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  1. if its similar to the somewhat unjustly maligned harmony of despair im willing to give it a go!
  2. you'll be happy to hear that he's getting his own peacemaker tv show then!
  3. wow I forgot I had watched black widow until you mentioned it. it doesn't deserve to be named in the same breath as the suicide squad. shit film.
  4. the next one is lost judgment innit. I'm definitely going to play it but it will definitely feel like a step back after spending so much time with ichiban and his crew.
  5. very promising. I'm still expecting a fancier sr2 (which I really didn't like) but if this has actual sequence breaking then that says a lot about the level design. is it wrong for me to want (a) ridley to appear in this? the zombie ridley in fusion was a really nice touch and his incredibly forced and tacked on appearance in samus returns did bring a smile to my face if I'm honest. especially since it really tied the prime games into the mainline series.
  6. I never claimed historical accuracy. nor did i claim that every kuniochi walked around with their breasts hanging out. but some of them were very much all about seduction mata hari style and mai shiranui was modeled after that. just in a slightly over the top way like with every other fighting game character. and that's fine. there's actually a lot of voluptuous kuniochi in gaming and the notion that its all just superficial softcore porn is ludicrous. red ninja for ps2 is a memorable example of a decent ninja game that would have played completely different had a seductive kunioichi not been its main focus. do you want diversity in gaming or not? I for one definitely preferred playing red ninja over the millionth tenchu game.
  7. theres a reason for that smart arse. https://www.google.com/amp/s/magazine.fighttimes.com/ninjutsu-equal-opportunity-employer-the-story-of-kunoichi-female-ninjas/amp/
  8. I loved guardians 2 but will admit that most of its jokes didn't land and that there were may too many of them. and I'm happy to report that this suicide squad sequel fares much better in the comedy department!
  9. mai shiranui is very sexualised but its part of who she is right? she's the kind of female ninja that lowers the guard of her victims by seducing them.
  10. yes and there's a plethora of ways in which anger can be expressed. teela decided to go with a childish temper tantrum in front of the parents of the person who died. I was embarrassed by the scene.
  11. that's exactly what the promotional material expressed so thank you for confirming that I have a point. this forum: 'the show isn't called he-man so shush' also this forum: choose one.
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