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  1. Also, (I haven't read right back so it might have been mentioned already) but the opening sequence in Saving Private Ryan (on the beach). That was gut churning but impressive cinematography.
  2. I also really enjoyed the Battle of Helms Deep in LOTR (The Two Towers). @Hanzo the Razor and I saw the quarry where a lot of that battle was filmed, along with other locations from LOTR and The Hobbit.
  3. I was blown away by the Agent Smith and Neo fight from the first Matrix - the one set in the subway Station.
  4. I thought it was a really promising first episode. Temuera Morrison's acting was fabulous as always. Keen to see where they will go with this.
  5. Agreed. I took my daughters to see this. They really enjoyed it. I clock watched the whole way through it. Thought it was pretty dire.
  6. Went to see this in the cinema. Was immediately struck by how beautiful it looked. Animation was well done and it was very colourful. Most of the songs were engaging and I was particularly struck by "Dos Oruguitas" and it's use in the context of loss and enduring hope. My daughters enjoyed it (4 and 6 years old). The 6 year old more than her sister. They both laughed several times at the antics of the house. They have since enjoyed it again on Disney plus. It's easy on the eye and heart warming.
  7. Enjoyed the first 2 seasons. So impatiently awaiting season 3. Sean Bean looks to be carrying on his maniacal overlord role. So that's me sold on it. Love a good baddie!
  8. Awww love the goose game. So do my two girls. It's off the game pass now so I'm trying to convince hubby @Hanzo the Razor to buy it.
  9. I love the Witcher 3 Wildhunt. It's really immersive. Can spend hours in the side quests alone. I've played it through three times on X Box but I'm waiting on the series X upgrade before playing through again. Blood and wine is my favourite DLC of the two. Can't wait to get engrossed in the game play again come the new upgrade.
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