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  1. European trips were getting a bit expensive anyway.
  2. Brentford’s goal difference is much better too I think. Edit:- Bees fans will all be cheering on Fulham soon.
  3. My girlfriend has taken tons of pictures, so I'm going to surprise her with a physical photo album.
  4. Jota at Wolves took Telford to Europe in Championship Manager over lockdown
  5. Well, I can't see us making the semi, but fingers crossed. Playing the bigger teams is what we want I guess so all is good. Shame it'll be too warm for a half and half scarf really.
  6. apologies, I grew up just down the M54 from there, been to see Telford a few times.
  7. I doubt we'll get there to be honest, I can see Olympiakos knocking us out. If we do, it'll be five times we'll have played you this season. That's probably enough.
  8. Yep, Roma is a Wolves v Wolves derby. I'm just happy to avoid United.
  9. They'll have to face probably Barca or Bayern in the semi, but they have a good chance. Anyway, 15 minutes to the important draw, the one with Man United in it.
  10. Exactly. On top of this, VAR is targeted as it's a very visual thing for the fans, but the truth is, many of the big decisions in the sport are made to appease the largest clubs, and to stop them breaking away. Off the top of my head, four spots for the Champions League means more often than not the biggest clubs will be in that competition and reap the financial awards, the restructure of the Champions League away from straight knockout means in general these clubs will get deep into the competition, and FFP is arranged to stop clubs like Villa catching up to them. Non of these things are put in place for the good of the competition but to ensure the status quo. It's no wonder people wonder about VAR.
  11. I’m only messing, i don’t really think there’s anything dodgy going on, but I do feel the larger clubs benefit from unconscious bias, and VAR just gives that more opportunity to benefit. United have looked fantastic since their second game back. I really wish they weren’t in the Europa League.
  12. How many heads will the coin have?
  13. To get united into the Champions League.
  14. Just remember lads, VAR isn’t biased. Just randomly gives United what they need every week.
  15. See, Costa was worth the money!
  16. We've had about six shots on target in five games. I just think Everton, Palace, Burnley, and Chelsea look better than us at the moment, so we really need to step it up to stay top seven.
  17. Also we were both shite, so don't worry about it. Hanging on to Europa League places now. We're looking awful, could see us missing out with the fixtures we have left.
  18. I did enjoy the Sky commentator saying Wolves will need a bigger squad if they manage to get into Europe this year just now.
  19. Fair enough, that makes sense
  20. Five subs continuing seems odd. Makes sense when you have to suddenly start a season with players not being fully ready for it, but not now. Cynic in me thinks this is good for the larger clubs who can afford larger, quality squads.
  21. dr_manhattan^


    Two inverted Aeropresses in and I think I'm a convert.
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