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    Nearly ran out of aeropress filters so I've just ordered 700 more plus a metal one to try. Sounds like it gives a different taste based on comments. I've also just discovered The Inverted Method tm So I'll give that a go tomorrow, probably before I get dressed so I don't have to change twice.
  2. I bet his shirt was nicely tucked in though
  3. Now you've started to play Ryan Bennett there'll be no stopping you.
  4. I didn't watch the game yesterday, but I thought this about his second goal against Palace. The Palace defence seemed to set up in exactly the wrong way to deal with Vardy. I guess they were pushing for a goal, but it seemed like they were asking for trouble.
  5. We were awful mate. You know to worry when Nuno deviates from the standard line up. We were sloppy and flat all over the pitch. Unlike us, but pressure is off a bit now.
  6. Arsenal played well today. Deserve this win. Completely nullified us.
  7. That rule is so damn stupid. I wish Boly hadn’t scored that goal against Man City now.
  8. Good goal by Sheffield United. then spurs draw level right away
  9. Say no to black sleeves. This looks better though: Lighter shade too, which I like.
  10. At least they’re not talking about Bruno Fernandes for once.
  11. Best case is it’s not corrupt, just further opportunity for unconscious bias to play out.
  12. Some clubs just seem to have their goals looked at more closely than others. It’s really odd.
  13. To be fair the first one was the shit new handball rule. Our shirts weren't red enough to get away with it.
  14. Liverpool and Roma strips there are lovely.
  15. I like the Inter shirt and the new ball. The possible leak of the new Wolves top from Adidas though is bloody horrible.
  16. It would ruin a magnificent season for me. West Brom and Everton supporter today, obviously!
  17. You might be right, I think tonight is very important. If they can't win tonight I think that pressure will start to grow. Four league games without a goal is very very bad for a team pushing for the playoffs let alone automatic, although they don't let many in.
  18. I think you're right about Leeds for sure, but Albion can't buy a goal. Two points is nothing and all the teams they have left to play, are chasing something, aside from maybe tonight's game against Wednesday.
  19. To be fair Brighton look crap tonight so it really doesn’t matter. VAR is shite though. Looking forward to the Sky analysts trying to work out if Fernandes is a better player than peak Zidane.
  20. Yep, and the ball was out. Weird how some clubs get lucky with VAR. Guess it all balances out though.
  21. I think Sky Sports have forgotten Manchester United are playing another team tonight. The anchor basically apologised for having to talk about Brighton.
  22. @Naysonymous sorry man, I thought Villa played well. Tidy on the ball, just no cutting edge.
  23. I do love how you don’t like the West Midlands clubs - honestly, that’s football to me
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