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  1. I've hit an interesting bug today. An "upgrade complete" message has been stuck on screen even through cutscenes ever since I unlocked one of the upgrades about 30 minutes ago. Otherwise though, I've found the experience pretty much bug free, but it does seem like I'm blasting through the campaign quite quickly so far compared to say Assassins Creed Odyssey which I've been playing since the summer ad sill have no end in sight.
  2. Any thoughts on the remaster of the originals? I've been waiting for the ultimate edition since last year's re-release. I watched the standard dvd recently upscaled by my player and it looked pretty decent still...
  3. I'm playing on series X, and have only played a couple of rounds so far. One of my main problems is actually with the controls, which feel off. Putting grenades on up on the d-pad by default for example feels odd and like it was only done because of the (in my opinion) useless ability to change gun attachments mid spawn.
  4. Was the barn find gifting thing in previous games? I've only played 4 before, but got a barn find in 5 last night and the gifting option was a nice touch I thought.
  5. I watched the first episode last night and thought it was alright. Some decent effects and the locations were impressive. I've never read the books though and went in without any expectations.
  6. I'm sure I heard somebody saying this used to be part of the certification process or something. It is a bit odd for sure.
  7. Just had a quick browse and looks like physical copies are hovering around £10, so £6 for digital seems like a good deal. I'll wait a week or two just in case it goes on sale but £6 for something which (looking at reviews) will let me a month or two is pretty good I was wanting to get AC: Valhalla at some point, but it's still around £40 physical everywhere I look.
  8. I've just wrapped the main story on Sunset Overdrive the other night and collected most of the collectibles (except for the toilet roll, graffiti, and sunset overdrive signs). I'm not sure how well it ran on Xbox One or anything, but on the X it's been an absolute joy zipping around the environment and dealing with the hordes of enemies. Now to find the next past generation game that I might have missed - any suggestions?
  9. I’m in the same boat at the moment, but got an email the other day from OtterBox (maker of decent phone cases and power banks and such) and apparently they’re now making rechargeable power bricks for Xbox controllers too, though it does look a bit steep price wise. On the other hand, it does include 2 power packs… I’ve looked at it a few times but need to try find a review and see how it reviews. https://www.otterbox.co.uk/en-gb/xbox-gen-9-controller/xbox-one-and-xbox-x|s-power-swap-controller-batteries/77-80482.html
  10. I've actually got a 1TB external drive hooked up to the PS4 at the moment, and I haven't touched the PlayStation since I got the series X so I might look at repurposing that. I hadn't realised you could run some of the non-optimized games off of it - I've also been playing a few old 360 games I missed which should run off it and save a few GB at least.
  11. Coming from a base original PS4 to getting a Series X last month has been a really pleasant experience, with one exception: I've almost filled the storage already. Having missed out on a bunch of games last generation being on the other side of the fence (Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, Sunset Overdrive, etc.) I've been playing a bunch of them through Game Pass and the storage has just disappeared. I've been looking at the Seagate expansion but it's quite a lot of money on top of what I've already paid out. I'm hoping they get the cloud streaming working and I can hopefully stream some of the single player games rather than having them installed locally - if my internet connection can live up to it...
  12. This is one of the things I always appreciated about having Vinny hosting the Beastcast - the fact that he'd go out of his way to repeat the name of the game they're talking about if the discussion has lasted a while. As someone who listens to podcasts in the background, my concentration tends to waver so having that repetition definitely helps if the topic sounds interesting.
  13. I've been looking at getting one with lighter coloured thumbsticks as a second controller, but the warning on the page is putting me off a bit: Wondering if anybody might have any experience with the XBox One version of the design lab and a controller with lighter sticks - If they do tend to get grubby easily I'll probably opt for something a bit darker...
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