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  1. If it’s first / second party games Day 1 like with GamePass I’ll happily pay another £15 a month subscription fee. Anything less then I’m not interested. I already get a load of indie games through GamePass and I’ve got zero interest in streaming games.
  2. I’d have to say no personally. I don’t have any regrets and would still choose the OLED model since I like having the ‘best’ version of any console. However it never wow’d me or anything. I’m lucky enough to already have OLED screens for playing games on and watching TV / Movies so maybe that’s why. The biggest difference for me was the slightly bigger screen and that got me to play a reasonable portion of Metroid handheld which I’d have never done otherwise, but I didn’t take long for me to realise that I’d just rather be playing docked and on a much bigger screen anyway. If you can afford to upgrade with no issues and have got nothing better to spend the money on then go for it. You won’t be disappointed. If not then I certainly wouldn’t worry about it.
  3. Common as muck these PS5 consoles!
  4. I’ve just been sent a Currys code too. Drop me a PM if you want it. Edit - gone.
  5. How much of a game is there here if you just stick to bots? I’ve found every single PvP FPS I’ve ever played an utterly frustrating experience but I could fancy giving it a try with the bots.
  6. You can say what you like about Ryan, but he's got the whitest teeth in gaming.
  7. I dislike the type of prick depicted in this game as much as anyone, but surprisingly it doesn’t seem to annoy me anywhere near as much as it’s annoying some of you guys. Perhaps I’m becoming more mellowed out as I age.
  8. I’ll definitely be giving that a try. Looks great.
  9. Was thinking exactly the same thing a short while ago. I’ve loved my time with the game so far, but The Goliath has been the highlight no question.
  10. Yeah mine is disconnecting every few minutes.
  11. Are people playing this in 30 or 60fps? After watching the DF video, I thought I’d try 30 but it looks really strange to me. It’s really subtle and difficult to explain but the road side detail seems to almost go into slow motion. Dunno if it’s some kind of bug or eyes are sensitive to it in odd way but it’s very off putting. Edit - Have joined the club btw.
  12. At the end of the day it's not worth getting wound up over. Nintendo can release their old games in whatever state they want and people can either buy / rent them or not. If it's good enough for others then it's no skin off my nose. I'll just spend my money in a way that allows me to play the games as close to properly as I can and continue to feel no guilt whatsoever when I download ROMs of their old games.
  13. If you don’t have another way of playing N64 games (and don’t want to invest in one which is 100% fair enough) then the best alternative surely would be to refuse to pay for a subpar product until Nintendo fix it. The more people who pony up when Nintendo do half a job the less likely they’ll ever be to change.
  14. Let’s hope none of the console manufacturers see that so many people don’t care about a few frames of lag or we’ll all have no choice but to play streaming games in the future.
  15. Hadn’t heard of this until I saw it featured at the top of the Channel4 App on the telly a couple of days ago. We decided to give Series 1 a go and we absolutely love it. Funniest thing since catching up similarly late to People Just Do Nothing earlier in the year.
  16. The original Skate. As a skateboarder in the 80s and early 90s, I was never keen on the silly over the top nature of the Tony Hawk games. The much more realistic nature of Skate was my dream come true. Needless to say the Skate series itself has gotten a bit less realistic as time as gone by. Let’s hope the upcoming game goes back to its roots.
  17. Cos it's a faff, which unless I charge someone over the odds for a year old console with no warranty is likely to result in me breaking even at best or even costing me money when I'm quite happy to have it just sitting there while I wait for something I do want to play on it. I'm not annoyed or anything that there have been no games released in in the last year that I've thought worthy of spending the money on, just stating the facts (as I see them). I'll definitely pick up Horizon FW when it comes out as well whatever Naughty Dog come up with. No question.
  18. It does to me but It's all subjective of course. There's not been a single game released this year for the PS5 that I'd consider buying for the price being asked (all IMO of course). I bought a PS5 in the first place for exactly the same reason I've bought every other console. Because I'm a console gaming nerd and I want to have all the consoles available to me. I'm quite happy with my purchase as I'm sure there'll be enough games on the platform over its lifetime to make it worthwhile. But the fact still remains, that a year in there's not been a single game released that I've wanted enough to get my wallet out and that's never happened before.
  19. I dunno. Maybe you guys are right and other consoles have had worse first years. Maybe it’s the price point or maybe it’s GamePass distorting my idea of value. All I know is that I’ve had every console launched in the UK from launch since the Master System and the PS5 is the only one that I’ve not bought a single game for at this point in its life. (Technically I’ve not bought any Series X games either, but I 100% would have bought Flight Sim and would be buying Forza and Halo too over the next month or so if GamePass didn’t exist.)
  20. Can anyone think of a console that’s had a worse first year and beyond than PlayStation 5? I’ve had mine for coming up to a year and so far have bought Last of Us II to play on it cos’ I missed it on PlayStation 4. AstroBot was good too. I know we’ve had the pandemic but fucking hell Sony!
  21. Well yeah. I’ve got an Analogue Mega SG and a Mega Everdrive Pro so I can play ROMs of every Mega Drive game ever made ‘perfectly’ for free and I’ve no interest in the Animal Crossing Expansion. I was considering upgrading my Nintendo Online purely for the ease of playing a few N64 games now and again but it makes more sense to me to put that money towards modding a real N64 so that it looks good on a modern telly and investing in a flash cart for that too. It’s great that people are enjoying playing these games on the Switch and I’m sure i would too, I just don’t like the idea of paying to rent the ROMs when Nintendo have seemingly half arsed it.
  22. That’ll do it for me…
  23. I know it's not in the spirit of this thread, but "Who cares?" would be my answer. Pigeonholing games into being 'retro' or not serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Games are games. Some are older than others and some have 'better' graphics than others but an arbitrary dividing line seems to me to achieve nothing. Retrogamer is an enjoyable read, but I'd much prefer a magazine that was of a similar vein but had features covering all games of all ages and types and on all platforms. Maybe call it 'Gamer'.
  24. If I wanted to order a fully spec’d MiSTer in a really nice metal case over the next day or two where would people suggest I look? Happy to put it together myself or have it prebuilt but I just want to order everything (other than maybe the SD card) from one place. Thanks in advance.
  25. Are these the new releases that have got something ridiculous like 15 frames of input lag or something different?
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