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  1. 7. WIN by Harlan Coben As a self-confessed Harlan fanboy, his annual novel is a reading highlight of the year. This year particularly so as it's the first novel to be dedicated to Windsor Horne Lockwood III. Windsor (Win) has appeared as Myron Bolitar's sidekick in over ten novels but here he gets centre stage. We find out a lot more about Win's family and past and in particular a dark secret involving his Father, Uncle and Cousin. As usual for Harlan's books, it rattles along at pace with a twist every few chapters. I finished it in a couple of sittings. Roll on Harlan 2022.
  2. 6. Going the Wrong Way by Chris Donaldson Still loving my books about people travelling around the world on a motorbike. This one is about Chris who left Belfast in the 1970's on his Moto Guzzi Le Mans to ride to Australia. He never makes it but has some incredible experiences in the Middle East and Africa and later in North and South America. Previously:
  3. I suspect I'll hit something like 250 by the time this season is over. Previous seasons I have struggled to get to 100. Anyway, Season of the Splicer looks interesting enough although a lot will come down to whether the seasonal activity is good like Battlegrounds or not so good like Wrathborn Hunts and also whether the new Pinnacle Mission can get anywhere near the level of Presage.
  4. I forgot about Ticcu's - finally got the Catalyst completed a couple of weeks ago and it's a great weapon. Still don't have the Catalyst for Dead Man's Tale. Must do the Master Presage at some point. My mate and I can fly through the standard level really quickly now but need a third to do Master I suspect.
  5. This has been the best season for ages IMHO. Battlegrounds are a lot more fun than Hunts, the new Strike is great and Presage is one of the best things they’ve done.
  6. I thought the Catalyst would take a while to get but doing the Nightfalls (or Trials but fuck that) make it pretty quick.
  7. Pretty easy - you can complete the Nightfall Card in one run for a Platinum and it's 1 to 2 Strikes or Gambit matches for Golds (assume the same for Crucible). If you do the cards for the daily playlist (which was Strikes until the reset today), you get extra Laurels too. I did a few hours last night and got the Triumph for three Strike cards plus the Heir Apparent and dunked a load of medals.
  8. Heir Apparent is good fun - takes a while to spin up but then it's a beast and has the shield. Reminds me a bit of Sweet Business. Just trying to get the Catalyst at the moment.
  9. Mass Effect 2 is probably still my favourite game ever. It's certainly up there despite my Shep looking like sunburned Posh Spice. The thought that went in to the end game was great. Who dies and why spoilers inside.
  10. If anyone on PS is around to help on Master Presage or Grandmaster NF tonight, please let me know - we'll be going on around 8.15pm. Andy
  11. I see one of the new Seasonal Challenges is to run Presage three times - any excuse.
  12. Felwinters definitely still the best Shotgun for Crucible. It's not quite as prevalent as it was but worth getting IMHO.
  13. Presage is great and if anyone is up for trying Master on PS4, please let me know. I've tried completing the Normal difficulty without dying but invariably fall off something in the room with two spinning platforms but before the final boss room.
  14. Sony RX100 is great. The latest model will be pricey but you can pick up previous versions at a good price. I have a Mark III which is ancient in camera terms but still a fantastic bit of kit.
  15. Finally done the "Cadre of Contenders" Seasonal Challenge - hopefully I never need to play Competitive Crucible ever again. Also managed to progress Crucible kills with Ticcu's Divination to try and get the Catalyst. Thank god for the season pass accelerator which means I am on 28/50 rather than 7/50. Thanks @Timmofor the tip on Trinity Ghoul - had a lot of fun with that this afternoon.
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