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  1. This is true. When I worked in North Wales I used to drive past the racecourse ground every week. Everyone there supported north west teams. I pointed out Wrexham would be a big team if they followed them.
  2. @dizogg great post, I agree. I’m replying quick Cus I’m watching Wolves at the moment (on TV lol) The points I’m making are quite subtle I’m honestly not trying to be elitist, there are different types of fans even within a stadium. Football is the best sport in the world and brings joy and togetherness to many. I love it and I love my club deeply, I’ve always feel it must be tough when you don’t have an obvious club to choose to follow, most people tend to choose an obvious club which is a shame, and there are differences that come with that. ive said before on the south bank I stand next to two wolves fans from Manchester who follow them everywhere because the grandad was a 50s glory hunter. Anyway, have a great weekend all, I hope everyone’s team wins.
  3. Villa will score first and we’ll struggle to a 1-1 draw
  4. Villa started this game better than Wolves.
  5. Absolutely it's fine, it's just not the same, that's the point a lot of us are trying to make. I think it's just uncomfortable to a lot of people because they think it is, that's understandable.
  6. I'm tired of talking about this now. You're right everyone is the same, people miles away who tune in to match of the day are just as much fans as people who go home and away and have the club passed down through family.
  7. @Naysonymous how are you feeling about today? Regardless of the table I always expect a tough game there as we’ve only won once at Villa Park in 40 years. We should win, but if Villa get the first goal I think we’ll struggle a little.
  8. Having slept on it I think the TV fans are the real fans of a club. They could have chosen to support absolutely anyone, but they all chose Liverpool / Manchester United. People supporting their local club or clubs passed through family just lack imagination.
  9. What was that thing a while back about Bent shopping there during a Villa game?
  10. Everyone knows you’re plastic.
  11. Good for you, I’m sure your living room is as atmospheric as any football stadium, no one could deny your ties to the north west. Im happy you’ve finally managed to lay to rest the wilderness of the last thirty five years when you had to survive on little more than three European trophies.
  12. It's a stupid rule that doesn't even apply to Spurs anyway.
  13. You're being too easy on him as he's finally delivered a title. #kloppout
  14. Go for it, they're ten-a-penny https://www.givemesport.com/1519832-mali-will-now-have-three-adama-traores-in-their-squad-after-wolves-traore-switches-nationalities
  15. We're in agreement mate.
  16. Congratulations mate! It's a crazy amount of points Liverpool have hoovered up these last two seasons. Hands off Adama, that goes for the rest of you too.
  17. I'm sorry he wasn't there to enjoy it with you, I'm sure it meant an awful lot last night.
  18. Sorry, I think you misunderstood, I meant, why he would find people equating his support to casual supporters in a far off land irritating. You're right it has been civil, I was just thinking the same. Whether or not football has always been a product or not, which I concede, the point was improving the product is the furthest thing from the minds of myself and others like me, and doing the best thing for the product is not something I spend a lot of time considering
  19. One of my closets friends and the biggest Wolves fan you'll ever meet is a British Asian guy with generations of Asian Wolves fans around him. In fact, for the game against West Ham there were two Wolves fans in my flat, both British Asian with generations before them who follow Wolves. Please stop bringing race into it, the points I'm trying to make have nothing to do with that.
  20. It's surprising you can't see why it might be irritating. @Gotters did explain why. There are things we've lost from 80s football, even with all the good things we have now. The fact that you're talking about "The product" suggests there is quite a gap in viewpoints. The kind of fan we're talking about couldn't give a shit about the product. I'm sure no one thinks football should just be about the local fan. Edit:- this was in response to @Gabe
  21. It's silly to think I'd have a cut off point, but you know it when you see it. Clearly a Liverpool fan with family and ties to the city has more of a connection than someone who buys a Liverpool top every three years and watches them on Sky, but has no stake in Liverpool as a city. If you don't agree then fair enough, I have no ill will to these people, but there is a difference, and I accept it might not be clear to see. @Oh Danny Boy suggesting holding this view is one step away from a national front membership can fuck off with that opinion though.
  22. No of course I don't, that's a ridiculous thing to ask.
  23. Yes I take your point there. I can't understand it really, but fair enough.
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