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  1. Just tried it out on my laptop PC. Speed and quality drastically improved using wired cable and disabled the Hardware acceleration in the settings. HDMI output worked fine too compared to Google Stadia. My Easter is sorted. Might even buy the annual pass. Since you can't buy the premium package with the Nvidia Geforce Now.
  2. May I beg for Snakepass or Torchlight 2?
  3. What's wrong with G2A site? I bought Castle Crasher from there recently with no problem.
  4. bigfoot


    The GOG Galaxy is like Steam Lite, quick access to your library and the community. Good job.
  5. I think he meant two paths, the light path and (harder?) dark path.
  6. Dean Norris was also in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt as a Man's man.
  7. There was sand in my eyes near the end when seeing how hard they both tried to make the marriage work throughout the years. So much feels.
  8. The service should add a letter N to the front and a D to the back. N-TIDAL-D
  9. I watched the whole thing in one go and like Mentazm, thought the script was very sharp. Easily relate-able to Kimmy because of the era she was from. Here's waiting for the next binge.
  10. I've used the top one Sabreman.
  11. I wonder if Nintendo will have a blowout with lot of exclusive merchandises near the end. Time to dust off the shelves and see how many unregistered games I've got.
  12. I've enjoyed this and Oblivion, does that make me an Emily Blunt fan?
  13. Just finished series 4 in one go. That Martin guy must have a few words like 'thou shall not have a happy ending' nailed to one of his wall when writing these books.
  14. Amazon scans what other retailers price their 3DS on that day and price match them until the retailers run out of stock or change prices again. It's like magic.
  15. Watched it the second time yesterday, going from IMAX 3D to normal screen 3D, made me appreciate how good the sound effects and music was. It really carried the film throughout. Let's see if the OST is on Spotify...
  16. Anybody watched it twice yet? I am tempted to see it again with another friend.
  17. The LOTRO starter pack is worth £15 by itself. Sorely tempted...
  18. I have the first edition Dishonored sealed on my shelf. The shame.
  19. I did some virtual housekeeping today and realised Mount and Blade from Gamefly, X3: Terran Conflict from Gamestop and Batman: Arkham City from Green Man Gaming can be redeemed on Steam. Happy pile of shame cross pollinating
  20. Could someone merge this thread to the official one?
  21. Watch it on IMAX with 3D. Although the film was a bit short compared to most blockbusters, you get 90 odd minutes of non stop roller coaster experience. The friend I took to watch it never experienced IMAX and he was squirming and grabbing the arm rests really hard all the way through. Sandra Bullock did her best to emulate space queen Sigourney Weaver and George Clooney gave an underrated performance. Probably win best picture when the awards comes round.
  22. I love SFU as much as the next guy. I've even imported two seasons worth with Chinese subtitles just so my mum could watch it properly.
  23. Just finished watching Breaking Bad, thought Season 4 was better than 5, probably because Walter was still on the verge until the very last episode of S4. I thought Skyler was a bit impotent in S5. Still, the ending was great because there was none of this Hollywood epilogue that plagued Six Feet Under and BSG.
  24. bigfoot


    I'll take Divine Divinity if you still got it.
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