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  1. That's class from Albion. Slightly bothered Wolves haven't tweeted their support.
  2. Same, I was on the GF's Instagram story last night with a similar view of myself
  3. After watching him for half a season, I recommend this course of action.
  4. Teamgeist from Germany 2006 will always be my number one. My closest friend and I drove to Cologne for the England game vs Sweden. Before the game we went to a shop and bought a size 3 version of the ball and played keepy up by the side of the Rhine in amongst the crowds. Great week.
  5. Why were City wearing that kit at home?
  6. This is a good point, we had a relatively easy run in for the last nine games, and based on our ppg against the bottom six this season we could reasonably have expected our overall ppg to rise before the end of the season. Im currently watching moneyball which may be affecting my thinking
  7. It’s throwing the baby out with the bath water though, we’re saying that to please the paymaster we’ll all just agree to a yearly precession and watch the big clubs win. The paymasters can fuck off. Would it really be a worse sport without Sky cameras?
  8. I agree to a point, but we’re bearly considered at all at the moment to the extent that the governing body is considering removing the competition from a sport to keep TV spectators happy.
  9. If your main concern is TV viewers then what’s the point? We can stop pretending it’s a sport.
  10. I did misunderstand then if what you're saying is right, I completely agree with what you say here. I thought people were saying it's wrong to have a joke about Liverpool because people are dying, which seems a bit overly sensitive to me.
  11. Football without tribalism would be weird. Probably ok if you only watch it on TV I guess. It is ok to see the funny side, doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the terrible situation the world is in right now.
  12. Absolutely wonderful. Id love the ability to add secret exits to courses to branch on the map.
  13. Ive been wondering about that. How do you do it? Up to chapter eight now, chapter seven was intense!
  14. I don't know much about this game but my girlfriend loves it. She's playing on my account and would like some friends, so if this is the right place and anyone is interested my code is: SW-8407-0492-5221 Cheers!
  15. dr_manhattan^

    Mario 64

    Yeah, that’s roughly what I tell my boss too.
  16. Champions of FIFA Quarenteam, you’ll never sing that!
  17. This is the real Europa League.
  18. Wolves through to the last four of Orient’s FIFA Quaren team competition. Can’t believe how far we’ve come. I saw first hand in Porto how dangerous Standard Liege can be but I really think we have a shot.
  19. This just gets better and better
  20. Haha, I’m sure it gets worse! It was ok actually and the combat was really good fun, the reloading clicked during combat and the locomotion is becoming much more comfortable. It was more about how much more ‘personal’ those sections are feeling in VR
  21. Started the first bit with It was the first time I’ve played a game and was proud of myself for keeping calm through a section
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