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  1. I doubt I’ll even bother to add them to my library. Not worth the clutter.
  2. Edit: Forget it! I’ve posted the same thing before in this same thread!
  3. If that’s the case they should have put in a bit more effort and made it snooker. Or darts. It’s just occurred to me that apart from that weird football bit, I can’t remember anything about the film. It was so unmemorable. There was nothing that stood out.
  4. I don’t understand the pricing at all. For me it’s showing in the store as the full whack £69.99. Shouldn’t it be cheaper as I own the digital PS4 version? I only bought the thing a month ago.
  5. Here’s the issue of OPSM where they reviewed GTA 3 (and Silent Hill 2 and Burnout). https://retrocdn.net/images/f/f6/OPS2_UK_013.pdf
  6. It’s strange looking back. GTA 3 had very little hype before release. I don’t think the publisher expected much of it. Even the early reviews weren’t very enthusiastic. I was disappointed at first at the jittery frame rate. It took a day’s play before I was convinced it was something a bit special.
  7. The Switch must have had more games released on it than any other console in history now. It’s ridiculous. Browsing the store on the device itself is impossible.
  8. I watched Saint Maud knowing nothing about it. I wish I hadn’t - or at least looked it up first - as it brought to mind things I’d rather not have. I watched a girlfriend I had maybe 15 years ago, decline into mental illness and at the same time become more and more religious (Evangelical Christian). It got to the point where I was terrified she was going to seriously injure or kill herself (or me). There were so many parallels with this film such as how she’d flip from being extremely pious to the complete opposite and back again.
  9. Ah - I didn’t realise the Star Wars reference. I haven’t seen many Star Wars films.
  10. Executor is a pretty weird name for a gun. Did they mean executioner?
  11. I can’t decide if it’s worse or better than the PAL Mega Drive art.
  12. Also, it’s cheaper. You can usually get 5% or so off when buying top ups. I do actually have my CC details on the Nintendo store and keep meaning to take them off (but never on the PS store - Sony have fucked up too many times).
  13. Didn’t Amazon do something similar years ago with opting people into Prime? I’ve never seen anything like that on the PlayStation store though - as crap as it is.
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