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  1. FF7:I just thought the atmosphere was totally awesome,the sound and the battle system was really ace to me.Also i cared for the characters and was totally sucked into there world...something many forms of media [games,films,books] lack today.One of my Fav games ever. Skies:I can see why people like it...but sorry i found it pretty boring.
  2. Metriod Prime 2 this year. That's all i ever needed to know.
  3. wow....sounds pretty cool.But i also agree on the controls should be refreshed.It's getting abit clunkly and slow now. I'm stilling looking foward to this...one of my favs for 2004.Also i thought the GC RE was amazing...how it should it should be...the lighting effects and the amazing graphics really add well to the mix.I love the JPN versions..the cover art is amazing
  4. Nope...not for a long time.Last game i brought was Zelda:WW for GC. I buy all my games from forums,Ebay and websites.It's not that i dislike walking in too and shop and buying them.I can't buy Retro or the lastest Import games at a decent price anywhere...so i use the net. I still have a £10 Game Voucher in my wallet
  5. yay! There's something worth watching on Tv for me I hope they produce more programs like this and hopefully they will get good ratings.I think the story of Tetris is gonna be cool....in my opinion it's the most additive game EVER.I've played Tetris all my life and i never get bored of it.Also the Trigger Happy Doc sounds good as well.
  6. Ummm....personally i think this looks fantastic.With the helping hand of Hitoshi Sakimoto i don't think the score will go wrong...and with the VS and FFT team behind this is could be something special.I wanna hear more about how the battle system with work...that's always been the main thing for me. While FF7 remains unbeaten to me.I wouldn't slag off any SquareEnix RPG....all the FF games have been very high quality too me and i have yet to be let down by one...i liked FFX alot to be honest....but i havn't played FFX-2 nor FF11 for i can't comment on those.Also i wanted to see the return of the Cyber Punk style like FF7... but oh well. Looks promising to me
  7. Corbo


    Another Rez fan here! I got a JPN DC Version awhile ago due to the great reviews and stuff...and i love games with a Different concept. I was totaly blown away by it...the graphics and the Sound were just so great.Shame UGA have sorta broken up [correct me if i'm wrong on that]. I even have a Rez T Shirt and i'm buying the Soundtrack hopefully this week. My fav tracks was Level 5...Fear is i remember correct...totally awesome.Everyone should experience Rez..it's that good
  8. That's a cool overview for the most UNDER-RATED Handheld of all time.I love my NGPC.The battery lifealways was a problem for portables in my opinion...but the NGPC lasted for so long...i hardly ever change the battries.Also the Click mirco switch is simply awesome...best controls for a handheld and perfect for the fighters. Ummm i think Turfmasters should gain a higher mark and Last Blade was a awesome game and kept very faithful to the Neo version. Nice read...i might try my review at something like this is the near future.
  9. I'll go with the Vic Viper....classic ship design and one of my fav games ever!
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