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  1. Attempt 31: Got Hades down to a tiny tiny sliver of health before I copped it (with the spear and a special gun/freeze boon). I have real trouble with the perspective and positioning myself behind the rocks to avoid the lasers.
  2. I took this mess of a photo (Velvia 100): I don't like it much but I quite like this tiny crop from the bottom left: Dog Bucket. It's a shame I didn't have a narrower lens or a different camera. I tried scanning in an old Holga negative from 2010. I’m not sure what film but it would have been really cheap. I think the negative has faded - or it was badly exposed in the first place - because the negative looked really faint compared to more recent ones. But it came out OK compared to the original scan I made of a printed photo.
  3. It’s one of the few games that have really made me laugh over the last few years. I still think it’s a bit too difficult but it deserves more attention.
  4. About calls. I never know if it’s better to accept the first decent-ish one that comes along or hold out for a rare or epic version. I’ve ended up in the last few areas without a call because of this.
  5. Gah - I got to Hades with all death defiance intact, 5 dashes with Poseidon splash damage, freeze on the spear special (that now fired like a gun) and still fucked it up. I can deal with the concentric rings, and even the lasers mostly. But those fucking green jar hands always seem to get me. I was unstoppable until those green jars.
  6. I really enjoyed Horace on PC but it is probably a bit too long and definitely a bit too hard in places.
  7. I didn’t realise I could use keys to ... I think there might be a lot of stuff those of us who are struggling have missed. edit: spoiler tags aren’t working so I’ve just deleted that bit
  8. I got to the last area and the final boss. The first stage was easy-ish - I just kept my distance and shot at him with my fist super. But he turned into a a pain in the arse in the second. Too much stuff to dodge and no death defiance left. Do I really have to get that far without dying once to stand a chance?
  9. I don’t think I even saw all of the last season. I remember it getting worse and worse until I just stopped bothering.
  10. I'm using a V550 and the pack-in Epson software. I'm not sure what advantage Vuescan would give as I scan with no adjustments (no ICE, no unsharp mask, levels set to 0-255, and make sure not to clip anything). The V550 scans both colour and black and white negatives really well, but seems to have issues with slides, especially Velvia 50 and 100. Provia isn't too bad, nor were some 1970s slides I scanned. Here's another Velvia 100 example: Provia looks worse initially but is easier to edit because it doesn't seem to shift colo
  11. That's interesting. I think I must be doing something wrong when scanning because my Velvia 100 - and in fact all my slides - come out nothing like that. Here's a raw Velvia 100 scan (jpeged down to a small enough size): It's really washed out. Even when adjusting the rgb values in levels it's not just a case of increasing the saturation and removing the red cast. there is often a cyan cast in the light areas (not visible here) and a blue cast over the whole slide.
  12. Thanks. The slides are actually Velvia 100. I mistakenly thought it would be easier to deal with than Velvia 50 but I was wrong. (Yes - it’s more of a red cast than magenta.)
  13. They do that thing where, whenever there’s a short scene on a London street - just to make sure you know it’s London - they make sure there’s a red phone box in the background (far too shiny and immaculate to be the real piss-stinking thing) and a red Routemaster bus goes past.
  14. I studied in Exeter (not Exeter University) and used to cycle to either Exmouth or Budleigh most weekends. There is some really nice coastline around there.
  15. I've gone back to just removing the orange mask on negatives manually using levels. I'm not bothered anymore if the colours are accurate to the film. I'm doing it just by eye, which isn't easy on a cheap monitor (I did calibrate it, but it keeps fucking up and reverting for some reason so I'm not sure if I'm looking at a calibrated picture or one that's too warm). I'm finding the colours on slide film to be more problematic. All slides scan too blue and Velvia has weird magenta/cyan colour casts in the darks and lights which are a real pain to remove:
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