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  1. I’ve just started episode 3 and the narrator/freeze doctor says at the start “1,001 cars long.” Wasn’t it 1,011 in the first episode?
  2. I still don’t understand the point of Snowpiercer. I’ve seen the film (ages ago) and the first episode - but why do they have to be on a train to survive? Does it make them warmer or something?
  3. Is it easy enough to uninstall Lunar and install hackchi instead?
  4. It took me three attempts to beat Dark Souls. First time, on the 360, O&S was a brick wall for me even with Sunshine Gary helping out. I just couldn’t do it. It probably hadn’t helped that I hadn’t put any thought into character building or gear. I’d just upgraded all stats equally and was using the biggest, heaviest sword I could wield. I started again a few years later on PS3, did O&S but got stuck in the Crystal Caves. The third time was on the PS4 and I just went the easy-ish option using a balder side sword all the way through.
  5. I haven’t managed to fly through a single ring! I honestly thought my controller’s tilt/gyro mechanism was broken. It’s a real shame that ‘Atari’ wouldn’t allow the VR version.
  6. How do you control the bonus stages? The stay in the rings bit. I remember it being a bit fiddly on Vita but I can’t move at all on PS4. I get that it’s tilt controls but tilting does nothing unless literally turn the whole controller upside down and then I fly over to the opposite side of the screen.
  7. Summon Sunshine Gary!
  8. I first played it on the original Xbox. That version was kind of amazing for existing at all.
  9. I don’t know what that means. Is it a reference to something?
  10. This bastard I could never work out how to play:
  11. Probably not the first I owned* but I have strong memories of Grandstand’s Caveman. My brother’s friend gave it to me and I spent hours playing it in the dark cupboard under the stairs. I also played the shit out of this: * The actual first may have been either Grandstand’s Astrowars or Kevin Keegan’s Football (also Grandstand).
  12. Psi Warrior We had Psytron as well and the best thing about it was the box. It was pretty much a bunch of mediocre mini games. Also, I think, a lazy Spectrum port so without much colour. It had Psi Warrior as a demo on the B side. edit: it might have been the full game. Our version wouldn’t load in any case - I don’t think I was missing much.
  13. Will it still run on Windows 10 without any faffing around?
  14. The Last of Us seemed to do this with items. When I was playing well, I’d be rifling through cupboards and drawers and turning up nothing. Die a few times in the same place and it would bump up your health or give you extra stuff. I can understand why they do it but it’s annoying when you notice it. It feels like you’re either cheating or being cheated. It’s the same with rubber banding in racing games.
  15. The newer GTAs are definitely less fun. When it was 2D and/or cartoonish in the PS1/PS2 era games, I could enjoy going on killing sprees, mowing down pedestrians. When it became more realistic, it ruined that fun. I found I didn’t really want to cause murder and mayhem when it seemed more real - I just wanted it to be more like Pac-Man or something.
  16. The recent-ish PS4 God of War. I played it quite a bit but stopped after I realised I just wasn’t finding it enjoyable. I can’t even remember much about it now apart from being confused by the menu. The same for every Assassin’s Creed game (except the pirate one).
  17. I seem to remember checking on the disc itself for the serial number to check if it was a bugged copy. I didn’t enjoy the fixed version as much - I kind of enjoyed it more when it was bugged. Maybe it was too difficult for me.
  18. Monkeyspill


    There was at least one bit of DLC. Not sure how long it was because I never got round to it.
  19. It’s probably going to be a really dull-to-play novelty, isn’t it?
  20. I haven't seen this mentioned on here - It apparently releases to early access today. It intrigues me.
  21. That’s really helpful - thanks. Do you let the Epson software apply its own unsharp mask? I’ve been turning that off. I have used content aware fill a few times to remove steaks but depends on what part of the image - mainly I use it to remove dust.
  22. I’m using Epson scan. I think it is dust and I’ve thought about opening the whole thing up to clean it but really that might make it worse. I’ll definitely watch the video in the morning but what I’ve been doing is using the Ps select tool to manually select the long colour bands, feathering it, creating a new layer from that selection, then slightly shifting the colours on that layer with hue/saturation. It’s fiddly, hit and miss, and isn’t 100% perfect but I can usually make it far less noticeable. For colour neg scans, I don’t try to mess with the colour in the Epson software - or even remove the orange mask anymore. I open the scan in Ps and use levels to set the white point with the eye dropper, black point, then play with the neutral grey. It seems to work far better than letting the scanner software do its own thing.
  23. In HD (I don’t pay for 4K as only my computer monitor does it) I rarely notice the drop in quality except in some very dark scenes. It’s still better than IPlayer or dodgy openload sites.
  24. No. But I probably should! With colour, do you just adjust the RGB as a whole or each colour individually? I also get two vertical steaks on every scan in the same place. It’s virtually unnoticeable on B/W but it can be a bugger on colour (bright purple steaks on a bright blue sky). I can usually edit this out but it’s a hassle.
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