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  1. When I was in my twenties - after finishing university - single and unemployed with no real friends, I felt like a loser. There was this “panic” that I shouldn’t be playing games anymore, I should be going out, making friends, finding a job. Not spending all day getting a high score on Crazy Taxi. I stopped caring when I admitted to myself games were something I enjoyed. And I still waste a lot of time and energy consuming different media: books, games, film. So what? Some people spend all day watching shit on TV.
  2. I don’t know, Skool Daze, because you could write “shit” on the blackboard?
  3. I think I’d only use BC for playing new PS4 games on a PS5 (assuming we’re talking Sony). I have barely any discs for old systems left and although I have some PS3 digital content, there’s pretty much zero chance of being able to redownload (for free).
  4. Just found it! Looks like I’ll be plugging the PSVR back in.
  5. Leaderboard Golf must have been one of the first 3D golf sims. I seem to remember having a fast loader pirated copy on a bumper C90 along with Commando, Ghosts and Goblins, Matchpoint Tennis, and about 20 others. It impressed me how dirty pirates could make a hacked version load in about a third of the time of the official cassette.
  6. It always seemed like a good game but I never managed to work it out. In the days when games came with (and needed) instruction manuals, I never bothered to read them.
  7. I sort of figured it out in the end. I was manually moving the legion which didn’t work. Locking on seems to be the way to do it but the legion is often too slow to get to each generator before the force field closes (or is out of energy so I just get hurt). I got to the last bit eventually but without any hearts left or healing so I’ve started file 11 again. Also sometimes the legion was getting trapped in, and hurt by, the forcefield; while other times it could just pass through it. Maybe it was the wrong legion?
  8. I’m on, I think, the last boss and I’m having exactly the same problem as I had on the very first boss:
  9. Transformers Armada on PS2 impressed me. I’d never seen such a long draw distance over massive levels. Or such huge bosses.
  10. Half an hour into In the Tall Grass and I’m bored. Maybe I need more beer.
  11. This took a bit of editing in photoshop as the film was dented and scanned shit (Provia 100). Every shot I took of this corridor fucked up. The Rolleiflex shutter gets stuck open at 1 second (or close to) exposures. I’m worried the mechanism won’t last much longer.
  12. I really like that. Did you use a tripod because it’s very clear for bulb mode? Mine came out a smeary mess.
  13. It’s really hit and miss with a Holga. You’re always risking whatever film you stick in it. Mine doesn’t even fit together properly so I had to tape it all up with electrical tape. I think part of the enjoyment of film is the risk.
  14. Nice. What speed film did you use? Last time I tried to use a Holga I messed it all up. I had left the exposure switch on bulb without realising. I got all the rolls back and they were all a blurry burnt out mess. I also left the lens cap on for a few shots.
  15. It’s an obvious choice but GTA 3 when it first came out. I don’t think I’d seen that level of freedom and interaction before in something that wasn’t just text or an RPG. The bit that really amazed me was driving a boat across the water to the second island (I think it was a boat) and you realise those buildings over there, in the background, actually aren’t the background because you can get to them.
  16. Not a game but interesting anyway.
  17. I only noticed that when I was on the rafters. For some reason I thought I had to tie them up when I was on the same level. I’ve finished that bit now anyway and it wasn’t too hard in the end.
  18. I’m not great at it. I find it quite awkward to control the legion, circling around an enemy that’s some distance from the camera. I often ended up missing them and getting caught. I fell off the ceiling struts a lot too while I was trying to legion jump to them. Maybe that’s my fault rather than the game’s fault but it got frustrating starting over each time I messed up.
  19. As much as I’m enjoying this I wish they had left the stealth sections out. I’m just getting past them by trial and error rather than skill - and the camera isn’t really set up for it.
  20. Controlling the beast legion is harder than its boss fight! I’ve wasted loads of health items just from falling off ledges.
  21. The home button on the Pro Controller. But it seems temperamental. I’m not even sure if it’s the way you’re supposed to do it.
  22. I love my Switch but it’s always been a hassle to get it docked. Hold the home button. Nothing happens. Take out console and reinsert. Try again. This time the console switches on but won’t connect to the TV. Unplug everything. Take out and reinsert all cables. Try again and now it works. I have to go through this about one time out of five. I don’t know if it’s just dust or shit cables. Are all of them a bit unreliable or is it just mine?
  23. Especially when you’re up against a time limit because a boss (or other enemy) is shooting at you. I just can’t line it up before getting hit so I just start relying on luck - slashing wildly until it works.
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