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  1. I don't know if I can race tonight, I have been vaccinated against covid19 and my arm is half a zombie! I'll try to practice now and see what I do!!
  2. @davejm I have a problem, I accidentally dropped out of the championship(miss click) and it won't let me choose a car again, can you help me? 😅
  3. yep! I have changed for the porsche after trying it hehe 🏎️😜
  4. It was not the expected race but I am happy with the result! A 12 to begin with is not so bad seeing the level you have, you are very fast! Regarding the incidents, I want to apologize to @Willmill and @batistutauk for a small touch in the first round without much importance, I will try not to repeat it! The summary of my career is that a car spun when hitting another in the last corner and it was impossible for me to see it and avoid it by breaking the car and having to forcibly enter the pits to repair the car on lap 6, which has weighed down everything my career. I have also been very solid and have not made mistakes apart from being very slow compared to you haha Thanks to all and especially to the google translator!
  5. Well I'm already inside! In the end I have chosen the Ferrari 🏎️ At the time of the race I will enter into discord but I will not speak, I will listen to you. 🙊 Also tell you that it is my first race and I have been in ACC for a week so I am sorry if I make any mistake of any kind 🙏 And to finish, I remind you that you have to be careful with turn 15 that will be there waiting for us ☠️👹 Good luck to everyone !! may the best win! 🏆
  6. hahaha i dont speak Portuguese, I speak Spanish 😂 I am from Zaragoza (Spain)
  7. I can't get the stopwatch down, my sector 2 its very bad, you guys are very fast! I will keep working on improving! See you at the circuit!
  8. Hi my name is Jorge(George) I'm friend of Jose Pagan @daifuco my English is terrible so I'll probably stay quiet most of the time. Thanks for giving me a chance. Looking forward seeing you in the training server and on the race track. 😉
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