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  1. I think I was just approaching it wrong and also The biggest flaw for me with bosses is that you can only use assess when you’re already fighting them, and then find out you’ve got the wrong materia equipped so have to either struggle through or reload.
  2. Is it just me or is the ridiculously difficult and unfair. I think I’m stuck.
  3. I had a similar problem logging into the Vita (I haven’t set up my PS3 for a few years now). What caused me the most trouble was finding the right Sony page to generate a password. I spent around half an hour navigating the PSN website before finding the right one.
  4. Ah - that makes sense. I was hoping one of them might be the NTSC version. It’s a shame they’re not labelled so there’s no way to tell which one’s which!
  5. Yeah - it worked eventually. Now I’m trying to navigate the download list. There’s five versions of PS1 Metal Gear Solid on there - all slightly different sizes.
  6. I think my Vita might be knackered. I’ve spent ages trying to log into PSN now. Using my password I get an error mentioning 2FA but using the Sony generated password I get error NW-2304-9.
  7. My problem is I can’t sign into PSN. Something to do with 2FA I think. I think I’m going to have to turn 2FA off, sign in, then turn it back on again.
  8. Is it still possible to get a Vita (old OLED model) connected to PSN? If so, how? If not, how can I access my download list?
  9. I’d have preferred it if it had a cursor control system using the left stick (like a mouse) than control the character directly. There’s even a cursor that keeps appearing on the screen briefly when you perform an action (a bug?). I really want to play this properly but I’m now holding off for a patch.
  10. Ghosts n Goblins (arcade). On the second half of the second level. Those flying things that jump from the window almost always lose me my armour. Then I get killed by those big trolls who won’t move far enough from the ladders for me to get up them. I have got past this bit, but only by using tens of credits and/or save states. After decades, I can’t learn a reliable method to get past it. Oh - and I usually end up with the sodding torch at this point too.
  11. I’ve only got the Ultimate Edition PS4 version from PS+. The PS5 shows as £32.99. I thought the Ultimate Edition was the PS5 one when I added it to my library. I’ll try Sony customer support anyway but I’m not expecting any response at all.
  12. Actually, now I’m not sure. I’m checking on PC and I’ve got “Control: Ultimate Edition” but labelled “PS4.” Control: Ultimate Edition for PS5 is showing as £32.99.
  13. Yeah - it’s Sony being rubbish. If you claimed it on the PS4, you get the standard edition, on a PS5 you get the PS5 edition. On PC a choice of either. It makes absolutely no sense. I’d have to pay £30+ to get the PS5 version. I assumed it was already in my game library, but no.
  14. I was going to play this on my new PS5, but noticed I only got the PS4 version from PS+ last month (I didn’t realise there were two versions!). Will I be missing much by playing the bog-standard PS4 version?
  15. Did you have to get a bundle with 12 months’ PS+?
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