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  1. madkiwi

    mafia r/r

    anyone playing this rather silly game? if so, why not post your code in here ... mine: 303643
  2. ripped fallout3 to the hard drive. only speed difference i've noticed is when you save, the scrolling of the save files is much much much much faster. otherwise area loading etc seems the same. but the save file scroll speed was an annoyance, so just this is very good.
  3. some thoughts, after having a go this weekend ... + like the way gigs are structured which opens up more songs sooner and gives more choice + like the fact that you unlock gigs across all difficulties, so you can scale back if you find it too hard (wish i realised this earlier, as i would have started on expert difficulty) + great to finally get to play drums (rb only came out here 2 wks ago too) + love the layout of the drums. cymbals make me feel much more like i'm playing a proper set of drums. + drums work well with rb, i've just had to rotate the orange cymbal 180 degrees so it isn't a temptation to hit. having the crash on green isn't too hard to get used to. + some brilliant songs in the mix + seems a better single player game than rb, for guitar and drums at least + like the way you can see you vocals (although this shows me how awful my singing is) + like the fact career is blended through all instruments (cash carries over, can use different characters etc) + like that you can mix and match instruments you play in band career (no fixed instrument as leader as with rb) - cymbals seem a bit inaccurate, but i've found once i got a proper sitting position, and was hitting them properly my issues appear to have disappeared - not 100% sure on the bass pedal yet, i seem to be a bit inaccurate still (but it's probably me) - don't like the way gigs are structured forcing you to play 5+ songs in a sitting (takes too long) - overall song mix isn't to my taste as much as rock band - slidder seems a gimmick, and i can't use it accurately (maybe with practice) - extra guitar options seem a bit of change for change's sake (although open fret for bass does make sense to increase the challenge) - can't seem to use the star button either (maybe with practice) - interface isn't a clean as rb. and why do the cymbals not work for up/down? - i prefer the rb highway, i'm often finding i'm not noticing star power availability, and not noticing my multiplier as much. - not as fun multiplayer as rb (so far with limited play) - ghtunes is 99% terrible - the online leaderboard is awful, why why why does it show friends that don't have the game? why does it not sort by score? - my arm/back/leg hurts still haven't got an impression on how the difficulty or note charting feels. so far so good, although i've noticed it does seem easier than gh3 (which is a good thing). just coming up to the final songs, so will soon find out.
  4. anyone seen anything about how well the gh:wt work on the original rock band?
  5. madkiwi


    for some reason this season's episodes won't play on my iriver. works on my pc though. something to do with the way it's edited perhaps?
  6. disappointed but not surprised at the news. shawn was entertaining, if perhaps a little ott at times. and i really enjoyed jeff's sense of humour, his e3 live blogs were a laugh, and his new blog looks good. i'm still enjoying 1up yours, not as good as it used to be, but it's nice that jon has come back more regularily. and 1up fm is showing a bit of promise. i'm fast forwarding through some sections, but hey, they're trying some different things.
  7. guitar celebrity skin - 100652 (hard) vasoline - 103355 (expert) rio - 85482 (hard) bass celebrity skin - 93357 (expert) vasoline - 93722 (expert) rio - 163805 (expert) bar now in more suitable position for a limbo ...
  8. anyone seen any comments on the quality of the instruments? world tour is coming out two weeks after rock band (the original), so i'm likely to just wait for this. the only worry is i haven't seen anything about rb compatibility (again the original). also, i'm not sure how well three pads/two cymbals will map to rb's four pads. as much as i love rock band (with drums absent), i want to support the fact that they're releasing world tour at the same time as the us, rather than 20 months later ...
  9. all expert: orange crush guitar - 80122 bass - 98285 wanted dead or alive guitar - 102569 bass - 56526 heir kommt alex guitar - 115700 bass - 144724
  10. my efforts: guitar - hard and expert toxicity - too cheap to download blitzkrieg bop - 110,650 and 134,533 time we had - 107, 041 and 120,250 bass - hard and expert toxicity - still too cheap blitzkrieg bop - 101,725 and 104,350 time we had - 105,881 and 90,769 scared myself when the first time i played bbop on guitar i more than doubled my previous expert high score. also, i couldn't tell the difference between hard and expert bbop on bass ...
  11. thanks for the reminder, meant to look up their bombcast ...
  12. madkiwi

    Rock Band!

    so, immediately after ordering rock band i get the red ring of death on my 360. no so bad, as the game is on back-order so i'm left waiting a couple of weeks, before finally it ships, arriving today a week later. great timing, because me xbox is due any day as they're returning it after being fixed. so i open the box and packaging they shipped ... aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the stupid mockerfuthers at gamestop shipped me the ps2 version, not the 360 version. i can't even play it on my ps3 because it's not backwards compatible. just sent an angry email, which has helped a bit, but ... aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh knowing my luck it will be a week to ship this back, another few weeks to get the game sent again. by then rock band 2 will almost be out. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. madkiwi

    Rock Band!

    actually, that's what i really want to see. gh4 instruments compatible with rb2. don't see why it can't happen given the guitar is for this generation.
  14. madkiwi

    Rock Band!

    most interesting e3 revelation so far for me ...
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