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  1. Congratulations forest! Quite a season that
  2. It’s so odd the way some decisions are looked at and others not. That looks exactly the use case for VAR but nothing.
  3. That looks a penalty to me
  4. Exactly my thought. Everything is through the lens of the top six.
  5. Liverpool win is inevitable but looked a decent penalty shout for us.
  6. We got our second draw of the season vs Norwich last week, so Wolves are clearly no pushovers.
  7. Yeah that's nice actually. Looks like a Pumas or Club America shirt
  8. Always hated centralised club badges
  9. Unlucky Rangers, fantastic effort.
  10. Great cross, I think goldson should cut that out though.
  11. Europa League > Champions League
  12. Yeah it's awful. I really like United's kits this season, home strip based on the 60s kit I think and away the 92 (ish) one. Really nice, sponsor aside.
  13. Ah crap, Huddersfield are coming to take six points off us again aren’t they?
  14. No, just hinting that a viewpoint may also be held by small minded little englanders
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