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  1. I just remembered the event and signed up as well. Hope we'll get a decent grid still even if it may not look that great right now.
  2. Dammit, I got plans for the 4th already. That event would be right up my alley, though. The team event, however, should be good
  3. It was a nice change of pace, literally. It's a shame that seemingly every competition in sim racing seems to mostly ignore historic content even though we have absolute gems like every track by Fat Alfie available.
  4. Yeah, I would hate having to learn it as a second language We should stream in German at some point, ja! That's probably for the better, yeah. There's a historic championship brewing on RaceDepartment, so that might scratch that itch. Sprints, you say? There's always the trusty Ford Transit ♥
  5. In that case... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1531763011 (and "mich" is indeed correct in this case) Yeah, that was AC. Spa would be even crazier I think, but finishing that would be a proper achievement, I think.
  6. I'd be happy to join! Maybe something vintage? I still remember the Bremgarten races in the 50s F1 Maseratis quite fondly
  7. Yup. Can't remember who it was in front of me, but they braked super early into the toe of the boot, so I had to decide on whether to wreck both of our races by diving to the inside or just mine by going to the outside. Guess what I chose All things considered, last night was seriously fun - even though I still hate COTA, lol. I now understand why people always say that GT4s are underrated. At least the Camaro was really cool! Also had a great time streaming yesterday due to some people talking nonsense with me via chat. All in German though, so I don't think anyone here would have any use for the VOD
  8. Neat Yeah, I'm planning on streaming tonight's event. Beware of ze German! Don't be shy about posting to the chat in English though, I'll answer in either language
  9. Looking forward to hitting the track(s) tonight with you! I really need that, the last two weeks have been crazy at work. Good to see someone who thinks the same about COTA, @Meers. I simply do not get the point of any of the corner sequences there, it's just not a fun track to me - kind of like Snetterton. The only practice I got was about 15 laps or so at COTA on Monday, IIRC, so I'll try not to accidentally use my GT3 braking points and throw a strike the first chance I get, lol
  10. Can confirm. The only online race I've done with the new tracks was Watkins yesterday afternoon, and it looked similar going up the hill on lap one
  11. Good to know, I think I'm getting better with names and forum nicknames Thanks man! Watching it back, it certainly looks rather optimistic - good thing it didn't end in calamity
  12. I'm glad to read that, thanks man It looked pretty bad in the highlight video, but was just plain weird from my POV - looked like your car slowed down right I got back on the throttle, but the game didn't even register a collision on my end (no warning, etc): https://clips.twitch.tv/HeartlessRefinedAdminPJSalt-3btALQ5UeE0UbcHE Anyway, the race itself was awesome. Thought I'd thrown it away right at the start by choosing slicks, which did not work at all resulting in a lap 3 stop for wets and enough fuel to last until the end. Got faster and more comfortable after that, especially on a drying track, but I was hoping for more rain so I wouldn't have to come in a second time for slicks - which then fell just in time @davejmand I had a bit of a hairy moment when there was a slight tap at Spoon, which luckily didn't lead to disaster. Entering the main straight to start the last lap, I had a good exit from the chicane to get next to Gary and Daniel (sorry, don't know their names on here) and almost got pushed into the pit entry, but the move stuck and got me up into second. Really happy with that after the race went the way it did, hard work but a ton of fun Congrats to @Meers for the win (great move to take the lead, too!) and to @Erik for the championship win! I am glad I could come back to race with you guys again, just a great group of guys to spend your Thursday nights with driving pretend race cars
  13. Thanks! I'm sure I could go on in two weeks after spending more time in-game, but a new sim or game always throws a lot at you. As for the style, I think it would be possible to fit both worlds under one umbrella. They're almost there as is, as they got a ton of adjustability and driving aids. Maybe they'll improve the physics in the future, although without any assists, it's pretty hard already right now
  14. Interesting It feels good after a few acclimatization laps, but never quite "right", you know? Like at other tracks where you can just focus on pushing the car to its limit without thinking about not binning it because you'll start sliding with one wrong input.
  15. Re: F1 22 - I got to play the game early (i.e. in the last WIP version before release) and put together a review. In case anyone needs a bit of an overview, you can find it here. On the ACC side of things, I managed to get some practice in on Tuesday. Suzuka always seems to be one of those low-grip circuits that should be tons of fun, but somehow isn't, at least not in a GT3 car. While my time wasn't that bad, I hope I can keep it together for 60 mins and see what happens
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