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  1. Which is largely a huge spitwad of incomprehensible agreement and publisher cowtowing anyway...
  2. It can be non-denominational if it wants to. It's still got 'Solid' in the title and has a great deal in common with its' less portable brothers. Word.
  3. Solid's already a quadrilogy or something.
  4. Question for the Sumo chap who was posting here earlier: Why did you decide to go with the original 'chop-job' Testarossa spyder as opposed to the hideous, mortifying, downright ug-fuck, slanty ass grill motherfucker? Silly question I know, but I'm just looking for reasons why I should be pledging my undying love to you.
  5. I wonder how this turn of events will affect GBA hardware and software prices?
  6. Oh, I don't know. The level of object and environment interaction has increased, which is something. It's just not enough though.
  7. Only if you're desperate to define something as 'great'.
  8. D-Side


    That'll be the one platform then, eh? Fingers in the ears time already?
  9. D-Side


    What would you be doing with your other hand?
  10. D-Side


    Of course, the entire operation isn't EA's kit-and-caboodle and compromises have been made. However, it was they who decided not to make the ultimate compromise and play by MS's rules. And for what? Bickering over the ownership of sensitive (and profitable) information?
  11. D-Side


    Not on 'every other platform', no. That's a lot of speculation right there. Time for simple terms: Playing by MS's fascistic rule: PGR2. Going it alone: Burnout 3. Anyone prefer EA's approach? Anyone? CRY FREEDOM (FOR NO REASON).
  12. D-Side


    There's no need to exaggerate. And what benefits does this sort of scenario hold for the common Live user?
  13. D-Side


    And? We've seen how the system breaks down if the ball is put in the developers court. By contrast, we've seen how successful towing the Live line can be. Putting revenue issues aside, it's quite clear that establishing a standard, even a morally ambiguous one can result in a better product\service. PS2N. The onus is on the publisher. The numbers are high, even higher than Live if recent events are to be believed, but is it a better service? No, of course not.
  14. Hush baby bear. I just mean that Outrun 2 in coin-op form is easy. Too easy perhaps. The (still delightful) port appears to be easier still, which is arse. So, who's done the hard route? Piece of piss.
  15. With the greatest of respect Dunc, Outrun 2 is easy enough without the removal of traffic.
  16. I thought Scumball was Bulldog? Correction: It is. Dan 1 Rllmuk 0
  17. D-Side

    War World

    Or that's Blu-tack. One or the other.
  18. Not that it's 'not fair', just that it's 'fucking ignorant and tedious and short sighted.' I know. Only teasing.
  19. I'm perfectly calm. I just don't want anyone to misunderstand my point.
  20. What the fuck is a 'media type' anyway?
  21. I''m not. But Tony is. I'll let him do the talking.
  22. Oh God. Someone stop him before he hurts himself.
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