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  1. Thanks for the race guys, congrats with the win Erik! Had to leave, need a beer NOW haha. Good to be racing with you guys again. Pretty calm and collected race for me until I felt the chair starting to slide and the game crash. A bit slower than I was earlier today when I practised but not too many too stupid mistakes before the crash. After the crash it was a matter of trying to get back into the rythm and not screw someone elses race up as I by that time was four or five laps behind. Macca wil be interesting on Zolder, I think. Have a good one!
  2. Thanks my man! See you on track in a few hours. What was the server password? Can't seem to find it on the event page so I might have gone blind
  3. You are absolutely right. Silly of me constructing these problems, it is what it is and the only way to learn is to keep on trying and practicing. Entered with the Macca. What could possibly go wrong!
  4. Thanks for doing this! Tempted to jump aboard even thoug still a bit apprehensive about online racing as I often feel that I'm so far off pace that I'm a danger on track. Jumped off another league where the others were so much faster I even struggled to get a quialifying lap in if I botched the first lap and spun or something. Very stressful. But then again I miss hanging with you fine gentlemen, both in the chat and on track on race day. Might not be able to make every race though. Same thing as before car wise I reckon? Choose one car and stick with it throughout the season? I'm trying to learn the Macca these days so if you need some danger in your lives and a backmarker I might be your guy
  5. So this could explain the mad understeer I've struggled with in the 488 Evo at Spa lately that I can't seem to find a way to fix? Disclaimer; I MIGHT be doing something wrong in other areas of the setups or just be entering too fast but still feel that it's worth asking EDIT: I did a quick test before I had to log off and it worked wonders. Changed toe with 0.25 and improved my best lap with this car by almost a second. Feels way grippier in the corners and now I feel that most of the lap time I lose is because of driver error and suboptimal driving. HUGE thanks for this tip, this explains why I've been struggling with way more understeer in most of the cars I've driven lately and also why I've been struggling with dialing in a setup that improves this.
  6. So sorry guys, but it looks like I'm not going to be participating much. January's hit me hard! Too many projects on the go at once now and pretty draining at work, so I won't be able to put down the training hours to prepare properly for the races. At least for the first few weeks, I might jump in on one if able but will probably just do some casual offline or random lobby racing here and there.
  7. Looks like a great variety of tracks and the real weather sounds very cool indeed, even though some of the weather might make me a torpedo What is a Blue Riband race? Is it just that it’s a 90 min race or are there some extra rules or settings unknowledgeable amateurs like me need to be aware of?
  8. Fair enough This was just for that one thing though, I usually write more doomy and heavy stuff and used to be a vocalist in a death metal band. Also played guitar in a goth metal band for years, do the guitar for a new goth/rock/metal/industrial/whatever project a friend started this year...a bit strange doing so much guitar as I`m originally a bassist but life works in mysterious ways. Also do some electronic stuff, trying to figure out a sound there as well but I´m a metalhead first. What music do you prefer? You got me curious with the heavy comment
  9. Wow, what a lovely voice you have! Well done on the recording, loved this one Didn´t know you played too. Is there a connection between the urge to play music and to drive fast?
  10. So sorry guys but I’ll be missing the last race day. Christmas preps and work just gone crazy. Hope you’ll have fun on track tonight and enjoy the grip! As a consolation (I think), I’ve made a Christmas song. I’m a part of a group of producers/musicians doing monthly challenges and this month the challenge was to make a Christmas cover or a Christmas original song. I tried to do a cover of a Christmas song but couldn’t do it (I’m not a very Christmas-y guy haha) so I wrote a small song to describe how it feels Feel free to listen or ignore at your own discretion:
  11. Great idea! I propose a Trabant race at Mount Panorama in AC.On a Friday or Saturday so we can have a couple of beers and just hang out and have a few laughs
  12. Very kind comment, thanks. But I really shouldn’t have rolled in front of you. This was one of the toughest races I’ve had. Almost as bad as the midnight at monza race in the Power Q league but this felt worse because I thought I’d be able to do better. Extremely slippery track…! having said that I absolutely love driving without any info on the HUD than the standings graphics with the deltas to the others and Crew Chief in my ear. Really improves my focus on the track and surroundings (not enough as we saw today but that will improve) instead of getting distracted by tyre info, brake application, revs and so on. Almost feels like driving the real thing!
  13. Ah man, Cassidy! Not sure if it was you I messed up the second race for but I think it was. I am so goddamn sorry for that rejoin from the grass after spinning out in turn three pretty early on in the race, after the incident where two dudes spun in turn 1. I overcooked the turn and slid on to the grass and really struggled to turn the car on the grass and think I ended up rolling down perpendicularly onto the track instead of parallell as I tried so you had no chance and hit me. Or maybe it was when I ran off in t4 and struggled to straighten the car. Not sure right now but one of the two it was. I really should have looked better around me and not tried to get going too quickly. I am really embarrassed as that has to be something I should be able to avoid doing after 315 hours in the game (wich is not much compared to others but enough so I should be better than I am). I will look at the replays when I can bring myself to watch them and wil DEFINETELY use this as a learning experience and hopefully improve. As I said to the others today I might be too slow and too inexperienced to drive with you guys and I hate the thought that I end up screwing up someone´s race like that. If this wasn´t you it was someone else in here so sorry to whoever was affected by my driving. Now - beer time. Day off tomorrow. Goddamnit
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