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  1. My main issues is that George has been dealt a bad hand in life, he's stated in a video because of his condition he was lonely and that it restricted his quality of life. He's clearly bitter and angry and his language is coarse but at the same time I do feel sorry for him. His youtube is his outlet to vent his stress and escape, I know it's not right and devalues his arguments when he's makes sexist remarks but the guy is far from the Quartering.
  2. Don't worry by his own admission he's not going to be around for long.
  3. G4, back in the day, absolutely did fill up their tv shows with eye candy. AOTS had its female hosts wrestle in puddle or mud or someshit. Sarah Jane Underwood, a playboy playmate, was a host. I remember her doing a “sexy car wash” segment. G4 itself was the sexist pig. Not the audience. I mean yeah the audience ate it up and loved it because times were different then and the audience had a large majority of horny young male adults. So yeah horny young dudes loved seeing the hot hosts wrestle in bikinis in pudding or do a sexy car wash. I’m not trying to justify that behavior or treating women poorly. I believe fully in women’s rights and women definitely do not exist just to be sexual objects. I don’t think Frosk should catch shit online. I’m sorry that she does. But I mean, no Olivia munn and Morgan Webb did not exist to be easy on the eyes, but honesty that IS how G4 used them, and presented them to the world. So Frosks rant seems sorta hypocritical to me. G4 itself seems to be avoiding the blame and placing it on its audience.
  4. More budget I feel than politics, the average viewer wouldn't know that certain characters were race/gender swapped unless they read the comics. And there's more people who don't know that Sandman is this acclaimed series than do. Outside the internet geek sphere echo chamber, hardly anyone talks or knows about it. The drop out rate must be significant for them in hesitation to renew and I can't blame them if so.
  5. It hasn’t really proven to be that popular yet. Being top shows for a short period of time is great but it has to sustain viewership the first week numbers will include the people that like it binging it and people trying the show who could ultimately drop it later on. Also even if the numbers are high relative to other shows, shows have different budgets and so expectations are different. Big numbers isn't necessarily what netflix wants to get out of their shows, they want more subscribers and that's probably why their hesitating to renew because that data isn't completely in yet.
  6. I loved the bonus episode, I hope we get more but its down to Warner Bros. If Discovery are cutting back on everything, already destroying the cartoon division and soon cartoon network to Batgirl. I just don't have high hopes.
  7. Yeah I really enjoyed it, I wished they did it in animation since it works so well.
  8. Genuinely don't think this is going to get another season. The show is expensive, WB are in turmoil and there is no way to see the hours are distributed. For instance if they were all in the first few episodes and nobody finished the season that's not a good sign despite Netflix saying its' had an incredible 10 day opening.
  9. I can't stand Angela, and I was so happy she got called out by the Jewish woman. To only face palm when she's talked about Palestine, that felt really uncomfortable.
  10. Anyone have any experience with this?. Looks like the Retroid Pocket 1 https://www.homeleisuredirect.com/arcade_machines/multiplay-arcade-machines/arcadepro-lunar-handheld-game-system-white.html
  11. Get the Deluxe, I own several editions of Sandman in TPB. Absolutes are the pinnacle but when I go to read Sandman I always pick up the Deluxe versions. My Absolutes sit on the shelves looking pretty, and I only break down out when I want to read Sandman from the start to finish again.
  12. One thing I do think is lacking is Morpheus being such a petty and spiteful being
  13. Still think the 24hr Diner youtube short was better compared to what we got.
  14. Yeah I thought that too while watching it. Too on the nose though. However, the main actress reminded me of April from Parks and Recs, and her brother looked liked Corey Feldman
  15. How about the Predator vs Archie live adaption then?
  16. I want to see a Predator in different time periods like the Dark Horse Comics. Still think they're cheating bastards.
  17. Prey was decent, wish it had a higher budget because everything just looked too clean and shiny. Even though I watch Predator 1 and 2 recently, I can't help but think Predator in general are cheap. I mean they're hunters but have so much advantage over the prey that its nigh on impossible to lose at times. Invisibility, infra red, projectiles, spear, shield etc.
  18. It's always been like that online. No white man, its automatically woke. Can't wait to watch this.
  19. Sorry but Guardian gave the new RE TV series 4/5. Soooo....... However, looking forward to watching this despite it looking like a YA movie. But going to watch Prey first tonight
  20. Yeah apparently Flash has cost them over 300 million!!!. No wonder its not getting cancelled.
  21. I really want to see Batgirl now, it can no way be as terrible as Morbius.
  22. It may get worst, Green Lantern cancelled and maybe Blue Beetle which actually would be a legitimately sad..
  23. The reason why Flash hasn't been cancelled is because the problem lies in how integral the Flashpoint movie is to the rest of the DC universe movies coming out due to the multiverse stuff included. I'm sure Discovery would love to nuke it however, it affects their bottom dollar.
  24. Where can we watch the finale?
  25. BTW Sam Keith did not want to work on Sandman, hence why he left early.
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