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  1. No. We used him there a few times, and aside from one outstanding game at City where he kept Sterling quiet and scored two goals, he was much better as an outright offensive player. Doherty and Semedo were far better in that position.
  2. It was more a reference to my earlier post stating that I can now be lazy and suggest he's not really a footballer.
  3. amazing athlete, but not really a footballer.
  4. Amazing goal, but then, it would have to be to beat the Moroccan Maldini
  5. That Palace goal would have gotten us in to Europe too. Bloody Spurs.
  6. If you take away that point wouldn't Villa have gone down that season? If so it kinda does balance it out a bit to be fair.
  7. Only messing chief. Both were clangers I agree.
  8. It is good to see two Sky-Six fans debating who gets treated better by VAR
  9. The offside calls yesterday too made it clear to me again that it doesn't really work. You have to pick which frame you use to make the call, which means you can pretty much get any result, as it's an impossible task to call which frame is the correct one to use.
  10. The athlete scores again! Edit:- ahh, never mind - VAR
  11. Sounds like a nasty head collision at Brentford, hope they're ok
  12. This is exactly the lazy analysis I was talking about, can’t wait, looks so damn comfortable.
  13. Could you try telling us how good Liverpool are?
  14. Looks like Adama is about to join Spurs. I'm looking forward to being able to arrogantly write him off based on a 30 second match of the day clip like fans of his previous clubs.
  15. This Arsenal All or Nothing should be decent when it releases.
  16. Yeah, it’s another example of VAR showing up the problems with the rules really.
  17. I was in the stand opposite, behind the other goal, so had a great view of the swerve. One of the only times I remember applauding an opposition goal, the whole stadium did. Chatting to Southampton fans on the train back to London and they were on the loo at the time (time of the goal, not when I was talking to them)
  18. That United goal was the best I ever saw. Amazing fun at Wolves today. Great atmosphere and two teams pushing for a result. Ward-Prouce’s goal was amazing, take a look if possible, it’s almost as good as Fernades’
  19. Benteke winner coming up 100%
  20. Always the way in this fixture. Tidy goal though.
  21. Yeah Brighton the better team. I completely expect palace to shithouse a win here though.
  22. or Everton. Brighton were unreal for parts of that game.
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