least it's fun... right?? I got a few splats with the aerospray thanks to your tips (kinda... I just went face to face but up close to minimise the spread) and noticed I'd a jumper with the invisi-swim ability so I increased the slots on it and put it on as I've seen people bring that up as a bit of a holy-grail. It may well have benefitted me personally but didn't really help the team overall. Met my quota of two catalogue levels, though it took about an hour. Are the other modes faster? I didn't think Salmon Run was putting much exp in the bank so that's why I just faff about in Turf Wars now. Looking forward to whatever they add in Chill Season.
  6. That's great going. I don't know where the experience would come from to be on lvl 250! I've the catalogue up into the 70s now and beyond playing enough for that first win of the day bonus, it's taking me a while to grind out even two levels per day (which my goal is now to try and get it finished, haha). Will the shops continue to cycle through the same gear after the catalogue changes or does that stuff expire too? This evening in the Splatfest I had a go on pro mode and actually got a few wins on the board. I honestly think yesterday I was in one winning team, could only have been two at most. On the bright side I got Wandercrust finished...! Being part of some matches with multipliers skyrocketed my clout and got me an item which I didn't catch the name of. Ended up with champion status (!) in pro mode then spent my shells and scrubbed the t-shirt. Swapped over to the Aerospray fairly recently as I read it's noob friendly. I've been doing a good job at being the exception that proves the rule with it.
  7. It's slaughter. At this point I'm just hoping to grind out the catalogue before it expires.
  8. Been going through a Chris file on normal in Resident Evil 1 on Switch. I'm enjoying the differences to the way things plays out--makes it feel like you're not just going through the motions again as the other character.
  9. I think the Ultra Stamp is the one I've been using. Expecting to go on a massive Turf War winning streak now until the next update.
  10. I had a look at it immediately. It's laid out by level, so you can go ahead and have a bash at it early doors no bother.
  11. Got started with this yesterday (Switch physical) and it seems like top stuff. Looking forward to reaching a point it'll let me get a good battling session in.
  12. Back down to go-getter rank. LOL. Feel like I'm playing solid enough but the wins haven't been coming for whatever reason.
  13. After so much nip and tuck within the Go-Getter bracket, I'm up a rank at last.
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