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  1. I actually don't mind that, and I like the snakeskin design as a link to their old badge and to the city.
  2. Demeo looks really interesting to me. Looks like it's quest only though: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3634830803298285/
  3. With regards to covid and football, in hindsight, international travel for football looks like a bloody stupid thing. Nuno told the press at the weekend what an effect covid has had on the Wolves squad this season. Apparently the recent Burnley game is where it really caught up with them. Neves, Saiss, and Boly in particular have all caught it this season I believe, and Boly in particular is really suffering. He's out of action now with long covid, apparently he's in a bad way, suffering heart palpatations and a general lack of energy that's rampant throughout the squad.
  4. Last night I did the last shrine of the 12 in the DLC quest and I'm worried I'm running out of things to do (I actually have loads to do really, I just don't want the game to end).
  5. Football people are fucking idiots. Micha Richards just now “the fans deserve it” Why? What have they done? They win it every year.
  6. My girlfriend had a giggle at that.
  7. We should be beating teams like Burnley but no, that was pathetic, even with all the issues, worst performance under Nuno. Players are on the Beach.
  8. I don’t think Coady could play premier league midfield. Hes not the worst centre back, but he needs quality around him. His leadership and organisation is very hard to replace and that, on top of his distribution keeps him in the side.
  9. Sacking him would be more than our net transfer budget
  10. It is a slippery slope and you only have to remember Stoke being an established premier league side, but it is a perfect storm this season that’s made it tough. We need to invest in the spine a little. A quality central defender and midfielder and we’ll be fine. If that doesn’t happen, this defence could take us down.
  11. Be interesting to see how Saiss and Adama get on today. They’re both fasting so won’t be able to drink during the game which has to be tough.
  12. I smiled turning the corner into my street earlier seeing someone had left a "Kronke Out" sign on someone's car
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