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  1. There will probably be very few replies in this thread now, is there any chance of making it sticky?
  2. You gotta be kiddin me! I've just arranged a replacement machine today! 8 weeks! On the plus side, it'll probably help my uni work...
  3. I've aranged for my machine to be replaced now, for those of you who have gone through this, how long did it take to get a replacement machine? Cheers
  4. Relax, I've just removed the duplicate, great to see another Wolves fan on there too! Edit: Yeah, I could make it just one button, I'll put in some validation code when I have some spare time.
  5. Yeah absolutely, maybe our RLLMUK usernames should also be shown. It wouldn't take me too long to implement a login system, I also thought about putting up monthly scores and tables and a bar chart would be simple to set up. This is of course as long as everyone wants this, I have an exam and assignment next week, so it'll probably have to wait till after then though Cheers for amending the first post!
  6. If you have a space in your name, just use a space in the text box, my code adds the '%20' so you don't have to worry about it.
  7. Now links back to gamercard on xbox.com (Click on picture) and I've added a ranking on the left. If there is anyone out there who is any good with HTML and wants to make it look better, let me know as I'm rubbish at making things look good - you should see the way I dress on a saturday night! Edit: spelling
  8. I'll look into that Tek, I think that'd be straightforward, cheers Cassidy - that's made it all worthwhile, I look forward to a game of something
  9. No problem, cleaned up now Any suggestions, post here or drop me a PM EDIT: I'll get to work on those suggestions after a sleep Tommo
  10. Nice one! I'm bottom of the league though, maybe I should spend more time playing games and less coding huh?
  11. try it again, I've just updated it
  12. Gamer cards now added but it probably wont work if you have a space in your name yet EDIT: Spaces now work. What do I win? http://www.andyjwilliams.net/info/rllmukXBOXBoard.aspx
  13. no problem, just looking at using the MyGamerCard images right now...
  14. I've just put this page together: http://www.andyjwilliams.net/info/rllmukXBOXBoard.aspx if you guys like the idea I'll develop it further. (make it pretty etc)
  15. I could put a page together on my website I guess?
  16. http://live.xbox.com/member/drmanhattan7 615 for me, also could you change me to drmanhattan7 on the first post please? Cheers
  17. I used to love that game on the Amiga, looks like you're going a great job!
  18. The only reason I can think of (haven't played the game for months) is that it was to incorperate (sp) the backpacks underwater. Took most of the enjoyment of swimming out of it for me though.
  19. Hey that's looking smart, I used to love that game - first game I ever completed. Did you draw the sprites yourself?
  20. I loved the game in general but I hated the control system they employed for swimming, I can't work out why they didn't use the same system as in Mario 64 which I thought was wonderful.
  21. My server is up again now, if you go to the link in my signature, and go to the downloads section, you'll see a video of my project, it's about 14meg. Cheers
  22. I'm working on a 3D stealth game as lead programmer, there is a video available at the link in my signature, and if any one could help me with this: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=113361 little problem, then I'll be able to show you my work... (my web server is down )
  23. Anyone remeber this: Sensible Moon Of Soccer! EDIT: It's not really that graphically impressive is it? edit:img location
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