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  1. I mentioned it somewhere in this thread! It’s probably my most played PSVR title - and the only one that didn’t make me feel a bit sick.
  2. Sod it! I’ve preordered the bloody thing. I’ll probably cancel later when Half Life Alyx isn’t announced.
  3. I really like the colour on that last one.
  4. I couldn’t handle Resident Evil 7 or - even worse - any sort of driving on the PSVR 1. I just felt really nauseous. So maybe I shouldn’t be even considering this new one. Weirdly, Polybius was absolutely fine. Even more comfortable than Astro Bot where you weren’t moving much at all.
  5. I've been selected! And now I'm not sure I want the thing.
  6. That’s the second most broken weapon in the whole game.
  7. I didn’t think of that. I reloaded and luckily it had saved mid-mission. I think I get glitches because I tend to play messily. Rolling everywhere and melee, rather than slowly stealthing it.
  8. I’m getting annoyed with this now. It happened again only this time an enemy is stuck in rock underground and I can’t kill them to finish the mission. Everyone’s still running round in battle mode and the enemy is shouting insults.
  9. You must have steady hands! Whenever I've tried similar, I've ended up with a wobbly mess. Also, how do you do long exposures on a phone?
  10. Yeah this is brilliant. I got it on Game Pass. I wasn’t sold on it at first but after getting to the first boss, I can’t stop thinking about it.
  11. Does this game auto save or is it all manual at the bonfires? I’m most of the way through a mission and I’m stuck on the scenery - I didn’t realise this was still a thing in modern games. Aloy’s standing up against a rock wall and her head is embedded in a bit of rock.
  12. I’ve just watched a video. It had pits everywhere that you had to perfectly time jumps other. If you got stuck between a pit and a monster, you could sort of get stun-locked and couldn’t avoid death. I wanted to like the game - we even played it a lot - but it was just so frustrating! It was one of those games that made you want to smash the joystick up.
  13. It was one of those map-type games without a map - you had to learn exactly where to go. I thought the fighting was rubbish because it was mostly a matter of luck. I much preferred the first game.
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